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Directory of 300+ Fever Camera News Reports Globally

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This global directory tracks 300+ articles about thermal cameras used to detect fevers in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Articles are grouped into nine categories. Global USA Canada Africa Asia Europe Latin America Middle Eas...

By IPVM Team - 1 day ago

NetPosa's Terrible Situation Worsens

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NetPosa is fighting for its existence as the situation worsens for what was once the PRC's largest VMS provider. The firm is being investigated by Chinese securities regulators, has suffered another 90% sales drop, and has seen its embattled and d...

By Charles Rollet - 10 days ago

ADI Branch Burglary

A security systems distributor branch is an odd target for burglary but that happened this week at ADI's Memphis location. Vehicle Smash & Grab Theft ADI responded to IPVM confirming its branch in Memphis, Tennessee was burglarized: ADI...

By Brian Rhodes - about 2 months ago

Hikvision AI Training In Xinjiang Paramilitary Base, Now Denies

Hikvision has been listing AI training in a Xinjiang paramilitary base that bans Uyghurs from participating. However, Hikvision is now denying it and deleted evidence. This revelation comes despite Hikvision's repeated claims amid US sanctions ...

By IPVM Team - 3 months ago

Latest London Police Facial Recognition Suffers Serious Issues

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On February 20, IPVM visited another live face rec deployment by London police, but this time the system was thwarted by technical problems and poor weather conditions, even getting called off early. New cameras we also used, although they were of...

By Kayleigh Long, Sean Patton, and Charles Rollet - 3 months ago

PRC Warns Against China Video Surveillance Hacks, Hikvision Targeted

Hackers are targeting China video surveillance manufacturers and systems, according to the PRC's main cyber threat monitoring body. The hackers claim to be pro-Tibet activists seeking to damage Chinese firms "collaborating with and servicing th...

By Charles Rollet - 3 months ago

London Live Police Face Recognition Visited

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London police have officially begun using live facial recognition in select areas of the UK capital, sparking significant controversy. IPVM visited this solution in person and we examine various aspects in this post, including: Axis Camera...

By Kayleigh Long and Charles Rollet - 4 months ago

Intersec 2020 Final Show Report

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IPVM spent all 3 days at the Intersec 2020 show interviewing various companies and finding key trends. We cover: Middle East Enterprise Market Challenges Strong Demand for AI Impact of Lack of privacy regulations VSaaS Shift Slow Axis In...

By Charles Rollet - 4 months ago

Clearview AI Alarm - NY Times Report Says "Might End Privacy"

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Over the weekend, the NY Times released a report titled "The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It" about a company named Clearview AI who is selling facial recognition to police departments. The main differentiation is that th...

By John Honovich - 4 months ago

Hikvision Global News Reports Directory

Hikvision has received the most global news reporting of any video surveillance company, ever, ranging from the WSJ, the Financial Times, Reuters, the NY Times, SCMP and more. This directory catalogs and links to 100+ of them. March 2020 Polic...

By IPVM Team - 4 months ago

China Government Spreads Uyghur Analytics Across China

IPVM has found 12 recent government projects across China (PRC) that require Uyghur analytics and a general government guideline requiring such analytics. This exposes that Uyghur persecution and discrimination goes far beyond Xinjiang and is b...

By Charles Rollet - 6 months ago

Dahua Co-Founder Says Human Rights Sanctions Shows Strong Dahua Technology

Despite Dahua doing nearly a billion dollars of projects in Xinjiang, including building and operating police stations, Dahua not only denies 'any factual basis' of human rights abuses but their Vice Chairman contends these sanctions are a point o...

By John Honovich and Charles Rollet - 7 months ago

Covert Elevator Face Recognition

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Covert elevator facial recognition has the potential to solve the cost and complexity of elevator surveillance while engendering immense privacy concerns. This month, in Caixin China's reporting, this issue blew up as reports of such a deployme...

By John Honovich and Charles Rollet - 7 months ago

Critiquing Carnegie's AI Surveillance Paper

The Carnegie Endowment has issued an ambitious paper on the Global Expansion of AI Surveillance. While its aim is applaudable, the paper has significant problems in actually understanding what 'AI surveillance' is and what is being used where. ...

By John Honovich and Charles Rollet - 8 months ago

UK Facewatch GDPR Compliance Questioned

Even as the GDPR strictly regulates biometrics, a UK company called Facewatch is selling anti-shoplifter facial recognition systems to hundreds of retailers. Facewatch even keeps a database of suspects, only deleting profiles after two years "if y...

By IPVM Team - 9 months ago

Suprema Biometric Mass Leak Examined

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While Suprema is rarely discussed even within the physical security market, the South Korean biometrics manufacturer made global news this past week from Tom's Hardware to Business Insider and even the BBC. But what happened? Inside this report...

By John Honovich and Brian Rhodes - 9 months ago

Biometrics Usage Statistics 2019

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Biometrics are commonly used in phones, but how frequently are they used for access? 150+ integrators told us how often they use biometrics, when, and why. Inside this report, we examine the trends and the key reasons for and against them.

By Brian Rhodes - 10 months ago

UK Facial Recognition Essex Errors Report

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Facial recognition trials in the UK have generated significant controversy and debate over the past few years. This week, it flared again when Sky News / Guardian trumpeted that 81% of 'suspects' flagged were false. However, their posts did not an...

By John Honovich - 11 months ago

China Jaywalking Facial Recognition Guide

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News reports touting the PRC's AI prowess often showcase facial recognition cameras being used to automatically catch and fine jaywalkers. In this report, we explain how the technology works and examine how common/effective the systems actuall...

By Charles Rollet - about 1 year ago

Kidnapping Victim Rescued With Video From Ring Doorbell Camera

A kidnapping victim was rescued within 24 hours, with the police crediting video from a Ring Doorbell camera as key to solving the case. A girl was abducted from her mother in broad daylight, with a Ring doorbell capturing the event as the one-min...

By Dan Gelinas - about 1 year ago

Bank Security Manager Interview

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Bank security contends with many significant threats - from fraudsters to robbers and more. In this interview, IPVM spoke with bank security manager Damon Hood [link no longer available], who served in the Navy military police and in the privat...

By Dan Gelinas - about 1 year ago

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