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Patenting Uyghur Tracking - Huawei, Megvii, More

A patent application authored by Huawei and the PRC government includes Uyghur-detection analytics, in the latest proof that the China tech giant uses this explicitly racist technology. This comes after IPVM and The Washington Post exposed last...

By IPVM Team - 7 days ago

China Facial Recognition Jaywalking Market 2021

(Member Only)

In 2018, China's facial recognition systems for identifying jaywalkers became global news. But what has happened in the few years since? In this report, we examine the 2021 market for China facial recognition jaywalking systems, including: ...

By Isabella Cheng - 13 days ago

Hikvision Faces Human Rights Abuse Criticism In Canada, Denmark, UK, EU

(Member Only)

Hikvision is facing growing criticism over its human rights abuse record from the halls of the UK and EU Parliaments to a Danish pension fund and Canadian politics. Ever since the US government blacklisted Hikvision over its Xinjiang operations...

By Charles Rollet - 13 days ago

French Police Criticize Hikvision Body Cameras

(Member Only)

French police are criticizing their Hikvision body cameras, with one police union official even calling them "junk" after the government purchased over 10,000 in 2018. In response, the government has issued an open tender for 30,000 new body camer...

By Charles Rollet - 22 days ago

Alibaba Uyghur Recognition As A Service

Alibaba, the NYSE-listed 'Amazon of China' with a $700 billion+ market cap, openly offers Uyghur/'ethnic minority' recognition as a Cloud service, allowing customers to be alerted any time Alibaba detects a Uyghur. Watch this 90-second video for ...

By IPVM Team - about 1 month ago

Huawei / Megvii Uyghur Alarms

Huawei and Megvii worked together to test and validate Uyghur alarms, according to a Huawei "interoperability report" found by IPVM. Huawei is the PRC's biggest technology company and Megvii is one of the country's largest facial recognition prov...

By IPVM Team - about 1 month ago

Hikvision Wins $46 Million Provincial Capital Project Direct

(Member Only)

Hikvision has won a ~$46 million USD deal directly with a provincial capital. The deal includes ~5,000 cameras and covers a wide range of facial, traffic, and "smart community" analytics. In this report, we examine the details of the deal, lo...

By Isabella Cheng - about 2 months ago

Uniview Racist Uyghur Recognition Revealed

Uniview, the PRC's third-largest video surveillance manufacturer and a major supplier of China police projects, has racist software used for tracking Uyghurs, IPVM has found. Uniview responded to IPVM but avoided explaining their Uyghur tracking s...

By Charles Rollet - 2 months ago

Dahua Direct $9 Million Jiexiu Small City, Big Deal

(Member Only)

Dahua has won a deal directly with a China city. While its population is small, the deal is big at ~$9 million USD covering 1,900 cameras and a wide area of advanced analytics and functionalities. In this note, we examine the details of the d...

By Isabella Cheng - 2 months ago

Dahua Racist Uyghur Tracking Revealed

Dahua's software, published on its website, was revealed to track Uyghurs, a persecuted minority in China. The 1-minute video below explains the situation: This confirms Dahua developed discriminatory software like its rival Hikvision, which ...

By IPVM Team - 3 months ago

Watrix Gait Recognition Profile

(Member Only)

Watrix is the world's only gait recognition surveillance provider IPVM has found. And, inside of China, Watrix has gained significant attention for its claimed capabilities. Gait recognition interest has increased as coronavirus and privacy c...

By Zach Segal - 3 months ago

Nanchang, China "Sharp Eyes" Video Surveillance Project

(Member Only)

China's Sharp Eyes project mandated 100% surveillance coverage of public areas by the end of 2020. Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi province, has installed at least 40,000 cameras as a response to this, including advanced AI and facial recognition...

By Isabella Cheng - 4 months ago

Axis Exports To China Police Criticized By Amnesty International

(Member Only)

Axis Communications and other EU surveillance providers are under fire from Amnesty International over sales to police in China (PRC) that Amnesty says contributes to "indiscriminate mass surveillance" in the country. While China's vast polic...

By IPVM Team - 4 months ago

Gait Recognition Examined

(Member Only)

Facial recognition faces increasing ethical and political criticisms while masks undermine its effectiveness. One alternative is gait recognition but how realistic is using gait? IPVM investigates gait recognition's pros and cons compared to ...

By Zach Segal - 4 months ago

UK Court Rules Police Facial Recognition Needs Reform

(Member Only)

A UK court has ruled that the South Wales Police use of facial recognition is illegal with the department saying they can easily reform. However, more lawsuits may come from this. Inside we explore the ruling and what it means for UK law enforc...

By Zach Segal - 5 months ago

Briefcam Responsible Use Examined

(Member Only)

While mega-companies Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft have been criticized for facial recognition and AI analytics, Canon-owned Briefcam is far more widely used by physical security and police departments. Briefcam recently issued 'responsible use'...

By Zach Segal - 5 months ago

Hikvision Global News Reports Directory

Hikvision has received the most global news reporting of any video surveillance company, ever, ranging from the WSJ, the Financial Times, Reuters, the NY Times, SCMP and more. This directory catalogs and links to 100+ of them. December 2020 Ni...

By IPVM Team - 5 months ago

Dogs For Coronavirus Screening Examined

(Member Only)

While thermal temperature screening is the surveillance industry's most marketed response to coronavirus, thermal screening cannot detect asymptomatic carriers and has limitations in how it can be deployed. Are dogs the answer to fast and ac...

By Zach Segal - 6 months ago

Directory of 400+ Fever Camera News Reports Globally

This global directory tracks 400+ articles about thermal cameras used to detect fevers in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Articles are grouped into nine categories. Global USA Canada Africa Asia Europe Latin America Middle Eas...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 6 months ago

The US Fight Over Facial Recognition Explained

(Member Only)

The controversy around facial recognition has grown significantly in 2020, with Congress members and activists speaking out against it while video surveillance industry players such as SIA have pushed back or remained quiet in this contest. T...

By Charles Rollet - 7 months ago

Deep Sentinel Presents Crime Response For Business

(Member Only)

Deep Sentinel presented its anti-intrusion and live response for home and business at the May 2020 IPVM Startups show. A 30-minute video from Deep Sentinel including IPVM Q&A Background on the company Key Positive factors to consider ...

By Joey Walter - 7 months ago

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