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PSIM Companies Dangerous Positioning

Another pro-PSIM magazine article: This article focuses on all things that PSIM must do. Essentially, it must do everything - total integration. While the goal is noble, strategically, it is a dangerous. Total integration is incredibly hard. Ther...

By John Honovich - over 10 years ago

Successful PSIM Deployments

This week, Vidsys released a video examining successful PSIM Deployments. It's an interesting webcast to watch. The two key themes were (1) cities and very large companies are using PSIM and (2) PSIM has advantages over using access control for si...

By John Honovich - over 10 years ago

Do PSIM Deployment Exist?

Ironically, PSIM Vendor Vidsys is running a webinar asking if PSIM Deployments Exist? Clearly, Vidsys will discuss how they do exist and the benefits, etc. What's interesting is the acknowledgement, even indirectly that PSIM deployments are rare. ...

By John Honovich - over 10 years ago

OnSSI as PSIM Provider

OnSSI continues to expand its market position to be a PSIM provider. This week, they shared a new video that overviews their PSIM solution with an example in the education market. Essentially, their Ocularis software will provide PSIM functionalit...

By John Honovich - over 10 years ago

Options and Challenge for Video Surveillance Integration

It's tough and getting tougher to figure out the best approach to integrate video surveillance with other security systems. While the industry conversation centers on the value of integration, the real challenge is how to make this happen, effecti...

By John Honovich - about 11 years ago

PSIM Problems

PSIM is a great concept but has major structural problems that may limit its utility to the very largest security organizations. Expect video and access systems to continue to add features that provide the most fundamental aspects of PSIM with gr...

By John Honovich - over 11 years ago

Displaying 'PSIM' tags 101 - 106 of 106 in total