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Fusus Raises $21 Million From Axon

The biggest body camera manufacturer has invested $21 million into a next-generation PSIM provider, Fusus, which provides the startup both cash and...

By Louis Cid - 6 months ago (Info+)

Glossary / Acronyms for Video Surveillance

This directory provides definitions and explanations for over 90 common video surveillance industry terms, including links to related IPVM...

By IPVM Team - over 1 year ago

Everbridge Financials 2021

Everbridge's revenue grew 35% YoY in 2020 and their valuation grew 1,650% since their IPO in 2016, but is this growth sustainable?

By IPVM Team - over 1 year ago (Info+)

Sureview / Immix Split Examined

SureView, one of the last independent PSIMs, split from their central monitoring station business, Immix. IPVM examines the split, Immix's...

By Zach Segal - over 1 year ago (Info+)

Vidsys Acquired, Employees Laid Off

One of the last remaining PSIM players from the market's heyday of a decade ago, Vidsys, is being acquired and employees are being laid...

By John Honovich and Sean Patton - about 2 years ago (Info+)

PSIM CNL Acquired By Everbridge

The end has finally come for CNL. Despite for years saying they would revolutionize the industry, they have been taken over in a footnote of a...

By John Honovich - almost 3 years ago (Info+)

Wesco Wins Anixter

Despite Anixter earlier arguing that Wesco's bid was inferior to CD&R's by nearly 10%, Anixter confirmed that they are taking Wesco's 3.1%...

By John Honovich and Sean Patton - almost 3 years ago (Info+)

Acquisitions - Winners and Losers

Most major manufacturers have been acquired over the last decade. But which have been good deals or not? In this report, we analyze the...

By John Honovich - almost 3 years ago (Info+)

100+ Companies Profile Directory

While IPVM covers the largest companies in the industry regularly (like Axis, Dahua, Hikvision, etc.), IPVM strives to do a profile post on each...

By IPVM Team - about 3 years ago

Vidsys New President Interviewed

A decade ago, PSIM was hot with projections then of a billion dollar market by now. This has not come close to happening. However, Vidsys, one of...

By IPVM - over 3 years ago (Info+)

Prysm PSIM Profile

A decade ago, PSIM promised significant potential but has always suffered from significant problems. Now, a number of PSIMs have either gone out of...

By Dan Gelinas - almost 4 years ago (Info+)

IFSEC 2018 Final Show Report

IPVM attended the IFSEC show for the first time this year. The Chinese took over the show, centered on Hikvision, flanked by Dahua, Huawei and a...

By IPVM Team - over 4 years ago (Info+)

ASIS Show 2017 Final Report

ASIS is in Dallas for 2017 and this is our final show report (compare to our 2016 ASIS show report). When walking in, one is greeted with Dahua's...

By IPVM Team - about 5 years ago (Info+)

CNL PSIM Profile

CNL has been one of the strongest advocates for PSIM, as one of the earliest entrants into the market releasing their command and control software...

By Brian Karas - over 5 years ago (Info+)

Displaying 'PSIM' tags 1 - 25 of 123 in total