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Calculating 180 and 360 Camera Coverage

(PRO Only)

The key challenge in designing and using 180 and 360 cameras is to determine how far can they deliver meaningful details. Their upside is that they can see 'everywhere' or, at least, an incredibly wide area. But the downside is that, spread out s...

By John Honovich - almost 5 years ago

Axis 4K Tested (P1428E)

(PRO Only)

[UPDATE August 2015: We recently updated firmware on this camera for an upcoming test, from to the new 5.80.1. In doing so, WDR increased significantly, with shadowed areas more visible than previously tested. This October 2014 test has b...

By Ethan Ace - almost 5 years ago

A Major Flaw in Long Lenses and PTZs Found

(PRO Only)

Theoretically, long lenses should let you capture faces and license plates very far away. For example, over 900 feet away from a 1080p camera one should get over 40ppf from a 100mm lens. But how well does this work in practice? In this test, we...

By Ethan Ace - about 5 years ago

Field of View (FoV) Tutorial

(PRO Only)

Field of View, or FoV, is deceptively complex. At its most basic, it is simply what the camera can 'see' and is, therefore, visually self-evident. However, when analyzing images, comparing cameras or projecting quality, FoV subtleties can have a b...

By John Honovich - about 5 years ago

Elevator Surveillance Guide

(PRO Only)

Installing surveillance in an elevator can be challenging. Small but wide areas, vandal resistance, and transmission methods all present challenges not found in other areas cameras are installed. In this note, we look at: Form factor: Box vs. d...

By Ethan Ace - about 5 years ago

Is There Ever Enough Resolution?

(PRO Only)

The megapixel 'race' is over. Or it is not. Not only is this an ongoing debate among manufacturers, it is a key decision among specifiers and users.  Now, as the alarm industry finally turns towards modernity IP, they offer an amazing recommenda...

By Brian Rhodes - over 5 years ago

Camera Test: PPF Needed For IDs, Text, Money

(PRO Only)

Need to see the fine print of a dollar bill, euro, driver's license or text on a document? We tested 3 different types of print. Currency, both the US dollar and the Euro: Identification card, a US state driver's license And text, with poi...

By Derek Ward - over 5 years ago

Camera Selection Guide 2013

(PRO Only)

UPDATE: This has been replaced by Camera Application Selection Guide 2017.  Entrances, hallways, rooms and parking lots are perhaps the 4 most common areas where surveillance is deployed. But what is the best type of camera for each? What resolut...

By Ethan Ace - almost 6 years ago

Pixels Determine Potential, Not Quality

(PRO Only)

Pixels = resolution = quality is not always true, since other factors impact quality (low light, bright light, lens quality, etc.).  However, pixels determine potential quality. In this note, we explain why you will make much clearer and better d...

By John Honovich - almost 6 years ago

Axis M30 Minidome Shootout

Minidomes are popular. Their combination of low cost and small size make them a common choice for many surveillance applications. One series in particular, the Axis M30, is mentioned on IPVM frequently, both positively and negatively. We bought t...

By Ethan Ace - about 6 years ago

Axis Weak Banking Ads

Banking has been an IP camera laggard. Now, IP camera giant, Axis has released a series of video advertisements touting the benefits of IP over analog. Unfortunately, the claims made are quite weak and misleading. In this note, we break down the a...

By John Honovich - over 6 years ago

Detection, Classsification, Recognition and Identification (DCRI)

Detection, classification, recognition and identification is all very easy until you put it in practice. Then you realize that there are big practical and subjective problems that make using them difficult. Academically, the terms are straightfor...

By John Honovich - over 6 years ago

IPVMU Class 7 - PPF / Quality

Each week, the IPVM University Advanced Surveillance Course has two classes where we talk with attendees LIVE to help answer their questions and improve their knowledge. The class below is on pixels per foot / specifying image quality - an importa...

By John Honovich - almost 7 years ago

Documenting Camera Layout

Documenting camera layouts can be important: Ensuring that you have a realistic field of view that covers the area you want with the sufficient coverage Understanding what gaps in coverage you might have and where there are overlaps Selecting...

By Ethan Ace - almost 7 years ago

4 Key Considerations for Camera Layouts

Even once you know what you to monitor - the front door, the safe, the parking lot, etc. - how to layout cameras can be tricky. In this note, we explain the 4 fundamental considerations for camera layouts: Field of View Width Pixel Density Ca...

By John Honovich - almost 7 years ago

PPF vs Lighting Variances

A major flaw in using Pixels Per Foot (PPF) to specify surveillance cameras is how easily the metric is undermined. Theoretically, you should specify a PPF number, say 50, and know that you will be able to capture facial details regardless of the ...

By John Honovich - almost 7 years ago

How Far Can a PTZ See?

Knowing how far a PTZ can see is a critical but tricky question for PTZ use. On the one hand, seeing very far away is a common reason for choosing PTZs. On the other hand, we regularly hear people radically overestimate how far one can see with a ...

By John Honovich - almost 7 years ago

Armored Car Robbery Video Examined

Continuing our analysis of real-world surveillance video, in this update, we look at video released after a the attempted robbery of an armored truck driver as he serviced an ATM. Very little footage of the robber was shown (presumably because it ...

By Ethan Ace - over 7 years ago

Problems with CCTV Footage of LA Arsonist

Here's an interesting example of problems with real world surveillance footage. Recently, Los Angeles was hit by an arsonist who lit dozens of cars on fire around the city. Needless to say, this created a panic around the area as people feared the...

By John Honovich - over 7 years ago

Pentax Plus Megapixel Lens Test

Last month, we released the first ever Megapixel lens test where we did a shootout between 5 leading surveillance lens manufacturers - Computar, Evetar, Fujinon, Tamron and Tuss. Member feedback was very encouraging and the lessons learned in imag...

By John Honovich - almost 8 years ago

SD vs. HD PTZ Shootout

PTZs, like fixed cameras, are moving to megapixel. With PTZs, though, real questions remain about the value of going to megapixel. Some people say that megapixel eliminates the need for PTZ, regardless of the PTZ's resolution. Our Fixed MP vs SD ...

By Benros Emata - about 8 years ago

Video Surveillance RFPs Reviewed - Vol 1

In this report, we review 4 recent real-world video surveillance Request for Proposals (RFPs). RFPs provide a good look into the needs, challenges and desires of actual security end users. In our first volume, we review: A Transit Center A Police ...

By John Honovich - almost 9 years ago

City Housing Authority RFP Examined

In this note, we examine a current video surveillance RFP for a housing authority covering more than a dozen sites. The RFP is specified in extreme details and, in may cases, too detailed or contradictory. For background, review the 154 page Housi...

By John Honovich - almost 9 years ago

PPF Test - Getting High Quality Surveillance Video

Megapixel cameras foster hope for much higher quality surveillance video but how much more and in what conditions? In this report, we answer these questions in depth based on extensive testing. The most aggressive marketing claims suggest a singl...

By John Honovich - over 9 years ago

Camera Design Tool with Google Maps Integration

The new IPVM Google Maps Camera Calculator empowers surveillance professionals to plan and design systems like never before. Whatever project you are working on, enter the address and start mapping out cameras. This video overviews what the calcu...

By John Honovich - over 9 years ago

Displaying 'PPF' tags 101 - 125 of 125 in total