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New Products April 2021 Show Concluded

The April 2021 New Products show is complete. All videos may be watched on the Shows Page. Here was the entire show schedule: 40+ Companies Presented Here is an overview of each companies presentation - all times are EDT. Thursday, April...

By IPVM Team - 3 days ago

Simplisafe Raises $130 Million

(Member Only)

Simplisafe has raised $130 million and IPVM estimates Simplisafe is on pace to have more total monitoring customers than ADT in 5 years. Inside this note, we examine Simplisafe's past 5 years of growth, its projected growth, comparisons to...

By Isabella Cheng and John Honovich - 4 days ago

Feenics Hosted Access Control Tested

(Member Only)

Hosted access control has gained significantly in the past 5 years since IPVM first tested Feenics. How much has Feenics improved and how well do they compete now in 2021? IPVM bought and tested their cloud-based access platform to see how it...

By Brian Rhodes - about 1 month ago

CCTV Researcher Eric Piza Interviewed

(Member Only)

Few academic researchers study video surveillance / CCTV. One of the most notable is John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York associate professor Dr. Eric Piza who we interviewed. Inside this interview, Dr. Piza...

By Robert Wren Gordon and Charles Rollet - about 2 months ago

Securithings Raises $14 Million For IoT / IP Camera Cybersecurity

(Member Only)

SecuriThings has raised $14 million, aiming to deliver a platform for securing and managing IoT devices, such as IP cameras. But how likely are they to be successful and what are they competing against? Inside this report A 30-minute video...

By Zach Segal - about 2 months ago

Video Analytics Architecture 101

(Member Only)

Video analytics can be run in a variety of ways that have significantly different pros and cons. IPVM has identified 9 fundamental architectures, explaining the tradeoffs of each one herein. These architectures are: Run entirely on the...

By IPVM Team - 2 months ago

Directory of 241 "Fever" Detector Suppliers

(Member Only)

This directory provides a list of "Fever" scanning providers to help you see and research what options are available. While the once-booming market is now busting, a vast array of companies are offering these products (mostly relabelling)....

By IPVM Team - 3 months ago

Dahua Bids Direct in Brazil, Loses

(Member Only)

Dahua has lost a controversial $20+ million USD deal for 1,000+ cameras in which it bid directly to the Brazilian state of EspĂ­rito Santo. Inside this note, we review the background of the deal as well as the controversy surrounding it.

By Robert Wren Gordon - 3 months ago

Hik-ProConnect Examined

(Member Only)

Hikvision launched a new commercial-focused VSaaS, Hik-ProConnect, but what does it add to the existing Hik-Connect? In this note, we examine Hik-ProConnect's positioning and how it relates to HikConnect.

By Sean Patton - 3 months ago

Tyco Cloudvue VMS and Cameras Tested

(Member Only)

Cloudvue is touting "Never Buy Another New Camera", offering hardware along with their cloud VMS for one annual subscription. We tested Cloudvue VMS and cameras, and in this report, we examine Cloudvue SaaS strengths and weaknesses,...

By Sean Patton and Derek Ward - 3 months ago

Capella Space Satellites Surveillance Application Examined

(Member Only)

While numerous publications reported Capella Space satellites can see through walls, the company flatly denies this. IPVM investigates the controversy, Capella Space, and the technology they use.

By Zach Segal - 4 months ago

Video Surveillance Trends 101

(Member Only)

This report examines major industry factors and how they could impact video surveillance in the next 5 - 10 years. This is part of our Video Surveillance 101 course. In this report, we examine the following: How will AI impact the...

By IPVM Team - 4 months ago

Startup Noonlight $3 Monthly Security Monitoring Profile

(Member Only)

Noonlight is offering verified video response with a 5 Diamond Central Station for just $3 a month and an API that lets you plug into any application or service you want. Noonlight is the company behind Wyze's $4.99 monthly home security...

By Zach Segal - 4 months ago

Door Position Switches (DPS) For Access Tutorial

(Member Only)

Door position switches are frequently ignored or forgotten, yet can solve major access control problems. Access 'control' itself relies on these switches to make the right logical decisions about sending alarms and locking doors. In this...

By Brian Rhodes - 4 months ago

Wyze $4.99 Monthly Professional Home Monitoring

(Member Only)

The alarm industry was shocked by Ring's $10 monthly price for monitoring, now 2 years later, Wyze is selling for half that price and throwing in the equipment for free. Inside this note, we examine Wyze's offering, comparing it to Ring,...

By John Honovich and Brian Rhodes - 4 months ago

Dahua Rigs Fever Cameras, Covers Up

IPVM testing has verified Dahua rigged their fever cameras, with the company generating massive profits and exposing the public to increased coronavirus risks. Dahua has not publicly acknowledged this and refused to answer questions. The...

By Ethan Ace and John Honovich - 5 months ago

LPR / ANPR Fall 2020 24 On-Demand Recordings + Key Themes

(Member Only)

This report has 12 hours of recorded videos featuring 24 ANPR/LPR providers plus key themes we found from the presentations. Key Themes 5 key themes were highlighted during the show: Regional Differences in LPR (US vs EU vs India vs...

By Adam Tyson - 5 months ago

Video Health Monitoring Startup Examined

(Member Only) wants to turn your phone into a vital sign measuring device for heart rate, oxygen, and stress level plus more, using video of your face. Security companies are considering adding such offerings for 'back to work' solutions. IPVM...

By Zach Segal - 5 months ago

Bedside Cough and Sneeze Detector (Sound Intelligence and CLB)

(Member Only)

Coronavirus has increased interest in detecting symptoms such as fever and coughs. Can audio analytics help? IPVM speaks with CLB and Sound Intelligence to learn more about their bedside acoustic monitoring solution for care facilities.

By Zach Segal - 6 months ago

Ubiquiti Access Control Tested

(Member Only)

Ubiquiti has become one of the most widely used wireless and switch providers for physical security systems. Now it has entered electronic access control. While Cisco tried access control but failed, can Ubiquiti be a factor and disrupt? We...

By Brian Rhodes and John Scanlan - 6 months ago

Monitoring Alarm Systems From Home - Innovation or Danger?

(Member Only)

Remote monitoring by alarm companies since COVID-19 is bringing cost savings but threatening security and reliability. Will UL Standard updates make it safer? The UL Standard body recognizes at-home monitoring as a less preferred option, but...

By Joey Walter - 6 months ago

RapidSOS Company Profile

(Member Only)

RapidSOS has raised $100+ million providing dispatchers free software and caller locations from mobile apps, but is it competing with central monitoring and will they make money? In this report we examine the company's background and business...

By Joey Walter - 6 months ago

17 Alarm Company Lawsuits Against Competitors Faking Them

(Member Only)

Alarm companies suing rivals for faking them are commonplace, an IPVM investigation into court records show. Inside this report, we examine cases including: ADT Sues Safe Home Security CPI Sues Vivint ADT Sues Vivint (2020) ADT Sues...

By Joey Walter - 6 months ago

SimpliSafe Business Security Launched Examined

(Member Only)

SimpliSafe has launched "SimpliSafe Business Security" that the company claims "meets the unique needs of both single and multi-unit business owners". But what is really unique about what SimpliSafe is doing here? We spoke with SimpliSafe and...

By Joey Walter - 7 months ago

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