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Viakoo Raises $10 Million

Viakoo has raised $10 million, telling IPVM that they aim to expand to help security buyers ensure their equipment is up-to-date with the newest...

By Sean Patton - 8 months ago (Info+)

Corsight AI's Aggressive Claims Examined

Corsight AI aggressively claims that its facial recognition software works under extremely difficult conditions like below with a person in a crowd...

By Robert Wren Gordon and Sean Patton - 8 months ago (Info+)

The UK Security Event 2021 Show Report

IPVM is in the UK, attending The Security Event in Birmingham, where IPVM spoke about China / Western relations and the most notable surveillance...

By Carl Stoffers - 10 months ago (Info+)

Dear FDA: Why Eagle Eye Needs To Be Punished

IPVM has sent a letter to FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock, and Jeffrey E. Shuren, Director of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health after...

By Conor Healy and John Honovich - 10 months ago

Snap One / AV IPO Filing Examined

Snap One, aka Snap AV is going public, disclosing extremely high revenue for the AV / security revenue and even more ambitious plans.

By Haris Khurshid and Zach Segal - 12 months ago (Info+)

Everbridge Financials 2021

Everbridge's revenue grew 35% YoY in 2020 and their valuation grew 1,650% since their IPO in 2016, but is this growth sustainable?

By IPVM Team - 12 months ago (Info+)

Displaying 'Marketing' tags 51 - 75 of 547 in total