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Verkada - Deceptive "Prevent $100,000 Tailgating" Campaign

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Verkada's newest webinar and email campaign touts "prevent[ing] $100,000 tailgating entry incidents", showcasing various deceptive and false tactics of the company in a single effort. Inside this note, we break down the tactics, how it...

By John Honovich - 10 days ago

The UK Security Event 2021 Show Report

(Subscriber Only)

IPVM is in the UK, attending The Security Event in Birmingham, where IPVM spoke about China / Western relations and the most notable surveillance exhibitors included Dahua and Avigilon. Inside this report, we examine highlights of the show...

By Carl Stoffers - 11 days ago

Paige Not A "GameChanger" Cable Tested

(Subscriber Only)

Paige claims its cable is literally a GameChanger for running Ethernet more than the standard 100 meters, even up to up to 856' / 260 meters. However, no one has systematically and independently tested it, until now. We bought and tested...

By John Scanlan - 25 days ago

Dear FDA: Why Eagle Eye Needs To Be Punished

IPVM has sent a letter to FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock, and Jeffrey E. Shuren, Director of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health after (1) Eagle Eye ran an FDA-Violating marketing campaign and then (2), last week, expanded the campaign...

By Conor Healy and John Honovich - 27 days ago

Hikvision Marketed Russian Factory, It Does Not Exist

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Hikvision marketed a Russian factory, so IPVM checked it on-site, finding no factory. Hikvision declined to comment to IPVM, deleting the marketing after we inquired. Inside this note, we examine what Hikvision claimed, what our on-site...

By IPVM Team - 27 days ago

Verkada False And Manipulative Facial Recognition Strategy

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Verkada is falsely and manipulatively alleging its facial recognition is "not facial recognition" and is "very different from facial recognition" as legal bans and ethical concerns rise against facial recognition. This became a public issue...

By Isabella Cheng and John Honovich - about 1 month ago

FDA-Violating Eagle Eye Fever Screening Endangers Schools

Eagle Eye is flagrantly and knowingly violating FDA guidelines with fever screening at a US school district, plus running a marketing campaign for it. Even after IPVM informed them of this violation, Eagle Eye replied 'no comment' and refused to...

By Robert Wren Gordon and Gurami Jamaspishvili - about 1 month ago

"Arrogant, Rude, and Relentless" - Verkada Sales Targeting End Users

(Subscriber Only)

Verkada's aggressive cold calling sales team has brought them big sales and complaints. One school explained to IPVM how Verkada's salespeople were arrogant, rude, and relentless with them. Verkada responded to IPVM explaining how anyone can...

By IPVM Team - about 2 months ago

Turing Video Radically Expands, Now End-to-End AI / VSaaS Provider

(Subscriber Only)

When Turing Video started a few years ago, it was a niche robot provider, now it has radically expanded in both size and offerings, with fever tablets, VSaaS, AI, and general IP cameras coming soon. Inside this note, based on speaking with...

By Sean Patton - 2 months ago

Dahua Now Admits Bus Fever Screening Ineffective

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For a year Dahua marketed and deployed fever screening on buses. Now, after IPVM inquired about recent Dahua promotions of this, Dahua admits this is ineffective. Dahua did not answer what they are going to do for their existing bus fever...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 2 months ago

Snap One / AV IPO Filing Examined

(Subscriber Only)

Snap One, aka Snap AV is going public, disclosing extremely high revenue for the AV / security revenue and even more ambitious plans.

By Haris Khurshid and Zach Segal - 2 months ago

Zero Trust Security And Video Surveillance

(Subscriber Only)

Designing "Zero Trust" IP networks is a cybersecurity trend, but what does it really mean for video surveillance? We examine: How is "Zero Trust" defined? How does it impact video surveillance? How can video surveillance manufacturers...

By Sean Patton - 2 months ago

Everbridge Financials

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Everbridge's revenue grew 35% YoY in 2020 and their valuation grew 1,650% since their IPO in 2016, but is this growth sustainable?

By Zach Segal - 2 months ago

Russian Face Rec Suppliers Offer Ethnicity Analytics, Raising Alarm

(Subscriber Only)

Four Russian facial recognition firms (AxxonSoft, NtechLab, Tevian, and VisionLabs) who supply the Russian government offer ethnicity analytics, raising concerns the country's police can track minorities. Reuters published its own...

By Donald Maye - 3 months ago

"Operations At Verkada" False Marketing

(Subscriber Only)

Virtually every industry professional has been solicited by people calling themselves "Operations at Verkada". Virtually, none of those are in operations, if they are actually even real people. Inside this note, we examine a Verkada marketing...

By John Honovich - 3 months ago

Eagle Eye Is Winding Down 'Partnership' With Hikvision

(Subscriber Only)

While Eagle Eye Networks has been partnered with Hikvision for years, doing multiple marketing efforts just this month, Eagle Eye CEO Dean Drako tells IPVM they are "winding down" their partnership. Over the past few years, Eagle Eye rivals...

By Charles Rollet - 3 months ago

Hanwha's Mexico Business Examined

(Subscriber Only)

Hanwha has become a major competitor in the US, but its Mexico and overall Latin America businesses continue to face a major branding issue, among other challenges. IPVM investigates. Inside this note, we examine: Estimated Market...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 3 months ago

Verkada Ups Ante, Now Giving Away $50 Walkie Talkies

(Subscriber Only)

Verkada is upping the webinar gift ante, now giving away $50 walkie talkies to attendees, roughly double of the mainstay Yeti mug/tumbler, which they have already given away 100,000+ units. In this note, we examine the offer, the supplier,...

By Ethan Ace and John Honovich - 3 months ago

Access Control Show 2021 - 39 Videos On-Demand

The 2021 Access Control Show is complete. All videos may be watched on the Shows Page. Video/Access Control Integration Panel Brivo, Product Manager, Mark Chandler Cloudvue, Senior Product Manager, Scott Humphreys Genetec, Access...

By IPVM Team - 3 months ago

CGCC: What China Companies Should Do To Handle US-China Tension

(Subscriber Only)

Last year, the China General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC) was optimistic about US-China relations improving after the election. Now, they are not. In a new Leaders Roundtable, with Edelman's CEO Richard Edelman, they offered advice to China...

By Isabella Cheng - 4 months ago

Traces AI Non-Face Recognition Alternative Profile

(Subscriber Only)

Traces AI says they have developed a Face Recognition alternative for forensic search and reidentification without using faces and backed by Y Combinator. IPVM spoke with one of the co-founders to learn more about the company and its...

By Zach Segal - 4 months ago

YourSix VSaaS Startup Profile And Axis Partnership

(Subscriber Only)

YourSix is a US VSaaS startup, most known for its ongoing partnership with Axis, that touts substantial growth and an anti-lock-in approach. With Axis ending its Guardian VSaaS offering, Axis has been recommending YourSix to US...

By Zach Segal - 4 months ago

64 Video Surveillance Startups Directory 2021

(Subscriber Only)

This directory provides a list of video surveillance startups to help you see and research what companies are new or not yet broadly known. 2021 State of Video Surveillance Startups In the past year, the number and funding of video...

By IPVM Team - 4 months ago

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