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Crisis At China's Largest VMS Provider, Netposa, Now State-Controlled

(PRO Only)

NetPosa, which bills itself as the PRC's largest VMS provider, is in a crisis. The firm is pursuing huge unpaid bills from clients, and its chairman is being sued for over $220 million of unauthorized loans, resulting in banks freezing NetPosa cas...

By Charles Rollet - 15 days ago

Nortek and SDS Fight Over Failed Settlement

(PRO Only)

Distributor SDS said they reached a deal with Nortek but Nortek says no settlement was reached and the suit is still on. In this post, based on our talks with counsel for both the Plaintiff and the Defendant, we examine the following: What c...

By Dan Gelinas - 5 months ago

ADT's Top Dealer "The Defenders" Sued 20+ Times

(PRO Only)

ADT's largest authorized dealer, The Defenders, has been sued more than 20 times since 2012, IPVM has verified through analyzing legal records. In February 2019, we examined how ADT And 'The Defenders' Silent About Massive Complaints and was ti...

By Dan Gelinas - 6 months ago

US City Sued For Hiding Surveillance Camera Map

(PRO Only)

UPDATE: The judgment is now in and updated information is at the bottom of the post. Should maps of public surveillance camera locations be kept a secret? That is what one US city is trying to do. Though the city admits the cameras in question...

By Dan Gelinas - 8 months ago

Wave Retorts: SDS 'Desperate' And 'Defeated'

Distributor SDS has sued Nortek and distributor Wave Electronics alleging bribery, conspiracy, antitrust violations and violations of state laws governing fair trade for sales of 2GIG products. Now, Wave Electronics has responded to IPVM with t...

By Dan Gelinas - about 1 year ago

UK VSaaS Startup Ocucon

(PRO Only)

Decreasing exposure to fraudulent slip-and-fall insurance claims and lawsuits is one of the oldest selling points of video surveillance for retail. Providing video evidence of an incident that happened 4-6 months prior is a challenge for tradition...

By Sean Patton - over 1 year ago

Chinese Government Attacks Western Reports

(PRO Only)

The Chinese government is angry at the BBC and WSJ's reporting on Chinese video surveillance (see BBC Features Dahua and WSJ Investigates China's Total Surveillance State). Much like Hikvision's attacks on IPVM for our reporting, Hikvision's su...

By John Honovich - almost 2 years ago

Avigilon / Canon New Lawsuits, No Settlement

(PRO Only)

In July, Canon sued Avigilon, a notably rare move amongst major players in the industry, including Canon's subsidiaries Axis and Milestone. At the end of July, Canon notified the court that they were in settlement discussions. It looked, at that ...

By Brian Karas - about 2 years ago

Canon Sues Avigilon

(PRO Only)

Canon, owner of Axis and Milestone, has sued Avigilon for patent infringement in US court. This is a highly atypical move for Canon, pitting 3 of the largest players in the industry against Avigilon.  In this note, we examine: What Canon is S...

By Brian Karas - about 2 years ago

Honeywell Sues For Violating Anti-Trust Laws (Settled)

(PRO Only)

Is about to dominate the smart home software market? That is what Honeywell alleges in its new lawsuit, first reported by CEPro. Honeywell's complaint declares: As a result of the proposed acquisition, would have approxima...

By John Honovich - over 2 years ago

Video Surveillance Manufacturers Risk Lawsuits For Botnet Attacks

The unprecedented scale of internet outages on October 21st from botnet attacks risk triggering lawsuits against video surveillance manufacturers, an event that might spur greater responsibility within the industry. Large Loss For Companies Impac...

By John Honovich - almost 3 years ago

Bribe Accusations By Multiple US Cities Against Taser

(PRO Only)

One company is dominating the body camera business - Taser. The stun gun leader aims to grow a VSaaS powerhouse and take over one of the fastest growing video surveillance niches. However, 6 US cities have made various allegations against Taser ...

By IPVM Team - over 3 years ago

Warning: Case Studies Can Get You Sued

What do 24 Hour Fitness, Barnes and Nobles and multiple hospitals have in common? They have all been sued in the past few months, with their manufacturer case studies used as evidence.  They join ~100 end users who have been sued in the past 2 y...

By John Honovich - over 4 years ago

ADT Sued, Claimed 'Easily Hacked'

A lawsuit has been filed against ADT. The class action complaint claims ADT's wireless systems are 'easily hacked', that ADT knows this and yet engages in 'deceptive and misleading marketing statements.' In this note, we examine the details and ...

By Brian Rhodes - almost 5 years ago

Milestone Sues Hawk

(PRO Only)

Last year, an inventor / troll said they were going to sue end users for violating a patent they have on video surveillance technology. Now, they have fulfilled their promise with 28 lawsuits this year. However, Milestone Systems has struck back,...

By John Honovich - over 5 years ago

News on the Milestone VMS Patent Lawsuit

(PRO Only)

Last year, a lawsuit shocked the surveillance industry. The most well known brand in VMS software, Milestone Systems, was sued by a small, but early, VMS company, JDS Digital Security Systems. The contested element is a basic component of many (o...

By Carlton Purvis - almost 6 years ago

End User Sues ADT/Tyco For $42 Million

It was the biggest drug heist in American history. Burglars drove an 18-wheeler up to the Eli Lilly distribution center in Enfield, Connecticut, disabled its security system, rappelled through the roof and made off with $75 million in pharmaceutic...

By Carlton Purvis - over 6 years ago

Axis, Sony, Cisco, 11 More Sued

Patent lawsuits continue to gain momentum throughout the world and in the surveillance industry. Though most of its suits were dismissed last fall, Puerto Rico-based Canatelo [link no longer available], LCC is back in court again suing more than a...

By Carlton Purvis - over 6 years ago

Arecont Lies, Now Threatens Lawsuit

Last week, we reported Arecont lied in a recent ad. Now, Arecont is threatening legal action against IPVM. In this note, we explain how Arecont lied, how their objection ignores our core complaint and the US laws that cover false advertising. [Fo...

By John Honovich - almost 7 years ago

Top 5 Moves November 2012

Lots of interesting moves this month but here are the 5 we see as having the most impact on the surveillance business, listed in alphabetical order: Avigilon Huge Growth Continues Axis Doubles Edge Storage Size Supported Genetec Announces Clo...

By John Honovich - almost 7 years ago

Milestone VMS Lawsuit

The biggest brand in Video Management Software, Milestone Systems, has been sued by rival VMS developer JDS for patent infringement. The patents cover fundamental aspects of video management that might apply to many VMS developers. In this report,...

By John Honovich - about 7 years ago

Samsung Beats ObjectVideo

After a year of international litigation, ObjectVideo has withdrawn its complaint against Samsung - great news not only for Samsung but for the entire video analytics market. In this note, we break down what happened and what this means for the in...

By John Honovich - over 7 years ago

Sued! Avigilon, Hikvision, Vivotek, UTC, More

Another major patent lawsuit has hit the video surveillance industry - now targeting manufacturers across the world including Avigilon, Hikvision, Vivotek, UTC/Interlogix and Nuvico, all sued by a Puerto Rican based company, Canatelo, that has a f...

By John Honovich - over 7 years ago

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