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ONVIF Access Control Profile D Examined

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ONVIF has released Profile D, adding to its access control specifications covering peripheral devices, including readers, biometrics, intercoms, and even LPR. ONVIF has historically been a non-factor in access control, the irrelevance starkly...

By Brian Rhodes - 1 day ago

VSaaS Show December 2021 - Register Now

Register now to attend the December VSaaS Show, featuring 25+ companies presenting exclusively to IPVM subscribers. Watch: What Makes IPVM Online Shows Different Than Trade Shows? Schedule & Agenda: Day 1 - December 7th 10:00am: IPVM...

By IPVM Team - 16 days ago

New Products Show Oct. 2021 - 42 Videos On-Demand

The October 2021 New Products Show is complete. All videos may be watched on the Shows Page. Watch: What Makes IPVM Online Shows Different Than Trade Shows? Schedule & Agenda: Day 1 - October 26th - Analytics 10:00am: OpenEye - VP of...

By IPVM Team - about 1 month ago

VMS / VSaaS Analytics Integration

(Subscriber Only)

This 21-page guide explains the fundamentals and challenges of VMS/VSaaS integration with video analytics. In this report, we examine the pros, cons, and common challenges including: Unified Single Vendor vs 3rd Party Integrated Camera Vs...

By Sean Patton - about 1 month ago

Flock Expands Into Gunshot And Audio Analytics

(Subscriber Only)

Flock Safety is expanding from its core market of LPR into "audio evidence capture" and most notably gunshot detection, just months after raising $150 million from A16Z. Flock announced "Raven", an audio analytic offering that complements its...

By Isabella Cheng - about 1 month ago

Florida County Orders Removal Of 98 Flock Safety LPR Cameras

(Subscriber Only)

Last month, Flock Safety received $150 million from mega VC firm A16Z and, at the same, installed 98 LPR cameras in a Florida county, free of charge, without the knowledge of key county officials and without proper permits. But despite the...

By Isabella Cheng - 3 months ago

Save $50, Register Now: February 2022 Video Analytics Live Course

Understand how video analytics work, what problems they have, and how to responsibly sell or deploy. This course is for anyone who currently or plans to manage, design, sell, or support video surveillance systems using video analytics. This is,...

By IPVM Team - 3 months ago

Glossary / Acronyms for Video Surveillance

This directory provides definitions and explanations for over 90 common video surveillance industry terms, including links to related IPVM tutorials and guides. This directory will be continuously updated. If there is a term you want to be...

By IPVM Team - 4 months ago

ISS SecurOS Facial Recognition Tested

(Subscriber Only)

ISS claims their SecurOS FaceX facial recognition provides "extraordinary recognition accuracy", but how does it work in the real world? We tested ISS SecurOS Face examining: How does it perform in real-world surveillance scenarios? Does...

By Rob Kilpatrick - 4 months ago

Flock Safety Raises $150 Million, Lead By A16Z

(Subscriber Only)

Flock Safety has raised one of the largest rounds ever for video surveillance led by one of the biggest and most aggressive VC firms, Andreesen Horowitz. This funding signals a massive expansion of the company in the next few years. Inside...

By John Honovich - 5 months ago

Axis License Plate Verifier Tested 2021

(Subscriber Only)

Axis has added US support, faster speed recognition, and overhauled the UI since we first tested License Plate Verifier in 2020. But how well do these improvements work? We tested Axis License Plate Verifier 2.0-2 using Axis' license plate...

By Derek Ward - 5 months ago

ISS SecurOS Auto LPR And Car Make/Model Recognition Tested

(Subscriber Only)

ISS' SecurOS Auto LPR includes vehicle make and model detection, a rare feature in competitive analytics, but how accurate is it in real world scenes? We tested ISS SecurOS Auto examining: How accurate are license plate reads overall? How...

By Rob Kilpatrick - 5 months ago

SenSen Video Analytics Company Profile

(Subscriber Only)

Australia's SenSen is a publicly-traded company that has made 2 acquisitions in the past year and aims to be the SAP of video, but what does that mean and how is the company positioned? IPVM analyzes the public company's financials and speaks...

By Zach Segal - 6 months ago

64 Video Surveillance Startups Directory 2021

(Subscriber Only)

This directory provides a list of video surveillance startups to help you see and research what companies are new or not yet broadly known. 2021 State of Video Surveillance Startups In the past year, the number and funding of video...

By IPVM Team - 7 months ago

Video Analytics Algorithms / Efficiency

(Subscriber Only)

One of the biggest barriers to video analytics is having sufficient computational resources. An alternative to increasing hardware performance for video analytics is improving algorithm efficiency.

By IPVM Team - 8 months ago

Flock Safety Favorability Statistics 2021

(Subscriber Only)

LPR startup Flock Safety raised $47M in 2020, but what do integrators think of them? In this report, we look at how ~200 integrators rated Flock and explain the trends in their responses. Readers should also see our test of Flock: Flock...

By Ethan Ace - 8 months ago


(Subscriber Only)

This 16-page guide explains the fundamentals of license plate recognize / automatic number plate recognition. Inside we cover: Traditional OCR LPR OCR Visually Equivalent Characters Deep Learning LPR Plate Datasets Accuracy Claim...

By Sean Patton - 8 months ago

Dahua Wins Brazil Direct Bid After Government Reversal

(Subscriber Only)

Dahua has been declared the winner after initially losing a controversial $20+ million USD deal for 1,000+ cameras in which it bid directly to the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo. Inside this note, we review the deal, discuss why the...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 9 months ago

Genetec Valcri Criminal Investigation Software

(Subscriber Only)

In 2019, Genetec quietly acquired Valcri from a UK University. Recently, Wired wrote about Valcri in an investigation about "spying eyes everywhere". But what does Valcri exactly do? Inside this note, based on a briefing with Genetec, we...

By Zach Segal - 9 months ago

Video Analytics Architecture 101

(Subscriber Only)

Video analytics can be run in a variety of ways that have significantly different pros and cons. IPVM has identified 9 fundamental architectures, explaining the tradeoffs of each one herein. These architectures are: Run entirely on the...

By IPVM Team - 10 months ago

Flock Safety LPR Tested

(Subscriber Only)

LPR startup Flock has raised over $80 million, claiming their license plate readers "stop crime", but how well do they work in the real world? We tested Flock Safety's Raven LPR camera for over two weeks, examining the following: How...

By Derek Ward - 11 months ago

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