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Taiwan Lilin NDAA Compliant Cameras Tested

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Taiwan-based manufacturer Lilin is taking direct aim at Dahua and Hikvision with their latest NDAA compliant cameras. But how well did these new models perform in our first Lilin test in a decade? We bought and tested 3 Lilin cameras, the Z2 ...

By Rob Kilpatrick and Derek Ward - about 19 hours ago

Hanwha AI Analytics Camera Tested

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Hanwha has released their Wisenet P AI camera, adding person and vehicle classification to their analytics. But how does this new AI work in real world scenes? We bought and tested the PNV-A9081R examining: How accurate are person and vehi...

By Rob Kilpatrick - 3 days ago

Telpo China Temperature Tablets Tested

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The provider for overseas companies ranging from Canon Singapore to US' PopID, Telepower Communication Co., Ltd (Telpo), is offering a line of 10+ fever detection devices. But how well do they work? We tested the Telpo TPS980T, with a 32x32 t...

By Isabella Cheng and Derek Ward - 4 days ago

Directory of 202 "Fever" Camera Suppliers

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This directory provides a list of "Fever" scanning thermal camera providers to help you see and research what options are available. There are a growing number of providers around the world. The goal of this directory is to provide a single l...

By IPVM Team - 10 days ago

Face Detection Shootout - Dahua, Hanwha, Hikvision, Uniview, Vivotek

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Face detection analytics are available from a number of manufactures including Dahua, Vivotek, Hikvision, Uniview, and Hanwha, but how well do they work? We tested face detection analytics across these manufacturers examining: Can faces st...

By Rob Kilpatrick - 15 days ago

This YouTuber is Now Selling ThermoHealth Temperature Screening

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An enterprising 20-year old is mass marketing medical devices on Facebook and Instagram, selling the K3 (tested here) at a ~600% markup. Inside this post, we examine who he is, how he told IPVM he "wakes up at 5 am and works until midnight", ...

By Joey Walter - 16 days ago

Face Shields Impact On Temperature Measurement And Mask Detection

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First, the use of face masks, and now, plastic face shields are rising amongst the public. While face shields aim to protect people from coronavirus, what type of impact will they have on two rising surveillance technologies, temperature measureme...

By Ethan Ace and Derek Ward - 18 days ago

TVT Temperature Measurement Terminal Tested

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While Dahua and Hikvision get the most attention for China temp products, their domestic competitors such as Shenzhen TVT are rolling out offerings that are being relabelled by various companies such as Avycon, Invid and TVT. How well do they work...

By Derek Ward - 22 days ago

Directory of 400+ Fever Camera News Reports Globally

This global directory tracks 400+ articles about thermal cameras used to detect fevers in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Articles are grouped into nine categories. Global USA Canada Africa Asia Europe Latin America Middle Eas...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 23 days ago

Camera Course Summer 2020 - Last Chance

This is your last chance to register for the Summer 2020 Camera Course. This is the only independent surveillance camera course, based on in-depth product and technology testing. Lots of manufacturer training exists but none it really teache...

By IPVM Team - 27 days ago

Injes Tiny Temperature Terminal Tested

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While temperature terminals have trended bigger, the Injes DFace801 is relatively tiny. Does a low-profile, small device work better, as they say, "for COVID-19 defense"? We tested the DFace801 kiosk, answering the following: How much of a...

By Derek Ward - 28 days ago

Sperry West / Alibaba Tablet Temperature Measurement Tested

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In April, we ordered a ~$500 temperature tablet from Alibaba. We set it to the side while doing 18 other temperature screening tests but, after hearing Sperry West's CEO on a Ken Kirschenbaum's webinar, we bought the Sperry West tablet. Ironically...

By Ethan Ace and Rob Kilpatrick - about 1 month ago

The Next Hot Fever Detection Trend - $100 Wall-Mounted Units

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The first wave of the booming fever detecting market was $10,000+ cameras, now interest for ~$2,000 tablets is high and the next big thing may be $100 wall-mounted units. We have tested 18 "fever" / temperature screening devices including now...

By John Honovich - about 1 month ago

Uniview Wrist Temperature Reader Tested

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Uniview is promoting measuring wrist temperatures whereas most others are just offering forehead or inner canthus measurements. But how well does wrist work? IPVM bought and tested Uniview's 213H-BTS1 kiosk and wrist measurement module to see...

By Ethan Ace and Derek Ward - about 1 month ago

K7 Wall Mounted IR Temp Gun Tested

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The original K3 model was missing a number of important features but the newest K7 model is specified to have them. But how well do they work? We bought and tested the K7 wall mount IR gun, examining: How does it compare to the K3 wall mou...

By Derek Ward - about 2 months ago

Avigilon Face Mask Detection Tested

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Face mask detection or, more specifically not wearing a face mask, is an expanding offering in the midst of coronavirus. Avigilon has now released theirs but how well does it work? Inside this note, we share our findings across: How Avigil...

By Zach Segal and Derek Ward - about 2 months ago

Hikvision MinMoe Temperature Screening Terminal Tested

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Hikvision has expanded its temperature screening options. We tested Hikvision's fever camera and optional blackbody system, in May, and now we are testing their 'MinMoe' temperature screening terminal, which costs a fraction of the price of the fu...

By Rob Kilpatrick - about 2 months ago

Kentix SmartXcan Fever Screening Device Tested

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German manufacturer Kentix has declared "FEVER-SCREENING REINVENTED" with its new SmartXcan device. It is a different approach but how well does it work? We bought and tested the Kentix SmartXcan, analyzing: Its accuracy compared to an IR ...

By Derek Ward - about 2 months ago

Worse: ZKTeco 8" Worse Temperature Results Than 5" Tested

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While ZKTeco USA's CEO objected to IPVM's SpeedFace+ 5" test results, saying the 8" version "outperforms" the 5" version, new IPVM testing shows that the 8" has the same problems or worse as the 5" one measuring temperature. We tested the ZKT...

By Derek Ward - about 2 months ago

Huawei Releases a 'Fever' Smartphone

(Member Only)

Fever cameras, fever tablets, fever helmets, fever sunglasses, fever guns, now a 'fever' smartphone. Huawei has released a new smartphone that integrates temperature measurement. In this post, we examine this offering, benefits/drawbacks, and w...

By Charles Rollet - about 2 months ago

K3 Wall Mounted IR Temperature Gun Tested

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Is this the solution to not spending thousands of dollars on fever cameras? Handheld IR guns are far lower cost than fever cameras but requires an operator to use them close to the subject being measured. Now, the K3 wall mount IR temperature gu...

By Ethan Ace and Derek Ward - 2 months ago

Axis Thermal Camera / Grekkom Human Temperature Control Tested

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While Axis has a temperature detection camera (the Q2901-E), they has been reluctant to market it for coronavirus. However, Axis partner Grekkom has been promoting its 'human temperature control' app for Axis Q2901-E. But how well does this work? ...

By Ethan Ace and Derek Ward - 2 months ago

Mobotix Thermal Detection Camera Tested

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For years Mobotix has struggled but now sales are surging driven by Mobotix's thermal camera sales as a response to coronavirus, with both their parent company Konica Minolta and US giant Dell marketing Mobotix. But how well does it work? We ...

By Ethan Ace and Rob Kilpatrick - 2 months ago

Hikvision and Uniview Entry Level Thermal Handheld Cameras Tested

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While most screening systems cost $10,000 or more, manufacturers such as Hikvision and Uniview have now released handheld models for $1,000 or less. But how well do they work? We purchased two handheld thermal imagers, a Hikvision DS-2TP31B-3AU...

By Derek Ward - 2 months ago

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