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Uniview Weak Local / Strong Remote Password Policy Tested

(PRO Only)

With the continuing onslaught of cyber-security breaches (see Dahua backdoor recently discovered, Hikvision defaulted devices getting hacked) making devices accessible via the public Internet is risky, especially when many users fail to change def...

By John Scanlan - 13 days ago

Genetec Comments on Washington DC MPD Hack

This January, the Washington DC police video surveillance system was hacked with ransomware, impacting 123 of 187 cameras. Last month, IPVM confirmed that the police system was using Genetec recorders, Axis cameras and Cradlepoint equipment. Now...

By Brian Karas - 14 days ago

Hikvision New Security Vulnerability

(PRO Only)

Hikvision has disclosed a new security vulnerability that affects 200+ of their IP cameras over the past few years. In this note, we examine the vulnerability, share results of the new firmware's changes and its potential impact.

By IPVM Team - 15 days ago

FLIR Responds to Dahua Backdoor

(PRO Only)

FLIR is the first Dahua OEM partner to issue a statement following Dahua's backdoor disclosure: Certain FLIR and Lorex branded products that are produced by Dahua may be affected by this vulnerability. To reduce concern / problems, they hi...

By John Honovich - 17 days ago

Hikvision Firmware Decrypted

(PRO Only)

A developer has decrypted Hikvision's firmware, allowing examination of Hikvision's device source code and contents. In this report, we overview the tool, showing you how it works, sharing a Hikvision's camera decrypted firmware and overviewing s...

By Brian Karas - 18 days ago

Dahua Backdoor Uncovered

(PRO Only)

A major cyber security vulnerability across many Dahua products has been discovered by an independent researcher, reported on IPVM, verified by IPVM and confirmed by Dahua. Upgrade Immediately A 'number' of Dahua HDCVI and IP cameras and recor...

By IPVM Team - 20 days ago

Who Is Hacking Hikvision Devices?

(PRO Only)

Someone or organization is mass hacking Hikvision devices, actively and systematically running a script / program across the Internet that looks for Hikvision devices, finds them, and, at least, locks the user out. The most significant misconcept...

By Brian Karas - 21 days ago

Hikvision Defaulted Devices Getting Hacked

Hikvision devices with default passwords and remote network access enabled (via DDNS, public IPs, etc.) have experienced wide spread hacking over the past month locking out users, IPVM has confirmed. This is new, and from what has been reported b...

By Brian Karas - 25 days ago

Hikvision Barred From US City Housing Authority Bid

A US city's housing authority has barred Hikvision products from their bid, due to 'increasing security concerns.' In the past few months: Hikvision has been removed from a US Embassy Hikvision has been expelled from Genetec, quarantined...

By John Honovich - about 1 month ago

Hikvision Pledges 'Never' 'Backdoors'

(PRO Only)

With criticisms rising, Hikvision has gone on the record publicly declaring: Hikvision never has, does or would intentionally contribute to the placement of “backdoors” in its products. One indisputable point is that Hikvision is clearly ...

By John Honovich - about 2 months ago

Hikvision Discontinuing Online Service

Hikvision has declared it will discontinue its Hikvision online service, just days after IPVM's Hikvision Cloud Security Vulnerability Uncovered report. The abrupt move, including blocking logins in a few weeks, is troubling many dealers amidst on...

By John Honovich - 3 months ago

Sony IP Camera Backdoor Uncovered

A backdoor has been uncovered in ~80 Sony IP camera models, attackers can remotely enable telnet on the camera, and then potentially login as root, giving them full access to control the camera. Sony has issued new firmware for all cameras to fix...

By Brian Karas - 4 months ago

XiongMai Master Password List Emailed By Chinese Spammer

(PRO Only)

XiongMai created an international uproar as their devices drove massive botnet attacks of major Internet sites. After pledging to recall cameras after the attack, and then threatening to sue those who criticized them, XiongMai is back. A Chinese...

By Brian Karas - 4 months ago

Hikvision Cloud Security Vulnerability Uncovered

(PRO Only)

A security researcher uncovered a critical vulnerability in Hikvision's global cloud servers. This vulnerability allowed an attacker to remotely take over the server and get access to sensitive customer data. This is newer and different than Hikvi...

By Brian Karas - 4 months ago

Hackers Battle For 3 Million Strong Mirai Botnet

(PRO Only)

Mirai-infected devices have become so large and so prevalent that multiple hackers are now fighting each other to control these devices. This war has both made Mirai wider-spread, but less powerful for any given attack, and may lead hackers to se...

By Brian Karas - 4 months ago

Hikvision 'Phone Home' Raises Security Fears

(PRO Only)

The escalating attention towards Hikvision's China government ownership and Genetec's removal of Hikvision due to cyber security concerns has triggered increased scrutiny of Hikvision devices. Hikvision's 'phone home' feature is raising particu...

By John Honovich - 5 months ago

Genetec Expels Hikvision

(PRO Only)

Genetec has removed support for Hikvision devices, deeming them 'untrustworthy', citing customer concerns about Chinese government ownership / control. While manufacturers infrequently remove support for competitive reasons, doing it for cyber se...

By John Honovich - 5 months ago

Dahua Says They Are Botnet Attack 'Victims'

(PRO Only)

'Victim' or 'accomplice'? Dahua has issued a new press release, referring to their products as 'victims' of the massive botnet attacks hitting the Internet, emphasizing that Xiongmai devices were more heavily used and that publications have 'down...

By John Honovich - 5 months ago

The Xiongmai Botnet 'Recall' Will Not Work

The Xiongmai 'recall' has been the topic of global news, following the unprecedented bot net attacks that use their equipment, among others. However well intentioned this 'recall' may be, it is not going to work. Understanding how Xiongmai and th...

By John Honovich - 5 months ago

Video Surveillance Manufacturers Risk Lawsuits For Botnet Attacks

The unprecedented scale of internet outages on October 21st from botnet attacks risk triggering lawsuits against video surveillance manufacturers, an event that might spur greater responsibility within the industry. Large Loss For Companies Impac...

By John Honovich - 5 months ago

Hacked DVRs Surge To 400,000

The global internet is under attack from record breaking botnets. And it is getting worse, Mirai doubled in size in the last month. Shamefully, the video surveillance industry is mostly to blame. New Mirai Research New research from Level 3 pro...

By Brian Karas - 5 months ago

Dahua ‘Duplicitous’ Says Botnet Victim

The victim of the record-breaking botnet, Brian Krebs, is calling Dahua duplicitous in its statements about the Mirai botnet. He says Dahua should bear more responsibility for enabling this botnet and that they are more at fault, for making poorly...

By Brian Karas - 6 months ago

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