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First GDPR Facial Recognition Fine For Sweden School

(PRO Only)

A school in Sweden has been fined $20,000 for using facial recognition to keep attendance in what is Sweden's first GDPR fine. Notably, the fine is also the EU's first GDPR fine for facial recognition, adding some clarity to use of the technology ...

By Charles Rollet - 2 days ago

Anyvision Facial Recognition Tested

(PRO Only)

Anyvision is aiming for $1 billion in revenue by 2022, backed by $74 million in funding. But does their performance live up to the hype they have built? We tested Anyvision's Better Tomorrow platform examining: How does it perform in real w...

By Ethan Ace and Rob Kilpatrick - 3 days ago

Suprema Biometric Mass Leak Examined

(PRO Only)

While Suprema is rarely discussed even within the physical security market, the South Korean biometrics manufacturer made global news this past week from Tom's Hardware to Business Insider and even the BBC. But what happened? Inside this report...

By John Honovich and Brian Rhodes - 5 days ago

Biometrics Usage Statistics 2019

(PRO Only)

Biometrics are commonly used in phones, but how frequently are they used for access? 150+ integrators told us how often they use biometrics, when, and why. Inside this report, we examine the trends and the key reasons for and against them.

By Brian Rhodes - 11 days ago

Milestone "GDPR-ready" Certification Claim Critiqued

(PRO Only)

Milestone is touting that its latest XProtect VMS is "GDPR-ready" with a 'European Privacy Seal'. However, our investigation raises significant concerns over the applicability and suitability of this. In this post, we examine Milestone's "GDPR ...

By Charles Rollet - 12 days ago

Australia Security Full Show Report

(PRO Only)

IPVM went to Australia attending the 3 days of the Australia Security Exhibition: This was held at the ICC Sydney, as shown below: In this report, we give our impressions and insights from major exhibitors, including: Low Advertising Str...

By Charles Rollet - 30 days ago

New GDPR Guidelines for Video Surveillance Examined

(PRO Only)

The highest-level EU data protection authority has issued a new series of provisional video surveillance guidelines. While GDPR has been in effect for more than a year, how it applies to video surveillance has often been unclear, as we explaine...

By Charles Rollet - about 1 month ago

First Video Surveillance GDPR Fine In France

(PRO Only)

The French government has imposed a sizeable fine on a small business for violating the GDPR after it constantly filmed employees without informing them and kept poor encryption practices. It marks the first ever GDPR video surveillance fine ever ...

By Charles Rollet - about 2 months ago

GDPR / ICO Complaint Filed Against Dahua

(PRO Only)

IPVM has filed a GDPR complaint against Dahua UK's facial recognition conducted at their booth during this year's IFSEC show.  In this post, we explain the reasoning behind the complaint and the difference between this one and the one we made l...

By IPVM Team - about 2 months ago

Axis Live Privacy Shield Analytics Tested

(PRO Only)

Privacy is becoming a bigger factor in video surveillance, driven both by increased public awareness and by GDPR. Now, Axis has released Live Privacy Shield, a video analytic that Axis claims is "reliable and cost-effective" and is "the only edge...

By Sean Patton - about 2 months ago

IFSEC 2019 Show Report

(PRO Only)

The UK's largest trade show, IFSEC, is underway and IPVM has been examining what is new and happening at the show. Inside, we cover: Huawei Is Out GDPR Changes Dahua Adds Umbrella Analytics Dahua Live Facial Recognition, No Permission Hi...

By John Honovich, Kayleigh Long, and Charles Rollet - 2 months ago

Sighthound Transforms Into Enterprise AI Provider Profile

(PRO Only)

Sighthound is now rapidly expanding its R&D team, building an enterprise AI service. This may come as a surprise given their origins 6 years ago acquiring a small residential analytics offering (Vitamin D). Why the change? We spoke with Si...

By Sean Patton - 2 months ago

Security / Privacy Journalist Sam Pfeifle Interview

(PRO Only)

Sam Pfeifle is best known as the outspoken former Editor of Security Systems News. After that, he was publications director at the International Association of Privacy Professionals, giving him insights into both the security and privacy worlds. ...

By Dan Gelinas - 3 months ago

19 Facial Recognition Providers Profiled

(PRO Only)

IPVM interviewed 19 facial recognition providers at ISC West to understand their claimed accuracy, success and positioning. 9 from China, where facial recognition has received the most significant recent support: Dahua: "interest but not ado...

By Charles Rollet - 4 months ago

UK Camera Commissioner Calls for Regulating Facial Recognition

(PRO Only)

IPVM interviewed Tony Porter, the UK’s surveillance camera commissioner after he recently called for regulations on facial recognition in the UK. There is currently no clear legal framework for the technology despite the passage of the GDPR las...

By Charles Rollet - 4 months ago

How China's Pay By Facial Recognition Works

Many social media posts have variously celebrated or warned about the growing use of facial recognition for payments in China. An example of one such video is shown to the right. When one looks at such videos, an obvious question is: how do they ...

By Charles Rollet - 5 months ago

Austria’s First GDPR Fine Is For Video Surveillance

(PRO Only)

Should EU businesses be concerned if police see a business' surveillance cameras filming public areas? This is what happened with Austria’s first GDPR fine, imposed on a betting shop for filming public areas with its security cameras. The case...

By Charles Rollet - 7 months ago

UK Fines Security Firms For Illegal Direct Marketing

Two UK security firms have paid over $200,000 in fines for illegally making hundreds of thousands of calls to people registered on a government no-call list. Some of the calls included dubious claims of local crime waves or “free” equipment wi...

By Charles Rollet - 7 months ago

UK: Private Video Surveillance Complaints Down Since GDPR

(PRO Only)

The arrival of the GDPR on May 25, 2018, brought fears the law would spark a massive increase in privacy complaints about security camera use. However, new statistics, prepared by IPVM from UK government information requests, show that complaints ...

By Charles Rollet - 8 months ago

Facit Cloak Identity GDPR Redaction Software Tested

(PRO Only)

The fear of GDPR fines for releasing personal information has increased interest in video redaction software. One of these entrants is the UK's Facit Data Sytems's Identity Cloak. In this test, we examine the performance of the software and co...

By Robert Shih - 9 months ago

No GDPR Penalties For UK Swann 'Spying Hack'

(PRO Only)

The UK’s data protection agency has closed its investigation into Infinova-owned Swann Security UK, the ICO confirmed to IPVM, deciding to take “no further action” after customers unintentionally received video from different users in separate inc...

By Charles Rollet - 9 months ago

Genetec Privacy Protector Tested

(PRO Only)

Genetec has built Kiwi Security's Privacy Protector into Security Center, an analytic which anonymizes individuals in cameras' fields of view without obscuring actions and movements. We tested Privacy Protector in multiple scenarios to see how it...

By Rob Kilpatrick - 9 months ago

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