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The Rise of SaaS - Physical Security Fund Raising 2020

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While incumbents largely struggled to deal with the effects of COVID-19, SaaS focused startups raised over $300 million this year. This provides them a strong foundation to attempt to disrupt incumbents. IPVM covered each of these raises thr...

By John Honovich - 23 days ago

Video Surveillance History

The video surveillance market has changed significantly since 2000, going from VCRs to an emerging AI cloud era and now impacted by coronavirus. The goal of this history is to help professionals understand the important business and technolog...

By John Honovich - about 1 month ago

US Intelligence Agencies Research On Long-Range Biometrics Examined

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Identifying people at close range is increasingly accurate but what about identifying people at 100 or 500 meters or even 1 kilometer? This is far more difficult. The US government is investing in developing these capabilities. IPVM research...

By Zach Segal - 2 months ago

Coronavirus Impact on Integrators November 2020

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After battling Coronavirus for most of 2020, 200 integrators told IPVM the impact continues to decline but the fight rages for many. Compare to our Spring reports statistics - in April, when coronavirus impact was at its worst and May when in...

By Brian Rhodes - 3 months ago

Flock Safety Raises $47 Million

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Major investments continue. Now, Flock Safety, an ALPR-as-a-service startup, has announced $47 million in funding, "to solve more crime and protect privacy." In this note, based on a conversation with Flock's CEO Garrett Langley, we examine F...

By Sean Patton - 3 months ago

Eagle Eye Networks Raises $40 Million

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Eagle Eye has raised $40 million aiming to "reinvent video surveillance." We spoke with Eagle Eye to better understand how they were going to do this, including a new emphasis on AI.

By John Honovich - 3 months ago

RapidSOS Company Profile

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RapidSOS has raised $100+ million providing dispatchers free software and caller locations from mobile apps, but is it competing with central monitoring and will they make money? In this report we examine the company's background and business...

By Joey Walter - 3 months ago

ButterflyMX Raises $35 Million

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Startup ButterflyMX has raised $35 million for its smartphone based intercom systems, planning to add 80 employees and expand its product line with the funding. What will they do with the funding to keep growing? How do they compare with othe...

By Joey Walter - 4 months ago

Startup Viisights Presents Behavioral Recognition for Public Safety

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Viisights presented its behavioral recognition video analytics at the 2020 IPVM Startups show. Inside this report: A 30-minute video from Viisights including IPVM Q&A Background on the company and the new product Key Positive factors...

By Joey Walter - 5 months ago

The Guide To The NDAA Video Surveillance Ban / Blacklists

This 25-page guide provides a reference to the NDAA ban and blacklist. The US government has implemented wide-ranging prohibitions on using, buying, and selling video surveillance products including Dahua, Hikvision, and Huawei (Hisilicon) based p...

By Charles Rollet - 5 months ago

Startup Vaion Presents End-to-End Cloud Managed Video Surveillance

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Vaion presented its end-to-end cloud managed video surveillance offering at the 2020 IPVM Startups show. Inside this report: A 30-minute video from Vaion including IPVM Q&A Background on the company and the new product Key Positive f...

By Joey Walter - 5 months ago

Canon Company Milestone Takes $1+ Million PPP Money

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Milestone, a Canon company, took $1 million+ in PPP loans, despite being part of a $30+ billion conglomerate. However, Milestone told IPVM that they did qualify under the terms of the PPP when they applied in April and under its interpretatio...

By John Honovich and Joey Walter - 6 months ago

Openpath Raises $36 Million

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Openpath has raised $36 million as 2020 has become a boom year for access control investments, with $42 million to Proxy and $80 million to Verkada expanding into access control. For background, see IPVM's Openpath test. Inside this note, ba...

By Brian Rhodes - 6 months ago

70+ Security Industry Companies Take $50 Million PPP Funding

70+ security industry companies have taken more than $40 million in PPP funds, IPVM has confirmed from US government records. Inside this report, we list each company, the amounts obtained, the jobs saved, analyzing the impact on the industry...

By IPVM - 6 months ago

Drako's Companies (Brivo, Eagle Eye) Take $4+ Million in PPP Funds

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While centimillionaire Dean Drako is the owner of two of the largest SaaS businesses in the security industry (Brivo and Eagle Eye), Drako's companies took between $3 and $8 million in PPP loans, new government records reveal. Drako spoke wit...

By John Honovich and Joey Walter - 6 months ago

Startup Solink $17 Million USD Fund Raise Expands To Mass Market

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Solink has raised ~$17 million USD, a sizeable round for the company that raised $12 million last year. How fast have they grown? What do they aim to do with it and to the market? We spoke with Solink's Founder and CEO and examine these quest...

By Joey Walter - 7 months ago

Directory of 97 Video Surveillance Startups

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This directory provides a list of video surveillance startups to help you see and research what companies are new or not yet broadly known. 2020 State of Video Surveillance Startups In the past year, the number and funding of video surveilla...

By IPVM Team - 8 months ago

Pivot3 Mass Layoffs

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Pivot3 has conducted mass layoffs, the culmination of grand hopes, a quarter of a billion dollars in VC funding, and multiple failures to gain mass-market success. In this note, we include feedback from Pivot3 management and examine their steps...

By John Honovich and Sean Patton - 10 months ago

Directory Of 150 Video Analytics Suppliers

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This directory provides a list of video analytics providers to help you see and research what options are available. Deep Learning / AI Mainstream in 2020 While video surveillance analytics has been promoted, hyped and lamented for nearly 20...

By IPVM Team - about 1 year ago

Viisights Raises $10 Million, Behavior Analytics Company Profile

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Viisights, an Israeli AI analytics startup marketing "Behavioral Understanding Systems", announced $10 million Series A funding. We spoke to Viisights, to better understand their target markets, how they train AI to recognize behaviors, and how...

By Sean Patton - about 1 year ago

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