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Large Video Surveillance Systems Guide

(Member Only)

This 14 page guide explains the key uses, design factors, and players in the large system surveillance market. A global group of 80 integrators responded, each offering insights in selling, implementing, and maintaining video surveillance syste...

By Brian Rhodes - almost 5 years ago

Mega-OEMs vs Micro-Relabelers

(Member Only)

Manufacturers like Dahua are sold under dozens, if not hundreds, of aliases in the United States alone. Companies doing it range from two stoners in their basement to Fortune 100 corporations (e.g., Honeywell). But are there any differences betwe...

By John Honovich - about 5 years ago

Arecont Pulls End User Marketing Claims

Manufacturers, you have to get explicit permission from end users and only state factually true claims about them. Arecont struggles to understand this. In their trainwreck SIA 'article', not only did they confuse bytes and pixels, showcase how ...

By John Honovich - about 5 years ago

Milestone 'CARES' About End Users

(Member Only)

Milestone has announced CARE which they tout cryptically as "Service Offerings for Continuous Return on Investment." If you are familiar with Software Upgrade Plan (SUP), their previous program, this is SUP with more tiers. In this note, we expl...

By Ethan Ace - over 5 years ago

Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Tested 2015

(Member Only)

Genetec has added cloud VMS, Exacq is releasing theirs in a few months, DVTel's is planned for the end of this year. But one startup has been building a new cloud VMS, from the ground up, for the past few years. Eagle Eye hit the market with the ...

By Ethan Ace - over 5 years ago

Competing Against Surveillance Self-Install / DIY

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End users sometimes look at integrator proposals, see ~$100 per hour pricing and think "Hey, we can do that ourselves for a lot less." In this note, we examine 6 key issues that end users must consider when evaluating the total cost of doing it t...

By John Honovich - over 5 years ago

Warning: Case Studies Can Get You Sued

What do 24 Hour Fitness, Barnes and Nobles and multiple hospitals have in common? They have all been sued in the past few months, with their manufacturer case studies used as evidence.  They join ~100 end users who have been sued in the past 2 y...

By John Honovich - over 5 years ago

Best & Worst Places to Buy Surveillance

(Member Only)

Stores, distributors, manufacturers, the Internet, Chinese spam emails? Today, there are more options to buy surveillance than ever. But what are the best and worst places to buy? IPVM surveyed 100 integrators to learn from their experiences an...

By John Honovich - almost 6 years ago

Best & Worst Manufacturer Salespeople

(Member Only)

What manufacturers were rated the worst? Which the best? What do integrators want from their manufacturer salespeople? What offends them the most? New IPVM survey results of 100+ integrators answer these questions inside, including: The 3 m...

By Brian Rhodes - almost 6 years ago

Hosted and Managed Access Control Statistics

'Cloud' access control - how many integrators are offering it? Why? And for those that do, are they favoring hosted or managed options. In the industry's first survey of integrator's adoption of cloud access control, IPVM reveals usage and in-de...

By Brian Rhodes - about 6 years ago

Milestone Sues Hawk

Last year, an inventor / troll said they were going to sue end users for violating a patent they have on video surveillance technology. Now, they have fulfilled their promise with 28 lawsuits this year. However, Milestone Systems has struck back,...

By John Honovich - about 6 years ago

Lifespan of Electronic Access Control Systems

Just how long do end users hang on to access systems before they look to change? The answer may surprise you. Unlike video surveillance systems that turn over every seven years or so, the service life of access is much longer. How much longer, an...

By Brian Rhodes - about 6 years ago

Dome Camera Install Guide

This guide explains the key tradeoffs, issues and options in installing dome surveillance cameras. We cover: Choosing between 2 and 3 axis gimbals Understanding the limitations of 2 axis gimbals and when to prefer 3 axis ones Wall mounting o...

By Ethan Ace - over 6 years ago

VQiPS - Video Quality in Public Safety

The Video Quality in Public Safety (VQiPS) working group is run by the US government and is comprised of "public safety practitioners, Federal partners, manufacturers, and representatives of standards making bodies," that meets annually to collabo...

By Carlton Purvis - over 6 years ago

Former FBI Analyst on Retrieving Surveillance Video

"When a robbery would happen police used to be able to show up, hit eject on the VCR, break the write protect tab on the tape and bag it. Now an officer shows up on the scene and may not have had any training on a DVR and then if they do have trai...

By IPVM Team - over 6 years ago

Avigilon CEO: Axis Model is Win - Lose

Are manufacturers winning at the expense of their integrators? That is the claim Avigilon's CEO makes, calling the channel model most, and most notably Axis, use a 'win lose situation'. Here is what he said: "The vast majority of our competitor...

By John Honovich - over 6 years ago

Axis American Expansion Plan Examined

Surveillance manufacturers generally only have a single office even in a large country like the US. Now, Axis' ambitious expansion plan has them poised to open six US office "to get even closer to partners and joint customers." In this note, based...

By Carlton Purvis - over 6 years ago

Rivals Sound Off On Avigilon 2013

Over 50 manufacturers answered IPVM's survey today, following Avigilon's revenue doubling announcement. Inside this note, we break down the key claims and color commentary offered about Avigilon, including quite a number of insights into why they ...

By John Honovich - almost 7 years ago

VMS Training Options Compared

In this note, we compare Avigilon, Axxon, Exacq, Genetec, March, Milestone, Network Optix / Digital Watchdog and Video Insights' training options, including videos, online and classroom training plus certification requirements. There are 4 key di...

By Sarit Williams - almost 7 years ago

Can Amazon Become The Next ADT? (2013)

The world's largest online retailer wants to sell you security. Amazon, who sold over $60 billion direct to end users last year, wants to add security, surveillance, and home automation to your orders for books, movies, and breakfast cereal. Will ...

By Brian Rhodes - about 7 years ago

7 Lessons From a Security Sales Expert

The sales side of the house often takes a back seat to engineering on IPVM. In this interview, we flip that, speaking with Chris Peterson [link no longer available], President of Vector Firm [link no longer available], looking at key issues drivin...

By Carlton Purvis - about 7 years ago

Surveillance End Users Getting Sued by Hawk

Last year, Avigilon sued Hawk Technology Systems while Hawk sued Vicon and BJ Wholesale Club plus countersued Avigilon for patent infringement. Now Hawk says it will shift its strategy from targeting manufacturers to targeting end users. We interv...

By IPVM Team - about 7 years ago

Pay ASIS, Get Meetings With Security Whales

Manufacturers, like casinos, want whales - huge customers who will spend the big bucks. Getting them, of course, can be difficult. Now ASIS has a new program that makes it easy for manufacturers to get guaranteed introductions and meetings with wh...

By John Honovich - about 7 years ago

ONVIF Detailed Technical Answers

ONVIF is simultaneously one of the most successful and disliked new offerings of the last few years. On the one hand, its adoption has been staggering, with over 3000 products supporting it. On the other, many people have had problems integrating ...

By Carlton Purvis - over 7 years ago

Top 4 End User Problems

A global panel of video surveillance end users cited these four problems as the most common and painful ones they face: Too Hard to Use Network Problems Camera Performance Poor Support Inside this note, we break down these problems and sh...

By Brian Rhodes - almost 8 years ago

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