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Save $50, Register Now: VMS / VSaaS Course

Understand the trends, terms, and technology for VMS and VSaaS. Based on the latest reporting at IPVM, analyzing and testing products to determine which are best and worst at various capabilities, and what companies are emerging. Register now and...

By IPVM Team - 3 months ago

Video Surveillance Architecture 101

(Subscriber Only)

Video surveillance can be designed and deployed in a number of ways. This 101 examines the most common options and architectures used in 2021. Architectures are based on 5 fundamental decisions: Encoding - Where is the video encoded?...

By IPVM Team - almost 2 years ago

Axis HD Analog Encoder Tested

(Subscriber Only)

Two years after declaring "Everything is IP", Axis has released their first HD analog encoder, the P7304, with support for AHD, CVI, TVI, and SD cameras, Zipstream H.265, analytics support, and more. We bought and tested the P7304 to see how it...

By Ethan Ace - about 2 years ago

Axis Supports HD Analog

(Subscriber Only)

In 2017, Axis declared 'Everything is IP': Now, in 2019, Axis has released support for HD analog, with their new encoders. Why the change? How will this impact Axis IP camera sales? What benefit does this provide to HD analog camera...

By John Honovich - over 2 years ago

Hanwha Mega ISC West Product Releases

(Subscriber Only)

While overall new product releases have been slowing over the past few years, Hanwha is releasing a slew of 6 new offerings for ISC West, including: HD analog encoders New multi-imagers Thermal cameras Mobile cameras and recorders A...

By IPVM Team - over 3 years ago

Universal HD Analog Encoder Tested (DW Compressor)

(Subscriber Only)

Digital Watchdog has released the Compressor HD, a "universal" HD analog encoder, with support for AHD, CVI, TVI and SD analog cameras. We tested the Compressor HD with over a dozen AHD, TVI, and CVI cameras from multiple manufacturers to see how...

By Ethan Ace - over 4 years ago

60% Lower Bandwidth, 'Video Anywhere' - Digital Barriers TVI / EdgeVis

(Subscriber Only)

Streaming video over low bandwidth, wireless connections often results in stalled video, broken up video or significant video delays. But Digital Barriers says their TVI CODEC (not to be confused with the HD Analog format), which is being...

By Brian Karas - about 5 years ago

H.265 Licensing Fees Examined / CEO Interview

(Subscriber Only)

Axis has repeatedly warned about H.265 licensing, most recently: [The H.265 license model] includes a royalty on revenues generated on the content developed by any HEVC-enabled device. This royalty on content has prompted strong backlash Is...

By Brian Karas - over 5 years ago

Micropower Fails

(Subscriber Only)

Wireless video surveillance is a tough business. Micropower sought to deliver a wireless, turn-key, professional video solution. The most famous wireless failure is certainly Firetide, who after spending $50 million in VC funding, took a small...

By Brian Karas - over 5 years ago

$100 True WDR Camera Tested (FLIR CVI)

True WDR has traditionally been quite expensive. And HD analog has so far been mostly low-end models. Now, FLIR has released a ~$100 1080p CVI camera with true WDR and integrated smart IR. We bought the FLIR C233BD to see how it performs...

By Derek Ward - over 6 years ago

Samsung Outdoor SmartCam Tested

The #1 missing feature for Google / Nest / Dropcam has been no outdoor model, inspiring a slew of DIY and unauthorized commercial add-on housings. Seeing this gap, Samsung is aiming to win some of these users over with a new outdoor model of...

By Derek Ward - over 6 years ago

Testing Dahua HDCVI Encoder With VMSes

HD Analog cameras have incredibly low prices for true HD video. But HD analog recorders are pretty simplistic and underwhelming. Moreover, many want to use HD analog cameras with their established, higher end VMS software systems. Now, Dahua...

By Ethan Ace - over 6 years ago

Axis vs Hikvision vs Sony Encoder Test

In this report, we share test findings of three popular four port analog SD encoder models: Axis P7214 [link no longer available] Hikvision DS-6704HFI [link no longer available] Sony SNT-EX104 Below, we share our findings in areas...

By Derek Ward - over 6 years ago

Milestone Super Low Cost HD Solution

Recent IPVM testing has shown and verified a super low cost HD solution using Milestone that has never been marketed. In this note, we break it down, explain how it works and what the cost savings are.

By John Honovich - almost 7 years ago

Milestone Launches DVRs

So much for innovation and the open platform, Milestone has entered the DVR business. In this note, we examine the upside for Milestone, the downside for its partners and what this further signals for the overall video surveillance market.

By John Honovich - about 7 years ago

Industry News Roundup May 2014

Monitoring over 100 surveillance sites, the IPVM Spider picks up 300+ pieces of news each month. Here are 18 of the most noteworthy news items, including from Milestone, Mobotix, Axis, Avigilon, Dropcam, Tyco and more:

By John Honovich - over 7 years ago

ioimage / DVTel Analytic Updates

In the 4 years since DVTel Acquired ioimage, they have gone quiet but upcoming new products combined with the VideoIQ acquistion could be giving a boost to the former leader. Indeed, recently, PSA endorsed ioimage as having far greater probability...

By Ethan Ace - almost 8 years ago

ADI Proves It Knows Nothing About Surveillance

ADI has a terrible reputation. Box pushers, Order takers, etc. Indeed, a riot almost broke out when a member asked if they should let ADI design and quote jobs for them. Now, ADI has a blog which is a showcase in surveillance ignorance. Their...

By John Honovich - almost 8 years ago

Axis MP Pinhole Shootout

For covert surveillance, pinhole lenses / cameras are a common choice because they can be hidden behind walls, or in ordinary objects. Until recently, the only options were analog / SD. However, Axis launched the P12 series, bringing 720p MP to...

By Ethan Ace - over 8 years ago

Bosch Low Cost Encoders

Many lament that encoders are so expensive. Indeed, a recent fascinating IPVM discussion examined why encoders typically are so much more expensive than DVRs even though a DVR is an encoder plus VMS software and storage. During the discussion, we...

By Ethan Ace - almost 9 years ago

Connecting IP Cameras to VMS System Tutorial

In this tutorial, we cover the fundamentals of connecting IP cameras to VMS systems, including: Analog vs IP RTSP Direct Integration 'Standards' - ONVIF / PSIA Advanced Integration - PTZ control, Panoramics Advanced Non Supported...

By John Honovich - about 9 years ago

60fps Encoder (Axis Q7411)

Analog cameras support up to 30 frames per second yet Axis has announced an encoder that connects to them recording 60 frames per second. How is Axis doing that and what tradeoffs can you expect? In this note, we examine the features as well as...

By Ethan Ace - about 9 years ago

Choosing Pre-Loaded VMS Appliances / NVR

An integrator member asked today about choices for pre-loaded VMS appliances (NVRs). He explained that while he could load it, he has techs that are not ready to setup VMS software and that overall, their time would be better spent not having to...

By John Honovich - over 9 years ago

Encoder Tutorial

As more users look to upgrade aging analog camera systems, encoders play an increasingly vital role. Though not as frequently discussed as IP cameras, knowing how to properly apply encoders is key for use in these upgrades, as well as specialized...

By Ethan Ace - over 9 years ago

Favorite Encoders

Encoders play a secondary, but vital, role to IP cameras in surveillance systems, normally relegated to upgrades of existing analog systems. Because of this, they are discussed far less often than cameras. However, integrators still have strong...

By Ethan Ace - over 9 years ago

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