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AxxonSoft Russia Business and International Expansion Examined

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AxxonSoft tells IPVM that they plan to IPO in the US within 3–5 years; however, today, AxxonSoft is not widely known in the Americas. IPVM spoke with AxxonSoft CEO Alan Ataev, who moved to the US three years ago to lead business development...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 3 days ago

Amazon Responds to US Senators On Dahua

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Amazon has responded to the US Senators who questioned its purchase of Dahua fever cameras, saying "we do not intend" to purchase the products "going forward", while framing the deal as part of an effort to "quickly" obtain screening devices...

By Charles Rollet - about 1 month ago

Woman Dies After Screened By Faulty Hikvision Fever Camera System

A 27-year-old woman died with COVID-19 hours after a Hikvision open-air, low-resolution, no-black-body fever camera gave her the all-clear with a "normal" temperature. A Hikvision spokesperson told IPVM their hearts go out to the deceased's...

By Robert Wren Gordon - about 1 month ago

Hikvision Global News Reports Directory

Hikvision has received the most global news reporting of any video surveillance company, ever, ranging from the WSJ, the Financial Times, Reuters, the NY Times, SCMP and more. This directory catalogs and links to 100+ of them. April 2021 Wired...

By IPVM Team - about 1 month ago

Directory of 241 "Fever" Detector Suppliers

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This directory provides a list of "Fever" scanning providers to help you see and research what options are available. While the once-booming market is now busting, a vast array of companies are offering these products (mostly relabelling)....

By IPVM Team - 3 months ago

Video Surveillance Trends 101

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This report examines major industry factors and how they could impact video surveillance in the next 5 - 10 years. This is part of our Video Surveillance 101 course. In this report, we examine the following: How will AI impact the...

By IPVM Team - 4 months ago

Brazil's Multilaser Factory/HQ Visit & Expansion Plans

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IPVM visited the HQ and factory of Multilaser, Brazil's second largest domestic CCTV company. Multilaser says its security/surveillance business is projected to grow 100%+ this year and is aiming for 50% growth in 2021. Inside this post, the...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 4 months ago

Video Surveillance History

The video surveillance market has changed significantly since 2000, going from VCRs to an emerging AI cloud era and now impacted by coronavirus. The goal of this history is to help professionals understand the important business and...

By John Honovich - 4 months ago

Wearables For Coronavirus Screening Examined

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Fever Screening is widely used to detect coronavirus as a fast but much less accurate alternative to actual coronavirus tests. Can vital signs like heart rate and respiration rate that are measured by smartwatches and other wearables be used...

By Zach Segal - 4 months ago

Temperature Screening Ineffective, CDC Study Shows

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A new CDC study confirms what global public health officials have said: temperature screening is ineffective. This 80-second video explains it: Inside, IPVM analyzes the study and explains what it found.

By Gurami Jamaspishvili and Zach Segal - 5 months ago

IPVM Visits Brazilian Guard Company / Integrator

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Fort Knox Tecnologia de Segurança Ltda., originally founded as a security guard company, has over two decades’ experience as an integrator in the Brazilian market. IPVM visited Fort Knox’s offices and asked the company how it combines being a...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 5 months ago

Dahua Rigs Fever Cameras, Covers Up

IPVM testing has verified Dahua rigged their fever cameras, with the company generating massive profits and exposing the public to increased coronavirus risks. Dahua has not publicly acknowledged this and refused to answer questions. The...

By Ethan Ace and John Honovich - 5 months ago

Video Health Monitoring Startup Examined

(Member Only) wants to turn your phone into a vital sign measuring device for heart rate, oxygen, and stress level plus more, using video of your face. Security companies are considering adding such offerings for 'back to work' solutions. IPVM...

By Zach Segal - 5 months ago

Actual Coronavirus Testing Options Examined

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Fever cameras have emerged as an indirect and flawed way to test for coronavirus. But what about actual coronavirus tests that directly test for the disease? Inside this note, IPVM examines the 5 main types of coronavirus testing...

By Zach Segal - 5 months ago

ISC West Moved to July 2021

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COVID or heat stroke? Take your pick. ISC West has cancelled / postponed for the 4th time, now moving the 2021 show from March to July. ISC West March 2020, then ISC West July 2020, then ISC West October 2020, then ISC West March 2021, then...

By John Honovich - 5 months ago

Axis Promoting QR Codes For Global Pandemic Access Control

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Axis is running a paid LinkedIn promotional campaign touting QR codes as a response to the global pandemic. In this post, we examine the pros and cons of Axis's advocacy of using QR codes for touchless access control.

By Brian Rhodes - 5 months ago

Coronavirus Impact on Integrators November 2020

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After battling Coronavirus for most of 2020, 200 integrators told IPVM the impact continues to decline but the fight rages for many. Compare to our Spring reports statistics - in April, when coronavirus impact was at its worst and May when...

By Brian Rhodes - 5 months ago

GDPR Impact On Temperature / Fever Screening Explained

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What impact does GDPR have on temperature screening? Do you risk a GDPR fine for using temperature screening cameras incorrectly? The answers are complex because each European country interprets the GDPR differently. In this post, IPVM...

By Charles Rollet - 6 months ago

Nokia Fever Screening Claims To "Advance Fight Against COVID-19"

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First IBM, then briefly Clorox, and now Nokia becomes the latest Fortune 500 company to enter the fever analytics market. Inside we examine what the Nokia solution to "Advance Fight Against COVID-19" is, how it works, and how much it costs.

By Zach Segal - 6 months ago

Clorox Announces, Then Pulls, Fever Camera

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For almost one week, Clorox was marketing fever cameras. The booming market has attracted more than 200 entrants in just months. However, the 100+-year-old bleach and cleaning provider was arguably the biggest name yet to become a fever camera...

By Zach Segal - 6 months ago

FLIR Moves To Dismiss X.Labs Lawsuit

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FLIR has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit X.Labs filed against it, alleging that X.Labs is attempting to force FLIR to supply its products "for an unapproved health function for which it is not suited". FLIR "was X.Labs’ supplier for one...

By John Honovich - 6 months ago

Multilaser / Giga Security Brazil Company Profile

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As part of our expanded Latin America coverage, IPVM is profiling regional industry players. While Multilaser is not well known globally, they are a notable Brazil-based security provider. In July, we profiled Brazil’s biggest CCTV camera...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 7 months ago

Dartmouth College Deploys K3 Temperature Screening

While Dartmouth College has a $6+ billion endowment, the College has bought dozens of the K3, one of the lowest cost temperature screening systems, 90%+ less expensive than most 'fever cameras'. Notably, in IPVM's test of 20+ temperature...

By Zach Segal - 7 months ago

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