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New Google Nest Cam Tested

(PRO Only)

The most important advance for the new Google Nest Cam is video analytics. Though this has not been the focus in the mainstream press, IPVM testing shows that their video analytic advances are significant. We bought a Nest Cam and conducted testi...

By Derek Ward - over 3 years ago

iControl Piper NV Camera Test

(PRO Only)

iControl has raised over $100 million in VC funding to transform the home security market.  Last year, they acquired Piper, a camera / home automation startup. iControl now faces off against two other super well-funded Silicon Valley competitors...

By Derek Ward - over 3 years ago

The $40 Million Funded Startup Canary Tested

(PRO Only)

This startup, Canary, has raised $40 million total since 2014. With Google buying Dropcam for $555 million, investors see big opportunity in security / video startups. Canary now has a sizeable warchest for aggressive expansion. But is Canary's...

By Ethan Ace - over 3 years ago

Amazon Aims To Compete With ADI and Anixter

(PRO Only)

The ambition of Amazon has no end. Recently, we explained how Amazon has gotten into the security installation business which generated strong debate and concern. At the same time, Amazon is also expanding into commercial distribution. How much...

By Brian Rhodes - over 3 years ago

Panasonic Unveils 'Dropcam Killer' Nubo

(PRO Only)

Many have tried, but no manufacturer has yet toppled Dropcam as the most well-known consumer IP camera, despite strong brand recognition (Samsung) or bells and whistles like facial recognition (Simplicam). Now, Panasonic is entering the market wi...

By Ethan Ace - almost 4 years ago

Dropcam's Massive Marketing Effort

(PRO Only)

The hidden key to Dropcam's success has been its incredible marketing. Being from Silicon Valley, the attention and focus has been on the technology. While that was solid, it was not revolutionary nor even significantly better than what incumbent...

By John Honovich - over 4 years ago

FLIR Goes Consumer - Dropcam Killer?

(PRO Only)

Following one of the most surprising video deals in years (Flir acquiring Lorex), FLIR has announced its first consumer IP camera, a release that clearly takes aim at hot startup Dropcam. In this note, we break down the features, positioning and p...

By John Honovich - about 5 years ago

3 Key Surveillance Product Shifts For 2014

(PRO Only)

Three surveillance product shifts are changing the market and what you should expect from quality products. We discovered these from over 70 unique IPVM tests in 2013. They are: Mainstreaming of True WDR and Super Low Light 'Dropcamming' Cons...

By John Honovich - about 5 years ago

Surveillance Video Wall Guide

(PRO Only)

Relic, Eye Candy, or Critical? All three labels may describe surveillance videowalls - vast arrays of monitors used to display hundreds of camera outputs and other security information. They provide an efficient way to display video for large grou...

By Brian Rhodes - over 5 years ago

Shootout: 4K vs 1080p vs 720p Video

(PRO Only)

4K is the next big thing in video. While 1080p has become the 'standard' for HD, the next step is 4K, quadrupling resolution / pixel count from ~2MP to ~8MP. It is already showing up in TV sets as well as consumer cameras. Indeed, the first 4K sur...

By Ethan Ace - over 5 years ago

Testing VSaaS / Dropcam HD

(PRO Only)

Dropcam is pretty clearly the strongest upstart in the VSaaS market. While Axis has pushed their hosted service offering for years, it is beset by poor ROI and weak performance. There are dozens of other VSaaS Startups but no one matches Dropcam's...

By John Honovich - over 5 years ago

Dropcam Sales Surge and Amazon's Growing Power

VSaaS's weak ROI has caused considerable debate over the future of cloud based video surveillance. Now, one upstart, who recently received over $18 million in funding and released an HD version, is claiming surging 2012 sales. Is this finally a si...

By John Honovich - about 6 years ago

Why Consumer Surveillance Will Flip to IP

The last still strongly analog segment is the consumer market. Cost is king for home use and the marginal increase in value with IP for their needs has not yet been enough. However, an emerging technology will fundamentally transforming the consum...

By John Honovich - about 6 years ago

Wearable Surveillance Disrupted? (Memoto)

A Swedish manufacturer has taken aim at revolutionizing wearable cameras that could disrupt personal surveillance. They are getting huge tech coverage and skyrocketing sales. And no, it's not Axis. In this note, we review the company, examine the...

By John Honovich - about 6 years ago

Testing Lorex LNC

Lorex has quietly become one of the biggest forces in the consumer / home surveillance market, on pace to sell over 500,000 cameras this year through mass distribution and big box retailers (like Costco). Indeed, the company was just acquired by t...

By Ethan Ace - about 6 years ago

FLIR Acquires Lorex

A stunning deal of a truly odd couple: Thermal camera leader FLIR has acquired home/budget surveillance specialist Lorex for $59 million. While not well known, Lorex has quietly become one of the biggest surveillance companies, on pace for ~$75 Mi...

By John Honovich - about 6 years ago

Bad News for Face Recognition (FTC)

Cold water is being thrown on renewed dreams of using facial recognition and demographic analysis. This time it is coming from an unlikely source and country. The United States Federal Trade Commission has issued 'best practices' that recommend fa...

By John Honovich - about 6 years ago

Idea: Virtual Neighborhood Watches

Neighborhood watches have become a hot topic. And while the press now is overwhelmingly bad, such watches, done right, can help keep neighborhood safes. However, it can be hard and time consuming to do so. In this note, we propose an alternative -...

By John Honovich - over 6 years ago

Considerations for Neighborhood Surveillance Systems

With many US cities reducing police forces, neighborhoods are left to fill in the gaps. As surveillance technology advances, and with increased pressures, more neighborhoods are looking at deploying their own surveillance systems. However, this ca...

By Brian Rhodes - over 6 years ago

Homeowner 4 Channel Kit - Analog, IP or HD SDI?

What should a homeowner use for a 4 channel surveillance system? We recently called up internet reseller Supercircuits who sells multiple types of video surveillance systems, and pretended to be a homeowner looking for a system recommendation. In ...

By Brian Rhodes - over 6 years ago

New Panasonic Home Cameras Reviewed

Panasonic is aggressively improving their home video surveillance offerings. Continuing the trend of better video performance at a cheaper cost, the company has updated their 'Home Series' cameras with added features and refreshed pricing. In this...

By Brian Rhodes - almost 7 years ago

Home Surveillance Catches Idiot Deliveryman

This video is a great example of the value of home surveillance, the power of the Internet and a demonstration of sheer stupidity. Watch the 21 second clip: The video quality and the frame rate are both quite strong. From the upload options, it...

By John Honovich - about 7 years ago

Biggest VSaaS Funding Yet: Dropcam's New Round Examined

While dozens of companies are launching VSaaS services, to date, all of these new companies have relatively small amounts of funding - typically less than a million dollars. Now, Dropcam has announced a new Series A funding round of nearly $6 Mill...

By John Honovich - over 7 years ago

SD vs. HD PTZ Shootout

PTZs, like fixed cameras, are moving to megapixel. With PTZs, though, real questions remain about the value of going to megapixel. Some people say that megapixel eliminates the need for PTZ, regardless of the PTZ's resolution. Our Fixed MP vs SD ...

By Benros Emata - over 7 years ago

Lytro's Video Surveillance Potential Examined

In 2011, a 3+ year old company gained an amazing amount of press. The company, originally called Refocus Imaging, now rebranded as Lytro announced a $50 Million found raise from one of the hottest investors in Silicon Valley - Andressen Horowitz (...

By John Honovich - over 7 years ago

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