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Hikvision Discontinued 'Migration' Tested

(PRO Only)

In 2 weeks, Hikvision's online service web portal will be discontinued. Hikvision has now framed it as a 'migration', though the transition will be a completely manual process for dealers. However, Hikvision says the other platform (Ezviz / Hik-C...

By Ethan Ace - about 1 month ago

2017 Video Surveillance Predictions

(PRO Only)

2017 should be an active, if not rocky, year for the security industry, according to predictions from IPVM integrators. We surveyed integrators, asking them "In 2017, what major shifts do you anticipate? Why?", and their answers show that they ha...

By Brian Karas - about 1 month ago

No One Should Ever Use Simplisafe

(PRO Only)

Simplisafe, the upstart DIY intrusion alarm system, is increasingly Public Enemy Number One in the alarm business. Recently, Security Sales ran an article from Jeff Zwirn ripping SimpliSafe apart and concluding that essentially no one should use ...

By Ari Erenthal - about 1 month ago

Lead Hikvision Ezviz Direct-to-Customer Sales

(PRO Only)

Hikvision continues to ramp up its direct-to-customer sales. And you can lead the team. In this note, we examine what Hikvision is seeking, what they are doing to advance their direct business and their chances of success.

By Brian Karas - 3 months ago

Nest Cam Outdoor Tested - Analytics Strong, Installation Weak

After years of claiming an outdoor model was "coming", addressing their biggest user demand, Nest has finally released their Outdoor Camera, an IP67 1080p model, along with improvements to their Nest Aware analytic platform, aptly named Person Ale...

By John Scanlan - 4 months ago

Axis Hosted Video Decade of Failure

(PRO Only)

Do you want to 'head up' Axis hosted video offerings? Axis almost never publicly promotes senior positions, but for such an unattractive job they made an exception with the following seen on LinkedIn: For more than a decade, Axis hosted video ...

By Brian Karas - 5 months ago

Ring Buys Installs For New Customers

(PRO Only)

Q: "When is DIY not really DIY?" A: "When Ring offers to buy professional install for you." Yes, it is that simple.  Ring is offering to pay an installer to hang customer's new video doorbell despite strictly selling to the DIY market. This mov...

By Brian Rhodes - 6 months ago

Honeywell 17x More Recognized Than Axis Among Consumers

(PRO Only)

Homeowners have almost no idea who Axis is, but associate Honeywell closely with security. A survey sponsored by the Electronic Security Association of homeowners with alarm systems shows that brands well recognized in the commercial security sec...

By Brian Karas - 7 months ago

Top VC Backs Video Analytics Baby Monitor (Nanit)

(PRO Only)

One of the most well respected Venture Capitalists has not only invested in a video analytics developer but has given a ringing endorsement to the future of the space. In this note, we examine the company invested in (Nanit) and why this is a bul...

By Brian Karas - 7 months ago

Americans Vastly Underestimate Being Recorded on CCTV

Americans vastly underestimate how often they are recorded on CCTV, by a factor of ~10x, based on a Google Consumer Survey study that IPVM recently commissioned, raising concerns about whether the public fully understands the depth of overall vide...

By Brian Karas - 8 months ago

360° Motion Detection Camera Tested (Zmodo Pivot)

(PRO Only)

The Zmodo Pivot trumpets "motion detection in 360 degrees", claiming to detect and capture intruders behind itself, a truly rare camera claim. Plus, they include other features atypical in home/DIY cameras like: Wireless sensor integration Bl...

By John Scanlan - 8 months ago

The Standing Security Desk is Here (Winsted)

(PRO Only)

Sitting is the new smoking, so they say. But surveillance operators often need to sit for long periods of time, looking at monitors. Standing desks are a hot trend, seeking to solve that problem.  Now, Winsted has released a new offering, the I...

By Brian Rhodes - 9 months ago

Vivint Gets $100M from Peter Thiel And Mitt Romney

(PRO Only)

One of the most prominent Silicon Valley investors and a former presidential candidate are backing Vivint with a $100 million investment.  In this note, we look at the details of this new investment, and the high valuations for consumer-focused s...

By Brian Karas - 9 months ago

The Brooklyn Access Startup: Kisi

(PRO Only)

Straight from the hipster startup hotbed of Brooklyn comes a new IP access control system.  And if the tough streets of NYC do not offer enough credibility, Kisi also claims German engineering: True to startup form, the company offers big claim...

By Brian Rhodes - 10 months ago

Home More Secure Than Cloud, Says Consumers

American consumers have major concerns with the security of cloud services, according to two new Google Consumer surveys IPVM has run. In this note, we examine consumer responses of home networks vs the cloud and the risks involved. Head to Head...

By John Honovich - 10 months ago

Hikvision (Stops) Lying About Ezviz Security

Hikvision promoted the security of their directly sold Ezviz consumer line to Americans in a March 9, 2016 release. False It featured this false statement: "One critical element that distinguishes EZVIZ's security measures from others is that t...

By John Honovich - 10 months ago

Camera Doorbell Startup Ring Now With ~$100 Million Funding

(PRO Only)

Smart doorbell startup Ring has raised an additional USD$61M in funding. Ring has also announced a "Pro" doorbell, which is an enhanced product offering vs. a reseller-oriented product. We take a look at ring's financials and the details on Ring...

By Brian Karas - 10 months ago

Legal Attack on MSRP - Impact on Hikvision, Sony, Pelco, More

(PRO Only)

MSRP? Make Suckers Really Pay? Many video surveillance manufacturers set their Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) to far higher levels than any buyer ever pays. But not all, and this causes confusion. Indeed, in our recent Axis vs Avigilo...

By Brian Karas - 11 months ago

Security Camera / Outdoor Light Tested (Kuna)

(PRO Only)

A new device, named Kuna, "aims to prevent break-ins before they happen!" We bought one and tested it out, examining the following key elements: Accuracy of break-in detection Quality of audio / interaction Light controls Installation proce...

By John Scanlan - 11 months ago

Americans Reject Chinese and US Government Cloud Video Recording

Americans overwhelmingly rejected both Chinese and US government owned cloud video recording, in Google consumer surveys run by IPVM. This is especially noteworthy as Hikvision continues its rapid, deceptive expansion to get US consumers to unknow...

By John Honovich - 11 months ago

Blink Totally Wireless Camera Tested

(PRO Only)

Wireless cameras almost always still need a wire for power. Given that, many argue to just used wired cameras anyway. Now, startup Blink has released a battery powered wireless camera that needs no wires. Plus, the camera / kit sells for just ~$1...

By Ethan Ace - 12 months ago

Face Recognition Camera Tested (Netatmo)

(PRO Only)

Can face recognition make home security "better"? That is the bold claim from startup Netatmo with their Welcome camera. But with face recognition's historical challenges, can it really work in a sub-$200 consumer camera? In this test, we take a...

By Ethan Ace - 12 months ago

UPS Backup Power for Surveillance Guide

(PRO Only)

Backup power for surveillance systems generally rely on batteries, especially since UPSes for computers are common and easily available. However, uncertainty in picking the right backup power supply sized with the right batteries is a common prob...

By Brian Rhodes - 12 months ago

Home Security Camera Statistics 2016

(PRO Only)

~20% of US homes use security cameras, according to an IPVM survey of 2,000 consumers. Inside this note, we break down the stats, share full statistic reports and examine the trends over the past 3 years and the factors driving growth.

By John Honovich - about 1 year ago

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