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CES 2018 Show Final Report

(PRO Only)

This is IPVM's final edition of our 2018 CES show report. Below are already numerous images and commentary, with more coming tomorrow.   CES is far far bigger than even big security shows like ISC West (the CES show floor covers 2,500,000 square...

By IPVM Team - 4 days ago

Amazon Acquires Blink

Amazon has made their first significant acquisition in the connected home space, buying wire-free camera manufacturer Blink. We examine Amazon's acquisition of Blink and what this means for the consumer video segment, as well as traditional surve...

By IPVM Team - 25 days ago

Directory of VSaaS / Cloud Video Surveillance Providers

This directory provides a list of VSaaS / cloud video surveillance providers to help you see and research what options are available. 2018 State of VSaaS Market While overwhelmingly video surveillance is recorded locally / on-site, cloud recor...

By IPVM Team - about 1 month ago

Testing DMP XTLPlus / Virtual Keypad Vs & Honeywell

(PRO Only)

DMP has a strong presence in commercial intrusion alarms, but not in residential. However, the company's XTLPLus wireless combo panel and Virtual Keypad system aims to address the gap, and is DMP's competition to smart home platforms like Honeywel...

By Brian Rhodes - about 1 month ago

Testing $20 WyzeCam, The Money Losing Amazon Vet Startup

(PRO Only)

This startup is perfecting the old adage: We lose money on every sale, but make it up on volume But it is no joke. The company, Wyze Labs, is led by ex-Amazon managers, who clearly have money for an incredible PR campaign, including fawning ...

By IPVM Team - about 1 month ago

Lighthouse Deep Learning Camera Tested

(PRO Only)

A Silicon Valley startup, Lighthouse, with a Stanford PhD CTO, has released a deep learning AI camera with 3D sensors for just $300. The company claims "False alerts, gone forever. Really" and more. We bought one and tested their claims. Insid...

By Rob Kilpatrick - about 1 month ago

Top Recommended Home Video Surveillance Systems By Integrators

(PRO Only)

Friends regularly ask security integrators for their recommendations for video surveillance systems, trying to tap into the expertise of their security integrator friend. But what do integrators actually recommend? Is it: Consumer products lik...

By IPVM Team - about 2 months ago

Favorite Surveillance Monitors Statistics

(PRO Only)

What monitors are most commonly used for video surveillance? Are they more typically consumer or professional? Are there specific brands that dominate? And how important is the surveillance monitor selection process? IPVM has answers on all the...

By IPVM Team - about 2 months ago

Amazon Cloud Cam Is Poor (Tested)

(PRO Only)

Retail behemoth Amazon has entered the surveillance market with the Amazon Cloud Cam, the eyes of its just-announced Amazon Key delivery service.  But how does the camera stack up against incumbent cloud cameras like Nest, Ezviz, Arlo, and others...

By Rob Kilpatrick - 2 months ago

Honeywell Crowdfunding Bombs

(PRO Only)

100,000+ employees and $40,000,000,000 in annual revenue. That's Honeywell. ~200 backers and ~$67,000 in funding in a week. That's Honeywell crowdfunding campaign for its 'smart home security system.' It is a dealer-angering dud. But we see som...

By John Honovich - 2 months ago

Assa Abloy Acquires August

(PRO Only)

The mega access control manufacturer, Assa Abbloy, has acquired one of the most well funded access control startups, smart lock manufacturer August. This comes just months after August raised $25 million from VC firms. Inside, we analyze the acq...

By IPVM Team - 3 months ago

Hikvision Launching Ezviz Pro

(PRO Only)

Hikvision is launching Ezviz Pro. In 2015, Hikvision expanded Ezviz, a direct to consumer offering, to North America. Now, Ezviz 'Pro' is coming. In this note, we share feedback from Hikvision and analyze the potential competitive impact of the ...

By John Honovich - 4 months ago Vs. Honeywell Total Connect Shootout

(PRO Only)

In the smarthome and intrusion market, and Honeywell are two of the biggest names. Both platforms offer remote management of alarms, home automation devices, surveillance cameras, and video doorbells.  Among increasingly networked smarth...

By Brian Rhodes - 5 months ago

Directory Of Consumer Security Cameras

The consumer camera segment continues to grow, with new startups and models from existing players released seemingly every month. In this report we have collected most common / popular models for reference, including links to over 20 models tested...

By John Scanlan - 5 months ago

No Hack, Still Liable, Court Finds ADT

(PRO Only)

Recently, ADT has been in the news for a $16 million settlement for a cyber security vulnerability class action suit. One of the most important and interesting points behind this settlement is a court order that found ADT could be found liable ev...

By IPVM Team - 7 months ago

Mirai-like Botnet Persirai Attacks IP Cameras - Impact Analyzed

(PRO Only)

Mirai made headlines in 2016, exploiting weaknesses in cameras, including those from Dahua and XiongMai to create a massive botnet that was used to bring down several well-known websites, and internet access in Liberia. Now, a new botnet very sim...

By Brian Karas - 7 months ago

Samsung SmartCam A1 Totally Wireless System

(PRO Only)

Hanwha is keeping the Samsung brand alive in consumer cameras with the SmartCam A1, a new offering combining an autotracking 1080p camera with base station and totally wireless, battery operated cameras. We bought and tested the A1 to see how it ...

By John Scanlan - 7 months ago

Jeff Bezos-Funded Deep Sentinel Security Startup

(PRO Only)

Deep Learning is a rising trend in many commercial security products, and now one entrepreneur wants to bring deep learning to residential security. CEO/Founder Dave Selinger's company, Deep Sentinel has raised $7.4M from a number of investors, i...

By Brian Karas - 8 months ago

Arlo Go Cellular Cloud Camera Tested

(PRO Only)

Totally wireless surveillance cameras are growing but almost all typically depend on a hub and local Internet access. However, many outdoor scenarios will be too distant or difficult to depend on such requirements. In such scenarios, integrated c...

By John Scanlan - 8 months ago

Ring Floodlight Cam Tested

(PRO Only)

Ring has released their latest entry, the Floodlight Cam, calling it the "Evolution of Outdoor Security", touting motion activated floodlights, built in siren, two way audio, and more, made to replace residential fixtures. We bought and tested th...

By John Scanlan - 9 months ago

SimpliSafe Camera Tested

(PRO Only)

SimpliSafe is one of the most controversial companies in the industry, as they have become the symbol of the DIY threat to traditional alarm providers. Indeed, Simplisafe is doing very well financially. Expanding from their foundation in alarm sy...

By John Scanlan - 11 months ago

Hikvision Ezviz Mini 360 Plus - $80 Autotracking Camera Tested

(PRO Only)

Autotracking, integrated IR, local storage, full HD, cloud access: $80. That is the claim of Hikvision EZVIZ's new Mini 360 Plus. But for this rock bottom price, below even typical budget IP cameras, can it really deliver? We bought and tested t...

By Ethan Ace - 11 months ago

Hikvision Discontinued 'Migration' To Hik-Connect Tested

(PRO Only)

In 2 weeks, Hikvision's online service web portal will be discontinued. Hikvision has now framed it as a 'migration', though the transition will be a completely manual process for dealers. However, Hikvision says the other platform (Ezviz / Hik-C...

By Ethan Ace - about 1 year ago

2017 Video Surveillance Predictions

(PRO Only)

2017 should be an active, if not rocky, year for the security industry, according to predictions from IPVM integrators. We surveyed integrators, asking them "In 2017, what major shifts do you anticipate? Why?", and their answers show that they ha...

By Brian Karas - about 1 year ago

No One Should Ever Use Simplisafe

(PRO Only)

Simplisafe, the upstart DIY intrusion alarm system, is increasingly Public Enemy Number One in the alarm business. Recently, Security Sales ran an article from Jeff Zwirn ripping SimpliSafe apart and concluding that essentially no one should use ...

By Ari Erenthal - about 1 year ago

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