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Testing DVTel's Latitude 6.0 VMS Software

One of the key selling points for IP Video software is its greater scalability, flexibility and advanced functionality compared to traditional DVRs. This test of DVTel's Latitude VMS version 6.0 provides an interesting look at the tradeoffs of th...

By John Honovich - over 9 years ago

How Exposure Impacts Low Light Video Surveillance

Exposure, and the tricks manufacturers play with exposure, are key to accurately and fairly assessing low light performance of cameras. For instance, take these two images: The images capture the same scene but look substantially different. Ho...

By IPVM Team - over 9 years ago

US Video Surveillance Laws Examined

In the US, surveillance falling under the legal classification of a 'search' is illegal. Determining when video surveillance is deemed a search is the key to understanding its legality. This is based on the 4th Amendment: "The right of the peopl...

By John Honovich - over 9 years ago

Emerging Video Surveillance Guide 2009

This directory examines the benefits and risks of emerging video surveillance technologies for security managers and integrators. Special emphasis is placed on identifying the risks. They are regularly ignored yet critical to success of deploying ...

By John Honovich - almost 10 years ago

Displaying 'Classic' tags 76 - 79 of 79 in total