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Hikvision Lobbying Against And Preparing For Potential US Sanctions

Hikvision has been lobbying against and preparing for potential US sanctions, according to US government records, financial filings and partner documentation IPVM has found. In this report, we examine what Hikvision has done and how it is posit...

By Charles Rollet - 12 days ago

Megvii Financials and Growth Examined

(PRO Only)

Megvii has already received more than a billion dollars in investment. Now, the company, a top China facial recognition provider, has filed for an IPO this week on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. This 500+ page IPO document reveals significant de...

By Charles Rollet - 22 days ago

China Dahua To Replace Their Software With US Pepper

(PRO Only)

What does a US government banned company do to improve its security positioning in the US? Well, Dahua is unveiling a novel solution, partnering with US-based 'Pepper'. The press release is misleading but after speaking with both Dahua and Pep...

By John Honovich and John Scanlan - 29 days ago

Uniview Beats Intel In Trademark Lawsuit

(PRO Only)

Uniview has won a long-running trademark lawsuit brought by Intel, with Beijing's highest court reversing an earlier Intel win, centered on Uniview's "IMOS Inside" platform, which Intel said ripped off its famous "Intel Inside" brand. Uniview m...

By Charles Rollet - about 1 month ago

Biometrics Usage Statistics 2019

(PRO Only)

Biometrics are commonly used in phones, but how frequently are they used for access? 150+ integrators told us how often they use biometrics, when, and why. Inside this report, we examine the trends and the key reasons for and against them.

By Brian Rhodes - about 1 month ago

US Government Ban of Dahua, Hikvision, Huawei Takes Effect Now

The 'prohibition on use or procurement' of Dahua, Hikvision and Huawei products and 'essential components' take effect today, August 13, 2019, one year after the law was passed. While the ban is unprecedented in the US industry, China has effec...

By IPVM Team - about 1 month ago

Hikvision Global News Reports Directory

Hikvision has received the most global news reporting of any video surveillance company, ever, ranging from the WSJ, the Financial Times, Reuters, the NY Times, SCMP and more. This directory catalogs and links to 60+ of them. August 2019 Reute...

By IPVM Team - about 1 month ago

Indonesia Security Association Chairman Interview

(PRO Only)

Indonesia is a huge country with a population close to the US and a fast-growing economy. Its security industry is also growing rapidly but faces significant challenges. IPVM interviewed Stefanus Ronald Juanto, chairman and co-founder of AISKINDO...

By Charles Rollet - about 2 months ago

Hikvision Cameras Covering Concentration Camps

Hikvision cameras monitoring a concentration camp were shown in a recent BBC investigation: The video excerpt shows the Hikvision cameras and what is done inside that camp: Hikvision declined to comment when we asked whether they will look i...

By IPVM Team - about 2 months ago

Australia Security Full Show Report

(PRO Only)

IPVM went to Australia attending the 3 days of the Australia Security Exhibition: This was held at the ICC Sydney, as shown below: In this report, we give our impressions and insights from major exhibitors, including: Low Advertising Str...

By Charles Rollet - about 2 months ago

History of Video Surveillance

The video surveillance market has changed significantly since 2000, going from VCRs to ab emerging AI cloud era.  The goal of this history is to help professionals newer to the industry understand the important business and technology shifts th...

By John Honovich - 2 months ago

Hikvision's Government Owner Website Blocked To World

Hikvision's PRC government owner, CETHIK, has had its website blocked outside of China, hiding a major information source proving Hikvision's government ownership and control. In this post, we examine the news, possible reasons why this has bee...

By Charles Rollet - 2 months ago

2019 Mid-Year Video Surveillance Guide

(PRO Only)

IPVM's new 400+ page Mid-Year Industry Guide brings all of these issues and events together in a single resource to read and review. It can be requested inside. All chapters come from reports published on IPVM. Below is a list of those reports,...

By IPVM Team - 3 months ago

China Subway Facial Recognition System Examined

(PRO Only)

A China city of 6+ million people has installed facial recognition-enabled gates in subways, allowing commuters to enter stations by simply showing their face, thus bypassing ticket/card/phone use. How accurate and efficient is the system? In t...

By Charles Rollet - 3 months ago

IFSEC 2019 Show Report

(PRO Only)

The UK's largest trade show, IFSEC, is underway and IPVM has been examining what is new and happening at the show. Inside, we cover: Huawei Is Out GDPR Changes Dahua Adds Umbrella Analytics Dahua Live Facial Recognition, No Permission Hi...

By John Honovich, Kayleigh Long, and Charles Rollet - 3 months ago

The Scheme Hikvision and China Importers Use To Avoid Tariffs

Hikvision and numerous China importers are avoiding 25% tariffs by including an SD card slot in their IP cameras to claim they are 'digital still image cameras', thereby saving them millions. Technologically, it is baseless. The 'principal' fun...

By John Honovich and Charles Rollet - 3 months ago

Dumber Techs, Bad Box Movers, Says Australian Distributor

(PRO Only)

Techs today are "dumber" than they used to be, despite better education and training and that makes a typical day "frustrating" for one undisclosed distributor. Inside this interview, we talk with him about how techs' unwillingness to learn cre...

By Dan Gelinas - 3 months ago

Dahua Shipping To Mexican Manufacturer

(PRO Only)

Dahua has shipped ~300,000 pounds of parts to a Mexico manufacturing facility, IPVM has verified in shipping records. Inside this note, we examine what Dahua is doing and how this may impact their positioning in the growing trade war.

By John Honovich - 4 months ago

Hanwha Techwin Dropping Huawei

(PRO Only)

Hanwha Techwin is dropping Huawei Hisilicon from all of their products, the company has confirmed to IPVM. Inside this note, we examine Hanwha's move, why Hanwha is doing this and what this means for the video surveillance industry. For backgr...

By John Honovich - 4 months ago

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