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Access Control Course Winter 2018

Learn more below about the Winter 2018 IPVM Access Control Course. Register here. IPVM offers the most comprehensive access control course in the industry. Unlike manufacturer training that focuses only on a small part of the system, we look at t...

By Brian Rhodes - about 2 months ago

Cabling Best Practices Guide

(PRO Only)

Surveillance cabling can be a major problem. Poorly installed and maintained networks are often costly, lengthy, frustrating ordeals to manage. While keeping cables organized is not an advanced topic to understand and practice, in this note we ...

By Brian Rhodes - about 2 months ago

2018 IP Networking Book Released

(PRO Only)

The new IP Networking Book 2018 is a 228-page in-depth guide that teaches you how IT and telecom technologies impact modern security systems, notably updated and expanded since 2017. The book will give you the knowledge and the confidence to make...

By IPVM Team - about 2 months ago

STP vs UTP for Video Surveillance Tutorial

(PRO Only)

For many video system designers, deciding which ethernet cabling to use is a quick decision: go with the cheapest.  However, this overlooks the possibility cable, and the video it carries, needs extra protection against common electromagnetic inte...

By Brian Rhodes - 2 months ago

Selecting Access Control Readers Tutorial

(PRO Only)

Given the variety of types available, specifying access control readers can be a daunting process. However, focusing on a few key elements will help you arrive at the right product no matter which system you are using. These factors are: The B...

By Brian Rhodes - 3 months ago

Average IP Camera Cable Run Distance

(PRO Only)

Estimating cable lengths can be tricky, seemingly either all guess work or requiring each and every run to be measured, a time consuming task.  To find out what real world installs average, we asked 145 integrators: What is the average distanc...

By IPVM Team - 4 months ago

September IP Networking Course

LAST Chance - Registration is ending. Register now. This is the only networking course designed specifically for video surveillance professionals plus it includes live training, personal help and certification. What the IPVM IP Networking Course...

By Brian Rhodes - 5 months ago

IP Camera Cabling Testing Statistics

(PRO Only)

Test and certify, or crimp and pray? Some integrators certify every cable they run, while others only inspect cables that have video issues. 130 integrators shared the level of testing they do for common cable installs, and their justifications ...

By Brian Karas - 6 months ago

Cat 5e vs Cat 6 vs Cat 6a Network Cable Usage Statistics

(PRO Only)

Cat 5e? Cat 6? Cat 6a? What do integrators use in practice, today? 140+ integrators told IPVM. Here are the results: For those who want to learn more about the technology, see IPVM's Network Cabling for Video Surveillance Guide. Inside this ...

By IPVM Team - 6 months ago

Most Common Network Termination Usage Statistics

(PRO Only)

How do integrators decide which brand of patch panel or keystone jack to buy?  140+ integrators told IPVM which manufacturers they trust and what factors affect their choice of network termination equipment.  Here are the overall statistics:

By IPVM Team - 7 months ago

Hikvision Releases Network Cabling

(PRO Only)

Hikvision's expansion continues. From cameras to analytics to thermal to intrusion to access to... network cabling. Hikvision explained: A typical mid-end surveillance camera project needs a lot of network cables to connect different devices. ...

By Brian Karas - 7 months ago

Access Control Commissioning / Install Checklist

(PRO Only)

This 80+ point checklist helps end users, integrators and consultants verify that access control installation is complete. It covers the following sections: Door Hardware Checks Reader Checks Controller Checks Fire Alarm Loop Confirmation ...

By Brian Rhodes - 7 months ago

Most Commonly Used Network Cable Brands

(PRO Only)

Every IP camera project uses network cabling. And integrators typically buy such cabling in bulk. But what are the top selling or favorite bulk network cable providers? Is there a dominant supplier? New IPVM statistics from 140+ integrators show...

By IPVM Team - 7 months ago

Safes And Vaults Alarm Sensors

(PRO Only)

Vaults and safes are designed to protect valuables by enclosing them in steel or concrete boxes with thick doors and strong locks. However, any such box can eventually be cut open, given enough time, patience, and tools. Connecting the vault or sa...

By Ari Erenthal - 8 months ago

Access Control AHJ Nightmares

(PRO Only)

For access control jobs, a single person can be the difference between finishing a job, costing thousands in extra dollars, and being profitable and safe for all. That person carries the title 'Authority Having Jurisdiction', commonly just 'AHJ' (...

By Brian Rhodes - 9 months ago

Alarm Circuits Guide

(PRO Only)

Alarm circuits are a fundamental element of wired burglar systems. Designing the alarm circuit greatly affects its performance. In particular, more efficient circuit designs introduce less resistance and cause fewer false alarms. In this note, we ...

By Ari Erenthal - 10 months ago

Wires for Burglar Alarms

(PRO Only)

Most commercial and many higher end residential alarm systems rely on wired sensors. These require installers to run wires between the sensor and a control panel. In the following tutorial, we examine wire selection criteria, including Resistan...

By Ari Erenthal - about 1 year ago

HD Analog Usage Rising But Barriers Growing

(PRO Only)

The good news for HD analog is that its usage is rising, fairly significantly since our 2015 HD analog usage statistics. The bad news for HD analog is that integrators rejecting it is also rising, even more significantly compared to 2015. The re...

By Brian Karas - about 1 year ago

Selecting Wood Drill Bits For Installers

(PRO Only)

Running cables through studs is common for roughing in residential and some older commercial installs. To do this, you will need to drill holes in the studs and this requires wood drill bits, such as twist, spade and auger bits. This guide will h...

By Ari Erenthal - about 1 year ago

Cut Install Time 50% Claims Magdaddy

(PRO Only)

Modern commercial buildings frequently use open web steel joists that makes running cabling very challenging. Cables need to be run near to but not touching the joist and supported at regular intervals, which can be costly and time consuming. One...

By Ari Erenthal - over 1 year ago

Camera Roof Mounting / Parapet Mount Installation Guide

(PRO Only)

One of the most common camera mounts are parapet mounts, and they can be found on the roofs of all types of buildings; old and new, used to hold cameras in systems from small sheds to huge office buildings. However, understanding why, where, an...

By Brian Rhodes - over 1 year ago

Top 10 IP Camera Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting IP cameras can be tricky and frustrating. Despite everything looking correct, it can still take some extra effort to bring IP cameras up and operational. As IP video matures, the technology gets easier to configure, but it is still...

By IPVM Team - almost 2 years ago

Security Integrator Hourly Rates 2016

(PRO Only)

What is the average rate security integrators charge customers? 150 integrators told us, including detailed commentary of the key factors involved. Inside this report, we examine: The average hourly rate The distribution of rates across inte...

By Brian Karas - almost 2 years ago

Video Surveillance Commissioning / Install Checklist

(PRO Only)

This 60+ point checklist helps end users, integrators and consultants verify that video surveillance installation is complete. It covers the following sections: Camera Physical Setup Camera View Setup Camera Network / Security settings  Cam...

By Ethan Ace - about 2 years ago

IP Camera - Direct Attached vs Jack & Patch

(PRO Only)

An ongoing debate rages about how the IP camera cables should be terminated. This argument surrounds two common options: 'Direct Attached', where the first terminates the field cabling with an RJ45 modular plug, and connects it directly to the...

By Brian Rhodes - about 2 years ago

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