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Axis Open VMS (Axis Camera Station 5) Tested

(Member Only)

Axis has launched an open VMS, with its new ACS5. What has historically been an Axis only offering is now suddenly a potential competitor to the many open VMSes in the market, including its corporate sibling Milestone. But how well does it work? ...

By Ethan Ace - over 4 years ago

Security Camera / Outdoor Light Tested (Kuna)

(Member Only)

A new device, named Kuna, "aims to prevent break-ins before they happen!" We bought one and tested it out, examining the following key elements: Accuracy of break-in detection Quality of audio / interaction Light controls Installation proce...

By John Scanlan - over 4 years ago

Audio Analytics Aggression Tested

(Member Only)

What if you could use your IP cameras to detect fights before they start?  That is the goal of Louroe / Sound Intelligence with their recently released Aggression Detector audio analytics. Claiming that "90% of physical aggression are preceded by...

By Ethan Ace - almost 5 years ago

Winners Losers Fall 2015

(Member Only)

There's a lot of losing right now, unfortunately. The industry is moving into year 2 of sharp camera price declines. Combined with the maturation / saturation of the IP camera market and the growth of HD analog, the industry is experiencing signi...

By John Honovich - almost 5 years ago

Audio Analytics Released (Louroe / Sound Intelligence)

(Member Only)

The most well-known specialist in audio surveillance is now adding audio analytics. Partnering with Sound Intelligence [link no longer available], Louroe is now offering gunshot glass break, car alarm and aggression detection. In this note, we ex...

By Brian Rhodes - almost 5 years ago

Google Breaks Surveillance Browser Support

(Member Only)

Now you have a choice. Broken video surveillance web browser support or an insecure, prone to crashing interface. As Google has been warning for ~2 years, Chrome has now discontinued NPAPI support. Amazingly many video surveillance manufacturers...

By Ethan Ace - about 5 years ago

The $28 Million Video Doorbell Ring Tested

(Member Only)

In 2015, video doorbells are big business. Ring landed $28 million in funding from Richard Branson and others who are betting that this is the next big thing. However, when Ring's first generation Doorbot hit the market, it was a total failure th...

By Brian Rhodes - about 5 years ago

Police Station Video Surveillance Guide

(Member Only)

This 18-page guide explains the key uses, design factors, and players in the Police Station Surveillance market.   A global group of 50 integrators and consultants with police project experience responded, each offering insights in selling, impl...

By Brian Rhodes - about 5 years ago

Product / Tech Roundup ISC West 2015

(Member Only)

IPVM visited dozens of booths at ISC West. Inside is a roundup of many, but not all, of our visits. We have already written numerous new product write ups. In addition, inside is a roundup of many, but not all, of our visits. Here are the highli...

By IPVM Team - over 5 years ago

Axis Introduces... An IP Horn?

(Member Only)

Axis invented the IP camera.  [UPDATE 2017: IPVM Test Results on Axis IP Horn] Now they claim to have the "first open standard, network loudspeaker for remote speaking". You may not be that excited but Axis trumpets this as "really an IoT (In...

By Brian Rhodes - over 5 years ago

Axis vs Hikvision vs Sony Encoder Test

(Member Only)

In this report, we share test findings of three popular four port analog SD encoder models: Axis P7214 [link no longer available] Hikvision DS-6704HFI [link no longer available] Sony SNT-EX104 Below, we share our findings in areas includin...

By Derek Ward - over 5 years ago

Fall 2014 New Products Directory

New releases are weak this year, and unfortunately, the trend does not appear to be changing this fall. Here is a list of new products released since April, with links to IPVM's review or the manufacturer's webpage. Below are fall new releases a...

By IPVM Team - about 6 years ago

Intrusion Detection Keypad Guide

Arming and disarming are the most fundamental tasks in intrusion systems. Keypads are the most common way to accomplish this, though the sheer number of styles and models available may be daunting for those new to the industry. Key switches and ca...

By Ethan Ace - about 6 years ago

Testing Sony HD Dome Camera

Top WDR and low light performance are generally only offered in manufacturer's high end cameras. In particular, Sony users historically needed to use their expensive high end V series cameras for these options. Now, Sony says their new 6th gener...

By Ethan Ace - about 6 years ago

New Audio Surveillance Device Eliminates 3 Cables (Louroe)

Adding audio to IP surveillance systems can be a pain, often requiring a completely separate set of devices with their own cabling scheme and power supplies, incompatible with the single UTP usually run for cameras. Now, Louroe has introduced the...

By Ethan Ace - about 6 years ago

Enterprise Intercom System Selection Guide

While the surveillance market is crowded, the intercom space is relatively sparse. In this note, we survey manufacturers specializing in enterprise intercoms including Commend, Stentofon and Aiphone, contrasting their various strengths and weaknes...

By Brian Rhodes - over 6 years ago

Audio Surveillance Guide

Audio for surveillance is a complex topic with a lot of confusion and poorly implemented systems out there. We regularly get questions from users, such as: What kind of mic should I use? Where should it be mounted? How do I configure my syste...

By Ethan Ace - over 6 years ago

IP Camera Buyer's Guide 2014

The 2014 IPVM IP Camera Buyer's Guide provides recommendations on the right types of cameras to choose, the strongest manufacturers to consider and the best overall values. Trending Manufacturers We explain what manufacturer's products have si...

By Ethan Ace - over 6 years ago

$3,000 Per Classroom School Camera System

Cameras in schools are nearly everywhere but inside classrooms? Far less common. A school district in Michigan paid $3,000 per classroom for a Panasonic based system to provide live-views during emergencies, that could be used in non-emergencies ...

By Carlton Purvis - over 6 years ago

Cops Sue After Camera Catches One Stealing

This is bound to get messy. A former police officer and two current officers are suing a their police department after they found out internal affairs had placed hidden cameras to record audio and video in the women’s locker room. The cameras wer...

By Carlton Purvis - almost 7 years ago

VMS Mobile Apps Guide

Every VMS supplier has mobile app clients now, even if many are still not using them. However, significant differences can exist across VMS implementations. In this guide, we review 15 key features / components, including: Mobile Platforms De...

By Sarit Williams - almost 7 years ago

VMS Mapping Shootout

Maps are used for situational awareness, but what is that exactly? What features do they have and how do VMSes differ in what they offer? In this report, we share our test results of reviewing the map features for Milestone, Genetec, Avigilon, Ex...

By Sarit Williams - almost 7 years ago

Camera / Card Reader Combo Reviewed

When IPVM recently reviewed a wall camera for capturing better facial images, several readers commented that a wall-mounted camera would be extremely useful when mounted near access control system card readers. One manufacturer, Geovision, has rec...

By John Grocke - about 7 years ago

Testing Dahua Cameras 2013

You may not know Dahua, but you should. They are the 'other' big Chinese surveillance manufacturer (besides Hikvision) that is aggressively expanding throughout the rest of the world. However, unlike Hikvision, Dahua is much more reluctant to use ...

By Ethan Ace - about 7 years ago

Displaying 'Audio' tags 51 - 75 of 108 in total