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Geovision Doorstation Tested (CS1320)

(PRO Only)

Geovision has released the GV-CS1320 door station, priced at a fraction of others, with additional bells and whistles like a built in card reader, face detection, and capacitive touch button, and more. We bought and tested the CS1320 against the ...

By John Scanlan - 13 days ago

DoorBird D101 Tested Vs Ring and Axis

(PRO Only)

Video doorbells are a big growth market, with Ring, in particular gaining a lot of attention on the consumer side and Axis making a push on the commercial side. See IPVM's Ring Pro Test and IPVM's Axis Door Station Test. DoorBird is emerging as a...

By IPVM Team - 24 days ago

IP Camera Specification / RFP Guide 2017

(PRO Only)

RFPs are hard. Do them 'right' and it takes a lot of knowledge and time. Do them 'wrong' and you can be (a) unwittingly locked into a specific vendor or (b) be forced to accept inferior quality products. This guide helps IP camera purchasers ...

By IPVM Team - about 1 month ago

Axis Door Station Tested (A8105-E)

(PRO Only)

Axis continues their push into niche markets, especially audio, with network speakers, an IP horn, and video door stations. We bought and tested Axis' compact door station, the A8105-E, checking: Audio quality Echo cancellation Noise reducti...

By IPVM Team - 2 months ago

Nest Cam IQ Tested

(PRO Only)

Nest has released their latest entry in their camera line, the Nest Cam IQ, touting 4K "Supersight", facial recognition, "HD audio", invisible IR, and more bells and whistles not found in the original Nest. We bought and tested this new model to ...

By IPVM Team - 3 months ago

ShotSpotter IPOs, Facing Low Revenue and Losses

(PRO Only)

A rare event for North American security manufacturers has happened. ShotSpotter has IPOed on the NASDAQ, raising $30.8 million. US IPOs, overall, have become much tougher since the dot com boom, with revenue and growth demands typically quite h...

By Brian Karas - 4 months ago

Security Yard Signs and Stickers Guide

(PRO Only)

Many security integrators use signs or stickers with their company name and logo. Posting these in front the homes of residential customers encourages neighbors to purchase their own systems and, hopefully, discourages potential burglars. In this ...

By Ari Erenthal - 4 months ago

Axis Network Horn Tested

(PRO Only)

We bought and tested the Axis network horn C3003-E, examining setup and calibration, event audio, VMS integration, and sound pressure levels (tested with a dB meter, shown below) at ranges up to 100'.   

By Ethan Ace - 5 months ago

Hanwha Lowest Cost WiseNet X Camera (XND-6010) Tested

(PRO Only)

IPVM bought and tested the lowest-cost WiseNet X model, the indoor 2MP fixed focal XND-6010 dome, continuing our testing of Hanwha's new WiseNet X line. We shot out the 6010 against competitive low-cost fixed focal models from Axis and Hikvision ...

By John Scanlan - 5 months ago

2Gig Intrusion Megatest (GC2 & GC3 Panels Tested)

2Gig is one of the most widely used intrusion systems, with two product lines that are the main offering of many alarm companies, huge national installers and small mom & pop shops alike. In this dual-test, IPVM bought both variants of this a...

By Brian Rhodes - 6 months ago

SimpliSafe Camera Tested

(PRO Only)

SimpliSafe is one of the most controversial companies in the industry, as they have become the symbol of the DIY threat to traditional alarm providers. Indeed, Simplisafe is doing very well financially. Expanding from their foundation in alarm sy...

By John Scanlan - 7 months ago

Goodbye Samsung, Hello Wisenet X

(PRO Only)

Samsung is gone but Hanwha is back. Their latest generation Wisenet X, touts a slew of new high end features including H.265, WiseStream II, gyroscopic stabilization, audio analytics, and more. See their marketing video: Inside, we take a look...

By Ethan Ace - 8 months ago

DeskCamera ONVIF Screen Capture

(PRO Only)

Recording PC screens have historically been an expensive proposition, requiring dedicated hardware or specialized, proprietary software. However, some developers are attempting to change this, with applications which stream PC desktops via ONVIF. ...

By John Scanlan - 9 months ago

HD Analog vs IP Guide 2017

(PRO Only)

For years, HD resolution was IP camera's greatest advantage. However, starting in 2013, analog cameras with HD resolution started shipping and, now, just a few years later, HD analog has become a significant force in the video surveillance indust...

By IPVM Team - 9 months ago

Hikvision vs Dahua Mobile Apps Tested

(PRO Only)

With smartphone use and low-cost video recorders surging, many user's main interface to their surveillance system is their phone. With mobile video apps becoming commonplace, the questions are: How good are they really? Can they really replace a f...

By Ethan Ace - 10 months ago

'Legal Protection' From Eagle Eye Contract Vault Examined

(PRO Only)

"I was promised the high-end model for the entry level price." "Nobody said there would be a monthly service fee when I signed up." Accurately capturing all of the dialog surrounding a contract, and promises made by a sales person for specia...

By Brian Karas - 11 months ago

Axis Launches IP Speakers

(PRO Only)

First, Axis introduced an IP horn, then it was video intercoms, and now it is Networked Speakers? While IP-based Public Address systems are not new, Axis is one of the only security manufacturers to enter that market. In this report, we review...

By Brian Rhodes - about 1 year ago

Intrusion Sensor Selection guide

(PRO Only)

When designing intrusion systems, a number of sensor types can be selected, including: Magnetic Acceleromteter Glass Break PE/PIR/Laser Motion Inductive Loop Pressure Pad While magnetic contacts may be most common, there are most likely...

By Brian Rhodes - about 1 year ago

SkyBell HD Tested

(PRO Only)

The video doorbell is flooded with options, but sales have been strong for SkyBell, holding the #2 spot on Amazon against mega-funded Ring. Not only that, but it claims HD color video at night, more integration options, and even costs less.   But...

By Brian Rhodes - about 1 year ago

Ring Pro Tested

(PRO Only)

This year, Ring received $61.2 million more of VC funding. For a video doorbell. The video doorbell market is evidently hot but how good are Ring's doorbells? We bought the new Ring Pro, installed and tested it against its predecessor. We ev...

By Brian Rhodes - over 1 year ago

More Revolutionary Than Avigilon, Claims Startup Auglle

(PRO Only)

Startup Auglle is bringing an "all in one" camera to market that they claim is bigger and better than Avigilon's H4ES. We spoke with the President of Auglle and their head of engineering to get a better understand what they are working on. This ...

By Brian Karas - over 1 year ago

Axis Open VMS ACS5 Tested

(PRO Only)

Axis has launched an open VMS, with its new ACS5. What has historically been an Axis only offering is now suddenly a potential competitor to the many open VMSes in the market, including its corporate sibling Milestone. But how well does it work? ...

By Ethan Ace - over 1 year ago

Security Camera / Outdoor Light Tested (Kuna)

(PRO Only)

A new device, named Kuna, "aims to prevent break-ins before they happen!" We bought one and tested it out, examining the following key elements: Accuracy of break-in detection Quality of audio / interaction Light controls Installation proce...

By John Scanlan - over 1 year ago

Audio Analytics Aggression Tested

(PRO Only)

What if you could use your IP cameras to detect fights before they start?  That is the goal of Louroe / Sound Intelligence with their recently released Aggression Detector audio analytics. Claiming that "90% of physical aggression are preceded by...

By Ethan Ace - almost 2 years ago

Winners Losers Fall 2015

(PRO Only)

There's a lot of losing right now, unfortunately. The industry is moving into year 2 of sharp camera price declines. Combined with the maturation / saturation of the IP camera market and the growth of HD analog, the industry is experiencing signi...

By John Honovich - almost 2 years ago

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