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Infinova Acquires Swann

3 years ago, a Chinese / US surveillance manufacturer, Infinova, raised $300 million cash in a billion dollar plus IPO. Later that year, they...

By John Honovich - almost 8 years ago (Info+)

Big Money Coming Into Access (ACRE)

A company with deep pockets is consolidating the access market, and has already showed they have the capital to pull off big buys. The recent...

By Brian Rhodes - almost 8 years ago (Info+)

Anixter Buys Tri-Ed

Anixter Security has been struggling in 2014, with revenue actually declining in the most recent quarter. In particular, Anixter has emphasized...

By John Honovich - almost 8 years ago (Info+)

Avigilon Acquires VideoIQ

Avigilon has acquired video analytics developer VideoIQ, just like we predicted. At the end of 2013, Avigilon raised $69 million 'for potential...

By John Honovich - over 8 years ago (Info+)

Federal Offical Gets Away With Fraud

You are a government official who goes out drinking and golfing with your neighbor. Your neighbor also happens to sell surveillance equipment. You...

By Carlton Purvis - over 8 years ago (Info+)

3VR Significant Layoffs

3VR has laid off 15 employees, five of which are from its sales team, IPVM has learned. This leaves the company with a skeleton crew of three sales...

By Carlton Purvis - about 9 years ago (Info+)

Tyco Acquires Exacq

Tyco is spending $150 million in cash to acquire VMS/NVR manufacturer Exacq, who generated $54.6 million in 2012. This is one of the most expensive...

By John Honovich - about 9 years ago (Info+)

Displaying 'Acquisition' tags 176 - 200 of 237 in total