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SenSen Video Analytics Company Profile

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Australia's SenSen is a publicly-traded company that has made 2 acquisitions in the past year and aims to be the SAP of video, but what does that mean and how is the company positioned? IPVM analyzes the public company's financials and speaks...

By Zach Segal - 2 days ago

Motorola Solutions Favorability Statistics 2021

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Motorola Solutions expanded its video surveillance offerings in 2020, acquiring IndigoVision in March and Pelco in August, adding to Avigilon, Vigilant LPR, and WatchGuard bodyworn video. But have these moves changed integrator...

By Ethan Ace - about 1 month ago

Axis Divests Citilog And Discontinues Demographics

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Axis has divested Citilog, a video analytics company it acquired in 2016, and also discontinued its Demographic Identifier, a product from Cognimatics, a video analytics company also acquired in 2016. With video analytics increasingly...

By John Honovich - about 1 month ago

ACRE Acquires Time Data Security (TDS)

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ACRE has acquired Ireland-based Time Data Security (TDS) aiming to significantly expand its cloud-based visitor management system offering. This is ACRE's first acquisition since it was acquired last month by a larger private equity firm. In...

By John Honovich and Brian Rhodes - about 2 months ago

Convergint Acquires Latin America's Seal Telecom

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Convergint has acquired Brazil-based Seal Telecom, further expanding the system integrator's international business. Inside this note, IPVM examines the combination and, in particular, what this means for the future of Seal Telecom. This...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 2 months ago

ACRE Acquired, Aims For Ambitious Expansion And Acquisitions

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ACRE has grown to nearly $200 million in revenue, but ACRE CEO Joe Grillo tells IPVM that they will be even more ambitious in expanding and acquiring with new owner Triton. In this note, we share feedback from our interview with ACRE's CEO,...

By John Honovich - 3 months ago

Exacq Favorability Statistics 2021

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Exacq was once an integrator-favorite VMS, but their positioning has declined since Tyco's acquisition in 2013. Can they turn this trend around in 2021? Inside this report, we examine statistics and commentary from 200+ security integrators...

By Ethan Ace - 3 months ago

Avigilon Favorability Statistics 2021

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Now 3 years since Motorola acquired Avigilon, how do integrators view the company? Inside this report, we examine statistics and commentary from 200 security integrators on Avigilon's positioning, pros, and cons.

By Ethan Ace - 4 months ago

ARES Speaks On The Future Of Vidsys And PSIM

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Vidsys the company is no more but Virginia HQ'ed ARES Security, acquired a significant portion of Vidsys that had previously raised over $60 million, for pennies on the dollar. ARES management spoke to IPVM about what they acquired and in this...

By John Honovich and Sean Patton - 4 months ago

LenelS2 Favorability Statistics 2021

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One is among integrator's favorite access control manufacturers. The other is among integrator's choices for being the worst. Combined in 2018, they are now LenelS2. We examine the key themes for 200+ integrator responses favoring and...

By Brian Rhodes - 4 months ago Acquires Shooter Detection Systems

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While is best known for its residential business, the company has just completed its 4th commercial acquisition, adding Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) to OpenEye, ObjectVideo, and Secure-i. Inside this note, we share feedback from...

By John Honovich - 6 months ago

Allied Universal Acquiring G4S to Become $18 Billion Company

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Allied Universal, the largest security services company in North America, is planning to acquire G4S, a larger British competitor, to create an $18 billion goliath. In this report, IPVM examines the deal, including: G4S and Allied...

By Isabella Cheng - 6 months ago

Assa Abloy Acquires Access Management Platform Averics

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Assa Abloy is access control's largest hardware company with vast numbers of access software partners and resellers. Now the company has bought its own access management company, Averics. While Averics is not well known, we have been tracking...

By Brian Rhodes - 6 months ago

Vidsys Being Acquired, Employees Laid Off

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One of the last remaining PSIM players from the market's heyday of a decade ago, Vidsys, is being acquired and employees are being laid off. Inside this note, we look at the prospective acquirer, what potential they have for Vidsys, and what...

By John Honovich and Sean Patton - 7 months ago

Multilaser / Giga Security Brazil Company Profile

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As part of our expanded Latin America coverage, IPVM is profiling regional industry players. While Multilaser is not well known globally, they are a notable Brazil-based security provider. In July, we profiled Brazil’s biggest CCTV camera...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 8 months ago

Costar Technologies / Arecont H1 2020 Financials Examined

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Costar's financial results have been hit by the coronavirus with the company telling IPVM they are focused on "turning around" Arecont and plans for 2021. Costar made a splash acquiring Arecont in 2018, formerly one of the largest megapixel...

By Isabella Cheng and Joey Walter - 9 months ago

The Guide To The NDAA Video Surveillance Ban / Blacklists

This 25-page guide provides a reference to the NDAA ban and blacklist. The US government has implemented wide-ranging prohibitions on using, buying, and selling video surveillance products including Dahua, Hikvision, and Huawei (Hisilicon) based...

By Charles Rollet - 10 months ago

Hikvision Buys Baltics' Largest Distributor (BK Group)

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While Hikvision faces global scrutiny over its connections to the PRC government, the world's largest security camera manufacturer bought the Baltic region's largest distributor, BK Group. Inside this note, we examine the details of the...

By Robert Wren Gordon - 10 months ago

Proxy Acquires Ring Maker Motiv

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Fresh off of raising $42 million, access startup Proxy has acquired Motiv. Motiv, itself, had raised tens of millions of dollars to develop a wearable ring over the past 7 years. But why would Proxy acquire Motiv now and what do they intend...

By Brian Rhodes - about 1 year ago

Convergint Outlook Turns Negative

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Convergint's outlook has turned negative, according to bond rater Moody's, released shortly after IPVM's report about Convergint's billion dollars in junk debt. Numerous Convergint employees were outraged by IPVM's report, even claiming that...

By John Honovich - about 1 year ago

Cisco Acquiring Fluidmesh

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Cisco announced it is acquiring niche wireless manufacturer Fluidmesh. Both Cisco and Fluidmesh have been offering video surveillance solutions for more than a decade but neither has become a major mainstream player in this market. In this...

By Sean Patton - about 1 year ago

Junk Debt Laden Convergint Facing Coronavirus Crisis

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Convergint has $1+ billion in junk debt putting significant pressure on the company. While the rapid debt buildup enabled the company to go on an unprecedented acquisition spree, the company is now facing a coronavirus crisis. Inside this note,...

By John Honovich - about 1 year ago

Motorola Acquires IndigoVision

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Motorola owns Avigilon, an end-to-end video surveillance solution. Now, Motorola has acquired IndigoVision, another end-to-end video surveillance solution. So Motorola will now own 2 competing end-to-end video surveillance solutions. But...

By John Honovich - about 1 year ago

White House Proposes Blacklist of Dahua, Hikvision Users

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The White House is proposing to blacklist Hikvision and Dahua users from federally-funded contracts, even if their use of this equipment is unrelated. The new proposal, subject to public comment until March 22, uses the strongest language so...

By Charles Rollet - over 1 year ago

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