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Hakimo Enters Remote Guarding Examined

Hakimo is entering Remote Guarding, a new application of the company's AI-driven alerts from its start with access control (see IPVM Hakimo...

By John Honovich and Brian Rhodes - 13 days ago (Info+)

The Rise and Fall of ACTi

Taiwan's ACTi emerged in the late 2000s as a formidable low-cost competitor to American and European companies including Arecont Vision, Axis,...

By Angelique Chen - 14 days ago | 16 Comments (Info+)

US Considering Action Against Uniview

Newly introduced US legislation targets PRC manufacturer Uniview for the first time. Last month, IPVM investigated Uniview's PRC state...

By Conor Healy - 14 days ago | 7 Comments (Info+)

Hanwha Favorability Statistics 2023

Hanwha's revenue has risen significantly over the past few years (see Hanwha Techwin Financials and Future Examined) but what do integrators think...

By Angelique Chen - 17 days ago (Info+)

Evolv Stopped Guns Claims Examined

While Evolv emphasizes the number of guns stopped from entering locations using Evolv Express, this self-selected success metric is not easy to...

By Donald Maye - 18 days ago | 4 Comments (Info+)

Hikvision Favorability Statistics 2023

Hikvision has become the world's most well-known video surveillance company but that has come with controversy and a growing number of bans so...

By Angelique Chen - 20 days ago | 15 Comments (Info+)

OpenEye 2022 Financials And 2023 Outlook

OpenEye's CEO told IPVM the company, acquired by Alarm.com in 2019, aims to become the "global leader in the VSaaS market". Related, read...

By Angelique Chen and John Honovich - 21 days ago | 6 Comments (Info+)

Genetec Favorability Statistics 2023

With 1,800+ employees, Genetec is one of the biggest independent players in physical security, but their high-end focus makes them inapplicable to...

By Angelique Chen - 24 days ago (Info+)

Displaying reports 26 - 50 of 8,337 in total