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Verkada Favorability Statistics 2023

Verkada came in last place in IPVM's last favorability rankings but with $205 million in new funding and now having 900+ salespeople, has Verkada...

By Angelique Chen - 4 months ago | 8 Comments (Info+)

Oosto CEO Interview 2023

Nearly 2 years ago Oosto (then AnyVision) raised $235 million but now the VC market has chilled and facial recognition acceptance is slower than...

By Charles Rollet - 4 months ago | 3 Comments (Info+)

Omnilert Visual Gun Detection Profile

Visual gun detection company, Omnilert, claims to "save lives through early threat detection" and "identify gun threats at first sight." In...

By Mert Karakaya - 4 months ago | 22 Comments (Info+)

Video Surveillance History, 2000 - 2023

The video surveillance market has changed significantly since 2000, going from VCRs to now AI and the cloud. The goal of this history is to...

By IPVM Team - 4 months ago | 72 Comments

Uniview Favorability Statistics 2023

PRC-China-based Uniview has become an alternative to Dahua and Hikvision after the US NDAA ban and sanctions against its top rivals. However, the...

By Angelique Chen - 4 months ago (Info+)

Hikvision And Dahua AI Plans Examined

Hikvision and Dahua are touting new AI plans to their PRC investors as ChatGPT sparks an AI frenzy in the PRC. The manufacturers face...

By Charles Rollet - 4 months ago | 2 Comments (Info+)

Displaying reports 276 - 300 of 8,754 in total