Worst ISC West Showing 2015

By John Honovich, Published Apr 20, 2015, 12:00am EDT

Here are the top 4 candidates:

  • Arecont
  • IDIS
  • Milestone

Let's break down the cases for and against each organization's ISC West showing:


Case For: Most of their revenue and profits comes from multi-imager cameras, a niche they have had a near monopoly on for years. At ISC West, Axis, Avigilon, Pelco and DW all unveiled directly competing products. Arecont goes from no competition to lots of competition.

Case Against: Arecont had a number of incremental product improvements and did not engage in any silly gimmicks at the show.


Case For: They spent $200,000, maybe $300,000 on a booth that was regularly barren save for the dozen of paid IDIS people standing around. Thousands walked passed them repeatedly to booths with manufacturers they actually knew.

Case Against: IDIS had essentially no name recognition in North America. Despite the heavy and unjustifiable expense, at least some more people know who they are.


Case For: In their first ISC since being acquired by Canon, Milestone launched no major releases (their 'biggest' was a new LPR version). Instead of simply being quiet, Milestone tried to draw attention with silly announcements of bigger hard drives and coupons for visiting their booth.

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Case Against: The VMS market is not advancing much anyway, one of their biggest rivals, Exacq, is becoming subsumed into Tyco, and Milestone gets reinforcements next month when Canon wraps up the Axis deal and brings them on board.


Case For: Sexist? Chauvinistic? Crass? Yes please, says ONVIF, 'signing up' a fake Austin Powers to be their spokesman. Instead of building confidence and trust against the fears that their standard works poorly, ONVIF has decided to turn it into a joke.

Case Against: This sort of thing maybe your bag, baby.


Choose your pick below:

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