What 51 Members Want Us To Test

Published Feb 05, 2015 05:00 AM

Over 50 members submitted their requests for products / technologies for us to test.

We are looking to build on our industry leading 300+ tests based on your input.

We share all of them below including our feedback.

There was no stand-out theme, no single product or technology that got more than 2 or 3 selections:

  • Ethernet over coax converters.  We seem to be using those more and more. 
  • Salient Systems VMS - why they require so much processing power compared to the rest of the VMS's out there. Very inefficient. Avigilon VS. Genetec VS. Milestone VS. Nuuo VS. Hikvision (etc.) - Big brand VMS shootout in terms of performance, ease-of-use, feature sets (and integration with ACS), integrator preference.
  • Panasonic WV-SFN480 because it is 360 degree 4K camera General 4k cameras test from different manufacturer
  • Itx security (http://www.itxsecurity.com/) There revenue is growing (http://www.asmag.com/rankings/security50_rankings.aspx) except 2011. They are Grundig OEM (NVR).
  • Hi, Check Cameramanager.com cloud solution and compare it with Dropcam.com. What are cons/pros, perspectives, etc. Thanks.
  • NUUO NVR Mini Network Video Recorder
  • Mostly the extreme high megapixel camera's such as those from Avigilon. I'm quite interested in how much low light situations affect these and what kind of lighting conditions these actually need to be effective.
  • The advantage of 3D/Stereo ip cameras for Video Analitycs systems Such this one https://en.ids-imaging.com/store/produkte/kameras/ensenso-n20-3d-gige/show/all.html
  • Mobile phone apps. Axis camera companion (smartphone app). Avtech eagle eyes smartphone app etc
  • PSIM platforms fully integrated access control, intrusion, and video! I am getting more and more request for all three platforms
  • Cloud based solutions that are popping up.
  • S2 versus Software House CCure9000 from an access control stand point - not related to handling of video. Even if it's not a complete test as I know testing of access control includes quite a complex amount of controllers and servers etc, an indepth listing of capabilities/system architecture differences as well as pros and cons would be helpful.
  • IP ptzs for City Surveillance. Couple of years back I did a little research myself and could not find a HD ptz that could accurately perform masking . Recently found Hikvision as the only camera capable of doing accurate masking using mosaic effect like old Pelco Spectra domes. Axis only does gray,Panasonic,AD,Pelco HD cannot do it.
  • Interlogix cameras and DVR. I use them exclusively and would like an independent evaluation of them to see where they fall and what works and doesn't. Built in camera analytics. Some inexpensive cameras are coming with them included. Do they work? How do they work? Camera motion tracking. Is it worth using? New IR technologies.
  • Please test Avigilon's 16MP and 29MP cameras. I have heard Avigilon's reps make outrageous claims of its low light performance, long distance clarity (identifying vehicles and licenses from 1500 feet away), and low bandwidth consumption. It can be difficult to win bids when Avigilon promises the moon to customers. Also, it would be interesting to see those cameras compared to other manufacturers super megapixel cameras like sentry360s 14MP. Thank you!
  • Aimetis VMS.I have been using since 2006.
  • I would like to see a comprehensive report that compares VMS output from panoramic cameras. Specifically Milestone and ONSSI used with single imager panoramics from different manufacturers.
  • Panasonic WV-SFV481 I think the only single imager 360 cameras that will have any significant benefit need to be around 10mp or higher.
  • Newly launched Linux NVR / GEOVISION / Very popular brand for Windows-Based VMS in Latin American countries; now entering the Linux arena.
  • Analytics performance and real life usability.
  • Dahua HD-CVI Encoders. I would like to know if they are ONVIF compliant and would work well with DW Spectrum.
  • All IP fixed cameras/Particularly Axis but all manufacturers would be helpful/ the true frame count/second delivered to the VMS/to meet gaming regulations. Thank you!
  • P2P & IP Cameras from Longse (They look good and cheap, but are really good?) NVRs from March Networks-Infinova (How are they compared with NUUO, Exacq, Milestone) Differences between high priced video baluns and the cheap ones (works same for me)
  • I know this is more difficult to test, but i would like to see PoE switches tested out. Are the Zyxel or netgear switches as good as the Cisco's. Does price really get you anything? What do most installers use?
  • Lenel OnGuard 7.0 VMS. With the new upgrade out for more than a few months now I am curious to see how it stacks up to other VMS'. It seems to be a big step up from the older versions, but not sure it is to the level of the other VMS'.
  • A comparison that tests Hikvision dome cameras from it's different product lines in a single shootout. I realize that many Hikvision cameras have been tested but would like to be able to compare them against each other.
  • The new Aiphone IX Series Intercom with ONVIF door station camera. Would love to know the good/bads of the ONVIF integration with NVRs and ONVIF cameras with the intercom.
  • This might be a little out of your wheelhouse, but I would like to see some integration testing results with PSIM and access control systems. All of these guys talk a good game, but there is ZERO information out there to show what the experience is really like. I would also like to see some tests (and screenshots) of the lower end Chinese/ Taiwanese stuff. My boss is always hesitant to try the stuff on the lower end of the market, but if I had a positive review from IPVM to show him, that might save me a few headaches.
  • Micropowers helios solar powered wireless cctv system. If the images are decent and system reliable, and works with major VMSs, this could be a solution i might spec in parking lots and save clients on trenching costs.
  • I have been getting pressured by a Sales VP to give Smartvue a shot. Can't seem to find much feedback from other sources and would like some non-biased feedback.
  • Zmodo 4CH 720P PoE NVR. http://amzn.com/B00I2GNBZA Why? Looking for the Easy/lowest cost/best performance/and specially the easiest to access by phone (outside home network) Cameras and NRV Software for home use. So Far "BlueIris" is the easy I tested for -outside home- remote access. few or not ports forward on home router for outside access.
  • Testing Avigilon's access control system would be good
  • I would like to see a test showcasing the performance differences between the AssaAbloy WiFi lock series and the Allegion Schlage AD400 lock series. One touts the flexibility of WiFi compatibility; the other brags about the stability of a dedicated 900MHz communication path to the panel interface module. I'd like to see how the features equate to value and whether or not piggybacking an existing WiFi infrastructure is a good idea.
  • How about ConnectOne as an access control/security/cctv monitoring SaaS? Check out www.connectedtechnologies.us
  • MB700, BioCam 300 Standalone or integrated multibiometric readers w/ finger, face, card or PIN. ZKAccess Technology Price and performance specs are attractive do the claims stand up to IPVM scrutiny/standards. 
  • I would like to see how the Flir IP camera kits stack up to other manufacturers in the same price range. I want to see if there are some better cheaper options out there for the residential market
  • Virtualized Servers/Hypervisors/ VMWare. Many organization looking to take advantage of their existing virtual/servers and storage. Interested in design considerations, performance and overhead of video recording on virtual machines.
  • I would like to see tests on Analog Encoders, mainly multi-channel encoders, because there are quite a few out there and as older DVRs crap out, clients aren't necessarily wanting to go with a full on system replacement. I have used Panasonic, Sony, ACTi (did NOT like the ACTi), and just purchased a single channel HikVision to test/benchmark. I would also like to see some tests on the long range Ethernet over Coax stuff, like the Veracity and similar, to see how they actually perform versus what the company says. The reason is because there are quite a few applications where the costs of fiber is too much, but we crush the 100 Meter distance limitation for the IP Cameras.
  • Card readers other than HID security technology in vms/cameras i.e. TLS, encryption, etc.
  • Not sure how this could practically be done but "reliability" of equipment seems to be a growing problem. From Exacq NVR's that don't work out of the box to cameras regularly needing firmware updates to work properly. Our service dept is spending a lot more non billable time testing and repairing "New" equipment prior to installation in the field. Exacq, Sony, Seneca are some of our worst offenders.
  • OpenEye cameras and recorders. Our company is a certified OpenEye partner and I'd like to compare OpenEye products with the other IPVM products being analyzed
  • Physical Security Information Management systems like Cameleon, Lenel Command Center, Adventura, etc. My facility has a lot of cameras and sensors for security officers to monitor, we need to have something which provides an integrated picture but will also work well with others (be able to seamlessly integrate a wide range of IDS, access control, and VMS systems).
  • Test cameras w/wo IR, low light and diferrent types of housing inside a frozen room (I don't know how do you called those rooms in the US, the rooms to store meat or perishables in low temperatures). There are some risk to this... Cameras getting frozen and the visibility that the fog could give us.

Our Feedback

On the plus side, given that the responses were so spread and many focusing on niche offerings, I do think this reflects that we have tested most of the big brands and big technologies out there (see 300 test directory).

There are a few things that we are definitely going to test based on this feedback:

  • EoC testing: mainly because it is a category we have never tested and should have at least one comparative report
  • SD encoders: same as above
  • HDCVI encoders, from Dahua, as soon as they come out, because they could significantly increase appeal of using analog HD with IP VMS systems.
  • Panasonic 4K panoramic, since it would be one of the highest resolution (non multi-imager) panoramics on the market.
  • Longse will be part of our upcoming low cost Chinese shootout (so will Cantonk).
  • At least one wireless access control product since it is the biggest trend in access right now

Two other areas recieved a few votes - Avigilon 16 / 29MP and PSIMs. Both have restricted availability which make it more challenging. If anyone wants to rent us an Avigilon camera, we'd pay to rent it. As for PSIM, we are not sure whom to really test as most are small companies and terrified that they will be exposed for being limited / complicated, etc.

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