Visual Defence Security Offering Examined

Published Dec 14, 2010 00:00 AM
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In this note, we overview Visual Defence, a Canadian based company providing an end to end security solution including a PSIM/Command and Control management system. We examine their business model and relative positioning compared to both traditional VMS and PSIM providers.

Note: readers may recall Visual Defence as one of the few approved PSIM/VMS providers in the SFO RFP.

Visual Defence is 10 old years with about 100 employees and $28 Million Revenue [link no longer available] (2007). The company serves the high end, large scale segment of the security market (airports and government facilities being the most common - see web customer list). Minimum size projects are generally a few hundred cameras and a few hundred thousand dollars. Visual Defence partners with military integrators, defense or general contractors as well as sells direct to end users. Usually, they commission their systems on-site and target projects where they can provide some custom integration (e.g., integrating third party systems).

The company offers a full line of network security products including a PSIM/C3, a VMS/NVR, access control, IP intercom, etc. Additionally, they also offer a rare blast / bomb resistant video recorder. Visual Defence reports off the shelf integrations with a small number of 3rd party DVRs and access control systems. Most of their projects use their own VMS offering.

Visual Defence is unlike most VMS and access control providers and more similar to command and control providers such as Intergraph. Primary differentiators or differences include focus on (1) large sized projects, (2) sales/service model, and (3) custom development emphasis.