Videofied Video Intrusion Overview

Published Oct 01, 2009 00:00 AM
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Videofied offers a video based intrusion detection solution that possesses distinct advantages and drawbacks compared to traditional video surveillance product offerings.

The Videofied solution consists of 2 fundamental components:

  • A panel that communicates with sensors on-site using 900 MHz and a central station using a GPRS modem. The panel is battery powered and specified to operate up to 4 years on 1 set of batteries. The MSRP of a commercial panel is approximately $750 USD.
  • Video sensors, called MotionViewers that run on batteries (specified up to 2 years) and communicate with a panel on-site. Using a PIR detector, alerts trigger an on-board camera. The outdoor model specifies a black white camera with 320 x 340 resolution and an 85 degree FOV. Motion detection is specified up to a 12m/40ft wide FOV. Outdoor models have an MSRP of approximately $600 USD. MotionViewers can be placed up to 2000 ft from the panel.  One panel/modem can support up to 24 MotionViewers.
Videofied reports integration with Dice, MAS, Bold, Immix, SAS, Sureview monitoring software. Detection is optimized primarily for specific choke points or assets rather than long fence lines (given the width of area detected).
The main advantages of this approach include:
  • Built-in video verification of alerts
  • No wires for power nor communication, simplifying setup and deployment
  • Integration with leading central station software simplifies monitoring
Relative to traditional video surveillance offerings, there are a few somewhat unique deficiencies:
  • Video analytic sensors can often coverage much wider and longer areas (such as 100-200ft fencelines)
  • Surveillance cameras can provide higher resolution, color images and probably higher quality night time images (see examples of Videofied's video quality)
  • Videofied does not stream video on-demand. The only time video is captured and streamed is when an event is detected
To compensate for these issues, Videofied is advocating what they call "blended video", essentially combining Videofied's solution with megapixel / PTZ cameras (see powerpoint deck overviewing the approach). The Videofied system provides detection and immediate visual verification. However, the megapixel / PTZ cameras provide ongoing recording and higher quality video images for tracking suspects and identifying details of intruders.