Video Surveillance in 2011 Recorded Webinar

By John Honovich, Published Dec 09, 2010, 07:00pm EST

Embedded below is the full video of our 65 minute webinar. Watch the webinar from becoming to end covering IP camera sales, Analog vs IP manufacturers, HDcctv, VSaaS, Remote Monitoring and more. Here is a timeline so you can navigate the recording:

  • Start - IP Camera Sales
  • 5 minute mark - Analog Manufacturers vs IP Upstarts
  • 11 minute mark - Future of HDcctv
  • 39 minute mark - VSaaS Future
  • 42 minute mark - Remote Monitoring
  • 52 minute mark to end - Open QA - storage, ONVIF 2.0, PSIM

Remote monitoring generated the most discussion and interest.

Here's the full video. Links to referenced articles are provided below the video.

We reference the following posts in the webinar:

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