Video Analytics as Complex as ERP Software?

Published Aug 15, 2009 00:00 AM
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Is video analytics as complex as ERP software, so says ObjectVideo.

In a recent blog post, ObjectVideo discussed how mature software like SAP and Oracle require training and configuration, contrasting it to the expectations in the security industry of video analytics working like hardware. ObjectVideo notes that, "This thinking highlights the resistance to change that exists within the security industry."

I think this is dangerous messaging. First, while IT organizations do put up with configuring big ERP packages like SAP, SAP is legendary for being a nightmare to deploy (for fun, read the SAP CRM Nightmare blog [link no longer available]). Indeed, problems with using these systems is a key motivator in the move to SaaS for CRM.

Secondly, the security industry neither has the channel nor the cost structure to accommodate complex configuration and optimization. For instance, this is why more and more VMS software providers are launching their own appliances are partnering with others (like Intransa). Most of the market has neither the technical staff nor the ability to charge for expert optimization.

I think this is a reality that all manufacturers need to accept if they want to reach the mainstream security market.