Video : Powerhouse :: Access : Arthouse

Published Aug 30, 2010 00:00 AM
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Most industry people are well aware that video surveillance attracts far more interest than access control/PSIM. An August 2010 acknowledgment by a website focused on convergence provides further validation of that point.

SecuritySquared [link no longer available] examined their web traffic to discover:

"Anything that's remotely video-connected is sure to pull heavy numbers. Articles about identity and access management/access control definitely are sort of the art house features next to the video blockbusters. "

Our traffic patterns are quite similiar. Becuase we are video focused site, some access/PSIM proponents dismiss our traffic patterns. However, SecuritySquared aggressively focuses on convergence, access, PSIM, etc; Publishing dozens of articles (perhaps more than 50) on those topics in the last year.

This is one indicator of the relative challenges PSIM/convergence products face in adoption compared to video.