Verkada Attacks ONVIF

Published Jun 27, 2019 15:56 PM
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Verkada has now gone after ONVIF, expanding its attacks against the 'dinosaurs' of the 'ancient' video surveillance industry.

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In a recent webinar, Verkada's Director of Sales Ryan Young declared:

Verekada refused to back up its accusation despite repeated queries from IPVM.

Verkada regularly shows indifference in backing up its accusations, whether it is false pricing for competitors or false claims about 'unrivaled' low light performance.

The root of Verkada's ONVIF attack is simple.

Closed / Lock In

Verkada is the anti-ONVIF. A completely closed video system, not only does Verkada want to convince you it is ok for them to lock you in, it wants to scare you that choosing an open system is the real danger.

And Verkada recently raised $40 million at a half billion dollar valuation, backed by giants like Sequoia, to do this. And lock-in is profitable, well at least to Verkada, not the customer who later realizes their mistake.

Open video surveillance systems have been the norm for so long that it is easy to forget the long-term dangers of being locked into a single supplier, as technologies change, as needs for different camera types and features evolve, as the locked-in company gets acquired or fails, etc.

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Verkada vs ONVIF is a fascinating matchup considering integrators have very favorable views of ONVIF and negative ones towards Verkada:


But, for now, Verkada's fearless fear-mongering and massive direct calling sales team are certainly winning deals. However, unless Verkada changes both attitude and architecture, those end users are going to soon recognize the big problems of Verkada's locked-in model.

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