Vendor on Limitations and Cost of Video Analytics

By John Honovich, Published Sep 01, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

The CEO of a video analytics vendor, VCA Technologies, has posted an interesting and frank analysis of the current limitation and cost of video analytics [link no longer available].

Key points made:

  • Minority Report style analytics - "could take 25 years and require computers 1000 times faster than we have now"
  • "Current analytics systems have the cognitive level roughly the same as a mouse"
  • "Analytics systems just see groups of changing pixels and only have simple mathematical rules and simple measurements of colour, size and shape for decision-making."
  • "If the people and vehicles in a scene remain fairly separate, then all the analytics functions will work well, but if scenes are more crowded, then analytics may only provide broad statistical measures such as approximate counts and area of coverage."
Finally, VCA mentioned that their "OEM starting prices of VCAsys [are] under $25 per system."
For additional information on VCA, see our company overview.
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