Using LPR to Repossess Automobiles

Published Mar 11, 2010 00:00 AM
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In another sign of how License Plate Recognition is the most mature and widely accepted video analytic, a national US newspaper examines how LPR is being used by "repo men" or automobile recovery businesses to find and return cars held by delinquent borrowers.

It's an interesting example of using video analytics to enhance business operations. Operators use mobile LPR systems to scan for license plates that match a list of 100,000 wanted vehicles. This allows operators to scan far greater number of vehicles and far more efficiently 'check' if a vehicle is wanted.

The article cites 2 LPR system provider specialists using LPR for automobile repossession: MVTRAC and Recovery Tech [link no longer available]. The article notes a $600 monthly service charge for a camera and computer system and that an operator can earn $200-400 for each vehicle they recover.