Free IPVM Memberships For The Unemployed

By IPVM Team, Published on Apr 02, 2020

IPVM is giving 3-month free memberships (regular price $99) for the unemployed, no questions asked.

To get it, just contact us, your request will be confidential. If you do not have an IPVM membership, we will create a new one free for 3 months. If you do have a membership, we will add 3 months free.

This has been a long-term informal, unpublic policy but given the circumstances currently, we wanted to make it official.

Use IPVM To Learn And Show Off

IPVM is the best way for video surveillance and access control professionals to learn about technology, products, trends, and the business. If you have downtime, use IPVM's 6,000+ reports, 800+ tests, and 196 tutorials, to improve your skills.

Plus, ask questions in our discussion group and show off your skills so that you can build your brand. With 10,000+ members including a who's who of the industry, there is no better public place to demonstrate your expertise.


Helping is the right thing to do. IPVM started 12 years ago in the 2008 recession so we know how it is when things are bad. Hopefully, we can now help others.

Benefits IPVM Too

We are not claiming this is purely altruistic. We do believe that if we help people here, when things get better (and they will), that many people we helped here will remember this and become paying members, recommend us to others, etc.

Just Email Us Confidentially

Just email contact us (or email and we will confidentially send you a 3-month free membership.

And, of course, members if you have any friends or colleagues impacted, let them know or contact us and we will help get them set up free.

Comments (16)

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You rock IPVM. Thank you for taking care of the people in our industry.

Have you put any new thought into setting up a job board?

Previous posts:

It would be really good if you could make the training courses free for the unemployed, get them skilled up for when the market improves.

Thank you for doing this.

YES. Good public service and incidentally good marketing. I agree that the course should be free for the unemployed. I am grateful to retain my employment but a bridge for those who find themselves unemployed helps us all in the long run.

Great initiative. Kudos to you guys.

Great move guys, well done!

Will still-employed Convergint employees get a 20% discount?

Good move - I like it.

Great move and will only help the industry to be more educated !

Regarding free courses - courses take time for an IPVM member to speak with every student (on-demand), answer questions by email and for grading and feedback (all0. I am not opposed to incurring the cost but right now, we are super busy with so much to cover around all the coronavirus issues so I am trying not to overextend ourselves. I think people should be able to get a lot out of all the included resources - 6,000+ reports, 800+ tests, etc.

RE " people should be able to get a lot out of all the included resources - 6,000+ reports, 800+ tests, " Definitely right there

John and IPVM team. This is incredibly gracious during these unprecedented times! With so much uncertainty, this is a great opportunity to learn from your reports as you stated and brush up on your skills.

I put a video on our home page about how we’re giving back. For those of us in a position to give back, I challenge all of you! This is an opportunity to help others. As we come out the other side we will all be stronger for it!

My thoughts and prayers are with all of us!

Thank you again John!


John, Have you considered a tab or spot on the page where companies can post employment opportunities? The IPVM membership represents a huge talent pool and could be a great place to connect people with companies. I would say that most companies like mine wouldn't even mind if there was a small posting fee associated with this service. Thoughts?

Yet another reason I subscribe and pay for IPVM's services. I can vouch that John indeed gave me a few months free when I was unemployed and trying to start my own small business. He did this without me even asking after I posted a comment about my situation. Luckily for me, I gained employment at a big educational institute and was glad to start paying for services again. Thanks again John. My heart and prayers go out to those impacted by this situation.

Well played guys.


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