Ubiquiti Cloud Video Tested

By: Ethan Ace, Published on Apr 29, 2016


The cloud continues to expand in video surveillance.

Ubiquiti's newest release offers a free upgrade adding cloud capabilities.

In this test, we examine how it worked, showing a video demonstration, and what this signals for the future of video surveillance.


*** ***** ********* ** expand ** ***** ************.

********'* ****** ******* ****** a **** ******* ****** cloud ************.

** **** ****, ** examine *** ** ******, showing * ***** *************, and **** **** ******* *** the ****** ** ***** surveillance.


Video *************

**** * ****** ***** shows *** ****** ***** setup / ********** ******* of **** ********'* *** and ** ******:



*** ****** ** '***** first', ***** ** * publicly ********* ******* **** detects *** ********** ***** devices, *********** *********** ***** while ******** ******* ***** access ** *** ******.


**** ** ******* ** Ubiquiti's *** *******, ***** are ***** ******* ** number (********** ****** *****, etc.) *** **************** (*.*., no ***** ***** *******).

************, ***** ***** *** ******* ******** **** to * ****** *******, but **** *** *** may ** ******** ** a ****, ******** *** well ** *** ** used *** ****** ***** systems.

Version *.** ********

***** ****** ** ******** in ***** ****.*.*, ********* ** * free ********, **** *** their***** ****** **** ********.


*** ******* **********, **** in ***** ** **** of ***** *** ****** support ****** ****** ********* **.

Outlook ************ ******

***** ******** *** **** Companion's ****** ******, ** do *** ****** **** offerings ** **** * huge ****** ******.

*******, ***** *** *** signs ** *** ***** enabled *****, **** ****** a **** ******** (*.*., Dropcam), ** ************ ****** into *** ************ / commercial *****.

** *** ***** ****, the **** ******** **** VMSes *** **** *********** (alphabetically ********, *****, ******* and *********) **** **** **** limited ***** ** ***** cloud ****** (**** ******* certainly *** **** *** still ********** *** *********** users). 

** ****** ** *** next * ***** ** see * *** *****, with **** ** ***** VMSes ****** ***** ****** access * ***** ***** part ** ***** **** offerings.



Comments (12)

Love UBNT for many products, but their video line is still very lame.

Couldn't agree more.

Show me a cloud service where I could record directly and continously the last 1-2 hours like a buffer so when the burglar comes and shuts down the power I still have my recordings from that moment available.

1, that's an interesting suggestion.

The risk of stealing the on-site recorder does come, but it does not seem to come up enough to make providers really hot to offer this.

That said, I do think it would be an interesting feature to add. Perhaps give it away for free as a differentiator, it's not a lot of video to record (though it might be a lot to stream continuously?)

Not having a UPS of some kind would be considered a home installation!

And also how many NVRs come with a kingston lock! Has anyone every seen this yet!

Seems whilst a laptop is a nice stealable item to sell down local Bar, a NVR/DVR etc is now light small and just about as nice a steal as possible to pick up and just throw away!

A burglar alarm system is typically hidden away! with a battery backup for many yeats, so do you people for convience put their recording devices in clear view next to the VCR power strip!

Perhaps IPVM should have the do's and don't for CCTV installations, then this group can offer their list of contributions for good practices.

All of the Dahua DVRs we have installed can be bolted to the wall/shelf through the bottom of the chassis. You don't need a Kensington lock for that. Not to mention, Kensington locks can be picked with a toilet paper roll tube.

Indeed no lock is safe, having a simple to use lockable hole is better than none at all. Whilst it's true the Kensington are only a deterrent for amateurs thief, designed all but to protect equipment worth stealing, and then to sell on, for what drugs or whatever!

I am sure with a nice big hammer striking most recording devices won't put up much of a fight for a determined person. the flimsy metal cases are all but useless really.

Then if I was a DVR company, I'd be more than happy the NVR is stolen, because then they need buy a nice new one! cha-ching! :-)

They make lock boxes for people who need more security. A Kensington lock is useless.

Indeed it's true, thought most manufactures don't make them, not to my knowledge.

Never seen on any price list from these companies in over a decade. And indeed not Dahua.

I guess we don't know how many devices are in fact stolen! No such details are openly given out by anyone. Rightly or wrongly so.


Buy a virtual hosting account for $10/month and FTP your footage there. Limit the storage space to the retention needed. Voila

The problem with that is most cameras can upload max. 1 fps by time schedule, and that is JPEG format which can need quite high bandwidth especially with multiple cameras.

Better than nothing though, I operate an FTP server where I upload motion triggered still pictures from my dvr at home, but videoclips would be much better.

www.angelcam.com/app/cloud-recording :)

(I'm one of founders there).

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