Tracking Integrated IR Camera Max Range

By John Honovich, Published Dec 05, 2014, 12:00am EST

Integrated IR has become a very popular option for cameras, with more than 30% of cameras IPVM track now having that.

Some manufacturers specify IR range as low as 5 meters, others as high as 150 meters, so there is a large variance in potential distance covered.

IPVM has added a new feature to its industry leading Camera Finder that allows searching and sorting by IR range, as shown below:

Not only can you limit your queries to cameras that have integrated IR, you can now specify what IR ranges you want.

For example, here are the cameras specifying IR ranges of 50 to 100m and here are the cameras specying 100+ meters.

This will help you compare and contrast integrated IR cameras.

Note: These are manufacturers specifications so some will not deliver what they say. However, this will help to eliminate ones that are way too short for ones needs and provide clearer guidance about what the distance claimed is.

Try it out on the IPVM Camera Finder.

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