Top Barriers to New Security Sales

By John Honovich, Published Mar 30, 2015, 12:00am EDT

Only 25-30% of both integrator and manufacturer sales are to new customers, according to new IPVM statistics.

Many integrators and manufacturer struggle to find new customers.

However, the barrier to those new sales, according to those groups, are fundamentally different.

In this note, we examine what is the top barrier for integrator and manufacturer new sales.

Manufacturer - Product

The lack of new / better products was the clear top barrier for manufacturers. On the contrary, few manufacturer complained about the lack of sales / marketing / leads.

Integrator - Leads

Integrators were essentially the mirror opposite of manufacturers. Almost no integrators cited products (good, bad, new or old) as a barrier to more new customers. Instead, over and over again, integrators cited the lack of leads and the difficulties in finding / reaching out to new customers as the top barriers.

Integrator Commentary

Many integrators focused on the need for more leads:

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  • "New accounts.... More leads"
  • "Dedicated sales person would assist in generating more leads, but this has its own issues- cost of funding that person vs actual return."
  • "Being more aggressive in soliciting sales."
  • "Spending more time working lead data always builds more account."
  • "If I had some type of lead generation outside of myself that would be nice."

Related, in our lead survey results, integrators overwhelmingly depended on leads just from referrals and personal networking.

To that end, many integrators emphasized the need for more marketing:

  • "Marketing is our issue."
  • "Advertising would help and a more proactive approach."
  • "We have increased our marketing departments budget and we are displaying at more trade shows."
  • "Get more aggressive with advertising, promotion and local trade shows."
  • "If my company did some type of marketing it would probably help bring in new accounts."
  • "More advertising -good sales staff."

Finally, integrators wanted more sales people:

  • "A bigger sales force/the ability to contact more people would help us get more accounts."
  • "Additional and more qualified sales personnel."
  • "We find we need more people to sit with and be in front of customers, getting to know them."
  • "Adding hungry salespeople would help that."
  • "Increase the sales force looking for new business."
  • "Our biggest hurdle is too few people. More feet on the street would increase the number of new accounts."

Manufacturer Commentary

Manufacturers typically commented / emphasized the need for better or new products: 

  • "Everyone's making different versions of the same cameras. All I can do is argue about why my camera is better than the nearly-identical version you can find from anyone."
  • "Launch new products and / or services and then enter new markets."
  • "We need more internationalization."
  • "Need bigger feature set in our SW and better differentiators in our HW portfolio"
  • "New products and expanded physical sales coverage generally help the most"
  • "New alarm panel integrations would help with finding new business."

Manufacturer / Integrator Opportunities

It is ironic that manufacturers are pushing for better products but integrators most want more leads / contacts. Indeed, perhaps manufacturers can help their integrator dealers with greater lead sharing, as manufacturers tend to be better at getting leads (bigger budgets, bigger scale, etc.). This might be mutually beneficial and more endear integrators to specific manufacturers.

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