New Products with the Most Significant Cost Drops

By John Honovich, Published Sep 15, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

While "groundbreaking" technology is exciting to examine, significant cost changes usually have a more immediate impact on industries. The 3 newly products that have the most significant cost drops are:

  • ioimage's $990 USD smart camera: This effectively lowers the least expensive ioimage smart camera by 50%, down from nearly $2000 USD. This may motivate more users to try video analytics. Moreover, because of ioimage's relatively large size in the market, this will put pressure on other video analytic vendors to lower their prices. This does not address perform concerns and price may not be the top issue but such a significant decrease in the price of smart cameras from a large vendor has the potential to make an impact. Read our review of ioimage's $990 USD smart camera.
  • Proximex's PSIM Appliance: Up until now, all of the PSIM vendors have been going after 'whales' - very large deals with customized setups and high costs. Proximex's C100 has the potential to open up the market. Furthermore, the other PSIM vendors will watch this closely and if Proximex's appliance gains traction, expect more to jump in.
  • Vumii's LED night vision system: Vumii is best known for its long distance laser systems that provide thousands of meters of PTZ coverage. Their original system, Discoverii cost $50,000 USD to $200,000 USD and found use in very high end deployments. Now, Vumii has announced a short range, significantly lower cost system called Claritti [link no longer available] that starts at $20,000 USD MSRP for a 400 meter range system. At that price point, this becomes quite competitive with thermal cameras that are routinely used at ports, military bases, critical infrastructure, etc.
Factors to consider: The Proximex appliance is scheduled for release at the end of 2009. The ioimage camera is scheduled for release in February 2010.
[Update: None of these products have had a significant impact. Ironically, all of these manaufacturer had been acquired in the few years since.]
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