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Tiandy Iran Brags About Intel Inside, Intel Investigating

Published Dec 13, 2021 13:01 PM

Tiandy Iran openly bragged about how "the heart" of its K2000 server "is designed and manufactured by Intel" in an Instagram post, raising sanction violation concerns of US technology being sold to Iran.

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Intel told IPVM "we are investigating the situation". Tiandy, an Intel OEM and technology partner which has won Intel awards, deleted the Instagram post shortly after we reached out but did not respond with any comment.

This comes after IPVM's report about Tiandy Iran selling to the Iran Revolutionary Guard, military, and police, including Intel-powered NVRs for the armed forces.

"The Heart Of This Device Is Designed And Manufactured By Intel"

Tiandy Iran's Instagram posted a video last week touting its K2000 'all-in-one' VMS server and how it is powered by Intel, noting:

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This device is actually a monster. A monster that can manage up to two thousand channels for us

Through the protocols of the device, support all brands that have this certification. Of course, it can support many brands by their own proprietary protocols. Brands like Tiandy, Dahua, Hikvision, etc.

Of course, the features of this device do not end here. Stay tuned. The heart of this device is designed and manufactured by Intel. It can therefore perform a large number of operations simultaneously. [emphasis added]

The video can be viewed below - the remarks (in Farsi) are made at 1:11:

Tiandy Iran With Intel Inside Sold To Military

As IPVM reported , Tiandy Iran has sold Intel-powered NVRs (shown below, specifically the TC-R324320 powered by the Intel Core i3 8100) to the Iranian military, per a source with direct knowledge:

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Clearly, with the Instagram video, Tiandy Iran is openly acknowledging its Intel-powered equipment and using this as a selling point.

Sanctions Risk

US sanctions apply to non-US companies if they are sending US technology to Iran "directly or indirectly" per CFR § 560.205:

the reexportation [to Iran] from a third country, directly or indirectly, by a person other than a United States person, of any goods, technology, or services that have been exported from the United States is prohibited

However, there is an exception if the US good "constitutes less than 10 percent of the total value of the foreign-made product to be exported from a third country".

Intel Investigating

Intel told IPVM "we are investigating the situation" and reiterated its prior comments that "we have no knowledge of the allegations":

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With respect to your questions below, we stand by our earlier comments and have no knowledge of the allegations raised in your correspondence from November and December. We are investigating the situation.

Tiandy holds an Intel partnership for the 'Super NVR' and is also a 'Titanium' level Intel OEM partner according to Intel's PRC website:

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Tiandy also won the Intel Security Industry Strategic Partner Award in 2018 and the Intel Application Innovation Award in 2019.

Tiandy No Response, Deletes

IPVM reached out to Tiandy about this but Tiandy didn't respond (Tiandy also didn't respond to our previous report.) Shortly after IPVM reached out, Tiandy deleted the Instagram video:

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Lee Brown
Dec 13, 2021

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Dori Ribak
Dec 13, 2021
RBtec Perimeter Security Systems

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