The HDcctv Shakeup

By John Honovich, Published Oct 31, 2013, 12:00am EDT

Two years ago, we projected that companies going for either Axis VSaaS or the HDcctv Alliance were making desperate moves. Now, it is more clear than ever that both are the case.

HDcctv's challenges should be no surprise to anyone who has seen their disastrous marketing. Now, though, the fundamental composition of the 'Alliance' has been shaken up.

The Shakeup

The founding members of the alliance were CSST, Semtech and Stretch, the very rough equivalent to ONVIF's Axis, Bosch and Sony. Up until last year, here is what the HDcctv Steering committee looked like:

Now, it's completely changed. All of the founders are gone from the steering committee replaced by two new companies:


[Update 2014: Valens is off the steering committee already. Dahua is all alone now.]

What is Valens and Dahua doing on the HDcctv Alliance? Well, Valens has HDBaseT for uncompressed video over twisted pair, while Dahua has HDCVI [link no longer available] claiming up to 500m transmission over coax.

The Alliance told us that their next-generation standard has three facets:

  • HDcctv XR (extended reach over coax) [Dahua]
  • HDcctv CX (transmission over Cat5e and Cat6) [Valens]
  • HDcctv 2.0 (bi-directional data, including remote camera control). [Original]

What you have now is three incompatible 'standards' from the same group for the same task.

What's Going On?

From speaking with multiple sources close to the situation, beyond the general disappointing progress of the HDcctv 'standard', the Alliance has been marked by infighting and back stabbing.

While Valens and Dahua's competing offerings to the original HDcctv standard further fractures the 'Alliance', they also bring much needed $50,000 AUD cash infusion each, enabling the Alliance to continue to operate.

While Valens and Dahua hoped that getting 'standardized' would help their legitimacy, the Alliance's low name recognition and worse reputation will unfortunately not do anything for them.

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