Spring 2013 Access Control Course (CLOSED)

By: John Honovich, Published on Apr 23, 2013

The IPVM access control course will meet live online, started on April 30th for 12 times over 6 weeks (Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm - 6pm EDT) teaching access control - regulations, doors, locks, readers, controllers, networking, management software and more. Additionally, all sessions will be recorded and available for later review. The course costs $299 and is only open to IPVM PRO members. Those who successfully participate and pass the final shall become IPVM Access Control Certified.

[Registration is closed.]

1. Life Safety Rules / Regulations / Codes (2 sessions): Review of the code fundamentals that dominate system designs and specification.

  • Designing an Access Control System
  • Understanding the Codes behind EAC
  • Door Hardware Grades Explained
  • Authorities Having Jurisdiction
  • Selecting the Right Type of Electric Lock

2. Doors / Locking Hardware (2 sessions): Examination of EAC electrified locking components of door hardware.

  • How Doors Impact Access Control
  • Fail Safe vs. Fail Secure
  • Maglock Selection
  • Electric Strike Selection
  • Electrified Hardware for Glass Doors
  • Turnstiles & Security Gates

3. Readers and Controllers (2 sessions): Discussion on the function of reader and door controller types, how they are best used, and how they integrate into network/power utility.

  • How to Select the Right Reader
  • IP Readers vs. Control Panels

4. Credentials (1 session): Review of the major types used in EAC systems, including emerging types like NFC.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication Primer
  • Access Credential Form Factor Tutorial
  • Proximity Card Vulnerabilities

5. Networking (1 session): Review of wired/wireless connectivity, and the role of cabling types.

  • Access Control Cabling Examined
  • Wireless Access Primer

6. Site Surveys (1 session): How to properly evaluate a facility for installation of an EAC system.

  • The Passback Problem
  • Combating the Door Prop Problem
  • Access Control Killer: Tailgating
  • How Much RTE is Enough?

7. Upgrading / Migrating Systems (1 session): What happens when the end-user wants to change or migrate to a different system? This session covers the scope of that task.

  • Replacing Access Control Systems
  • Hidden Costs of Access: The Database

8. Access Control Management Software (1 session): Overview of the different parts of a typical management system, general function of each, how they interoperate, and the resulting impacts to the end-user.

  • Access Control Levels and Schedules
  • Alerting Against Unlocked Doors
  • Maintaining Access Control Records
  • Mustering

9. Biometrics/Advanced Credentials (1 session): A quick look at ‘other’ credentials, where they are useful, where they are vulnerable, and what is hype.

  • Fingerprints
  • Palm Vein/Face Recognition
  • Heartbeat
  • NFC vs. Bluetooth (Mobile Credentials)

Class Schedule

Classes will meet on the dates listed below, however the order they appear may change based on class progress.

Date: Topic:

Class 1 30-Apr Life Safety

Class 2 2-May Life Safety/Regulations/Codes

Class 3 7-May Doors & Locks

Class 4 9-May Other Openings

Class 5 14-May Readers & Controllers

Class 6 16-May Controllers

Class 7 21-May Basic Credentials

Class 8 23-May Networking for Access

Class 9 28-May Site Surveys (Design Concepts)

Class 10 30-May Upgrading/Migrating Systems

Class 11 4-Jun Access Control Management Software

Class 12 6-Jun Biometrics/ Advanced Credentials

Additionally, all classes will be recorded for later review plus we will have online forums where were attendees will discuss topics, ask questions, or for deeper help.

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