Surveillance Install Labor Guide 2015

By Brian Rhodes, Published May 29, 2015, 12:00am EDT (Info+)

UPDATE: See our new Camera Labor Estimation Standards

The IPVM Surveillance Install Labor Guide is a critical and unique reference tool for video surveillance integrators that helps improve quoting and training estimators and salespeople on the key factors and time involved installing surveillance systems.

This Guide aggregates a series of in-depth reports IPVM produced over the past year based on surveys on professional surveillance integrators across the world.

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The guide covers:

  • Cost breakdowns for product vs labor expenses
  • Camera Installation Estimates for Low Indoor Tile / Grid Ceiling
  • Camera Installation Estimates for High Indoor Hard Panel Ceiling
  • Camera Installation Estimates for High Outdoor Commercial Building
  • Camera Installation Estimates for High Outdoor Masonry Column
  • Camera Installation Estimates for Pre-prepped Freestanding Pole
  • Camera Installation Estimates for Flat Mount Roof
  • Cable Run Estimates for Grid / Tile Ceilings
  • Cable Run Estimates for Hard Panel / Drywall Ceilings
  • Commissioning Estimates for Camera Configuration
  • Commissioning Estimates for Camera Aim & Focus
  • VMS Installation Estimates
  • VMS Commissioning Estimates Per Camera

For each estimate, not only do we provide average time, we include a time range for integrators surveyed and detailed commentary on the key factors that impact performance and time needed.

If you are an integrator, this is a critical guide that you should reference when estimating and when training staff.

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