2013 Video Surveillance Industry Guide

Author: John Honovich, Published on Jan 06, 2013

This report examines the key events that impact video surveillance in 2012 and are shaping 2013. Plus, Group PRO members can download a copy of the full 213 page 2013 Video Surveillance Guide.

2012 Biggest Moves and 2013 Impacts

A number of 2012 big moves are likely to impact the surveillance industry in 2013:

  • Two IP camera battles developing: In the HD camera segment, low light and WDR optimizations are driving differentiation while the super megapixel market continues to expand with new higher resolution offerings (see MP race reviewed).
  • Free Decentralized VMS Software from IP camera manufacturers: Though the technology has been around for years, Axis move into this space with their ACC release, is pushing this into the mainstream and will spur rivals to match or top.
  • Maturing panoramics: After years of false promises, panoramic / 360 is really going mainstream impacting decisions between PTZs vs panoramics.
  • Free Cloud Access Beats Hosted Video: While vendor hype led with RMR generating hosted video, its weak ROI is being replaced with no monthly cost managed access (examples of recorders and IP cameras).

Yes, if you are keeping score, IP camera innovation is driving the industry, with the VMS, analytics and PSIM players all taking a back seat.

The 2013 Video Surveillance Guide

We are excited to release our 213 page, 2013 Video Surveillance Guide. This Guide examines the current state and future of video surveillance aggregating the best of our reviews. Inside the Pro section, Group members can request a PDF copy of the Guide to be emailed to them.

What's Inside

The 2013 Guide covers the business, technology and trends of the video surveillance market. Review the Table of Contents of the Guide.

The major sections include:

  • Key Trends
  • Investments/Acquisitions
  • Financial Updates
  • Company News
  • Misleading Marketing
  • Ideas
  • Case Studies

This is a companion report to the 2012 Mid Year Video Surveillance Guide released in June 2012. Combined, these two volumes provide over 400 pages of original analysis.

Click on the link above to request a PDF copy or upgrade to a Group plan so you can get a copy ofthe Guide.

All content in the guide was taken from existing reports or updates already available to members. The PDF guide simply provides a convenient way to read them in an organized fashion or print them for off-line review.

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