Surveillance End User Spending Outlook 2015

By John Honovich, Published Dec 30, 2014, 12:00am EST

IPVM surveyed 75 end user members asking about their plans for spending on surveillance systems in 2015. The open ended question asked was:

"In 2015, how will your budget / resources / funding for video surveillance changed compared to 2014? More? Less? Same? Why?"

Inside, we share results and color commentary from these end users.

Overall Trends

Of the respondents, 42% choose more, 31% selected same and 27% reported less spending on video surveillance in 2015. 

That noted, given that these are individuals who pay for video surveillance information, we would expect this to be skewed towards spending more on video surveillance in general. As such, do not use these numbers as basis for planning / forecasting. We are considering alterantive surveying techniques for future end user spending questions.

More - Expansion

On the expansion side, there were 3 common themes - those upgrading older systems, those adding new facilities and those who see value in having more surveillance.

Upgrading / Converting to IP

  • "Our budget will increase in 2015 as we've received approval to upgrade many of our analog camera systems to IP."
  • "More-due to phasing in of IP cameras and migrating analog cameras (some via encoders) to hybrid servers."
  • "The budget / resources / funding will grow in 2015, because we are planning to modernize our older system and to install more new systems and cameras too'
  • "More. We are converting from legacy analog CCTV to Genetec Omnicast. We are also going to roll out Gentec Synergis access control displacing an aging Lenel UTC Facility Commander WNX system. We will also be rolling out Genetec AutoVu for parking management."
  • "More because we are migrating from Pelco VMS to Genetec VMS, and likely moving away from Pelco Cameras as well."
  • "We are currently looking at a new video recording system and have allocated funds to purchase same. Also upgrading cameras within casino as part of a 5 year plan."

New Facilities

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  • "More. Converting analog to HD, more licenses for current HD system and so forth =more expense"
  • "More funding and resources, expanded facility footprint, Technology integrations and requirements to increase overall coverage."
  • "More. My company is adding more facilities. We are also installing card access at more of our facilities."
  • "More, but just because we are building a new manufacturing plant. Other than that it will be the few cameras every month just like this year. We only add a large amount of cameras for new facilities."

Utility of Surveillance

  • "We have more and more requests for surveillance as employees and customers come to depend on it for vandalism evidence, theft, etc."
  • "More. Reason: Increased demand for video surveillance and body cameras."
  • "I continue to recieve excellent support for the addition of cameras for video surveillance. It is expected that I will get approval for everyone of my video projects."
  • "For us at our site, we have identified a growing trend towards the implementation of video surveillance systems to address facility wide improvements in both safety and security. Many of our facilities are dispersed over 45 square miles and include both R&D and operations/support type work. We embarked on an initiative by running a couple of test beds at two of our main technical areas. As word caught on to the success that we were having at these locations the demand for increased use of video surveillance systems is out pacing our current resources. Funding for these systems does not appear to be an issue at this time and many of our Divisional Organizations are budgeting for it in their indirect budgets for the current FY."
  • "More. We are just now implementing a campus video surveillance system and we have along way to go."

Less - Systems Already In Place

The clear theme on the less spending side were those who have already deployed a lot of surveillance / as much as they feel they need:

  • "Less. The majority of our chain is rolled with IP video so our focus is shifting to a run state and stabilization."
  • "Less - We had a big surveillance camera initiative in 2014 that is mostly in place now. There will be some installations in 2015, but they will mostly be the leftovers from 2014."
  • "Less. 2014 included one-time funding to convert legacy proprietary surveillance system to a more open platform. 2015 will include one-time funding for some smaller projects, but primarily we will move back into maintenance mode."
  • "Less. We already have all the cameras we need."
  • "Less, as i just invested in major surveillance system. hopefully will only be maintaining next few years."
  • "Less; no expansion needs in 2015."
  • "Less. Will be less we upgraded this year and don't plan any major projects next year."
  • "Less, due to Ukraineian crisis. We are a Russian owned company."
  • "Lower,, Due to budget cuts we will be taking a small hit in the coming year."

Same - Maintaining What Is In Place

Likewise, a number of the respondents who voted same spending reflected stable maintenance / minor changes but sufficient overall systems in place.

  • "Care and feeding of existing infrastructure with moderate improvements."
  • "Staying the exact same. We feel it fits our needs"
  • "Same. From 2014-2015 I think we're generally facing the same threat landscape/situation. I think we can sustain what we've been doing in terms of growth but I don't think we'll increase significantly. That probably won't happen till something bad happens (a bad incident resulting in video surveillance being view as a potential fix or at least piece of the puzzle) to push it."
  • "The same. We are a K-12 school district and don't plan on adding any major numbers of cameras this year. We will have to replace a few that die, but that is all."
  • "Same, we have a standard budget that allows us to keep our video surveillance equipment updated on a rotating 3 year basis."

Future - What Drives Growth?

The past 6 years has been driven by the migration to IP / HD. Surely, as these results show, some people are still doing those upgrades but most medium to large organizations have already done so. Indeed, it is those big projects that drive growth, not maintaining systems or adding a camera here or there.

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