10 Surprising ISC West 2016 Booth Sizes

By: John Honovich, Published on Feb 17, 2016

Who is spending big money or cutting back on marketing?

Who is going to be the IDIS of this year's show?

Here are our 10 top choices:

Dahua Doubling

*** ** ******** *** ***** or ******* **** ** marketing?

*** ******* ** ** *** IDIS** **** ****'* ****?

**** *** *** ** top *******:

Dahua ********


***** *** ******* ***** booth **** *** ****, proving **** ** *** cannot *** ********** ** *********, **** *** ****** a ****** *** *****.

*** **, * ***** that **** **** *** in *** **** ******* dollar ***** *** *.* days (*** *** **** *** ** ISC **** *****?).

Cisco ****

******** ** ******* ** execute, ***** ******* ****, Cisco ** **** **** a ***** ***** ** * 40 *****:

*** ***** ***** ** right **** ** *******, so **** ** ********* the '********* *** ********** customers ****."

IDIS **********

**** ********* ** **** money **** ******, **** ******* big *** *** ****:

** *** **** ****, they *** ***** **** to ****. ** *** down ****, **** ***** a **** ** ***** this, ** *** ** signs ** *********** ********** interest. ******* ** ******** millions ** ******, **** would ** ****** ****** spending ** ** ******* a **** ************** ******** that ********* *** ***** to.

Longse ********

********'* ****** ******* ** tripling ***** ***** **** this ****:

** ** *** **** to *** ** ******* for $*, ** *****. Also, ** *** **** to ** ******* **** their **** ****, ** there.

IC ********

****** ** ******** *** been ****** *** **** booths *** * *****, their **** ***** *** now **** ***** **** the ***** ** *** video ************ ***, ******** by ****, ********* *** Samsung.

*** **** **** ***** sister ******* *** $** ******* ** investment**** **** ********* *** not ****.


******* **** ****** ***** to *** ******* *******. Despite ***** ******** **** the **** *** ***** and *** **** ******* market, ******* ** ***** buying * **** *****:

*** ****** *** ** good, *** *** **** they *** ******** ********* and * ******** ** how **** ******** ** you **.


*** ******* ************* ************ has * ****** ***** booth, **** **** ****** of **** ****:

** ********, ***** **** competitor, ********* *** ****. Hisilicon's ****, ******, ** confusing ** **. ****** they *** ****** ** build **** ** * consumer *****, ****'* * lot ** ***** ** spend **** ***** ************ customers *** ***** ******* and ***** ******** *********'* brand ******.

Genetec **% *******

******* *** *****, ******* has * **% ******* booth **** ** ****:

** ***** ****'* * smart ****, ******** ****** know *** ******* **, *** the ***** **** ** packed, ***** ******** ** Genetec *** *** ****** of * ******* ****. On *** ***** ****, they *** ** * poorer ******** ** *** floor **** **** ****.

Jufeng ***???

**** ******* *******,******, ** ******** ***** booth **** *** **** and ******* ********** ***** next ** *******.

******'* ** ** ********* ****** the ***** **** *********, most **** ***** *** their ******* ******:

** *** *** ***** to ***** $***,***+ ** a ***** ** *******, you ******** **** ** make **** ***** ******* language ******* ** ********.


***** ********** ***** ** **** last **** ****** ** ***** ****** illegal****** ****** ************, ***** **** *** have * ***** **** year.

********* ***** ******* ** the **** ****** ** action.

See *** ********

** ******* *** ********* yourself ****.

Overall ******

******** ** ****** ***** up, ****** **** ******* by ******* *************.*** **** **** *** very ******** ********, ******** ******** ********* ********, ***** **** **************.

Comments (40)

Jufeng sounds like a mis-mash of GE and H&R Block. "We bring good things to life! And then we deduct it!"

ok that was a good one!

Wow, there's got to be 30-40 exhibitors with company names that start with "Shenzhen". Sign of the times?

China manufacturer's increase is booth size is definitely a trend.

That said, ISC West has had an international area for years, and most of the Shenzhen companies are there:


Will Hoverboards be banned this year?

Keep me posted. ;)

Very interesting analysis IPVM!

I dont see the hanwha booth?

"I dont see the hanwha booth?"

Lol, dba Samsung Techwin America for now.

Bucking the trend, Genetec has a 25% smaller booth than in 2015:

They're claiming its due to their H.265 compression.

Do you get to choose your spot?

Within reason, yes. Every year on the last day of the show (or maybe 2nd day, I forget exactly) current exhibitors get to choose their space for the next year. It goes according to a seniority/spend amount scale, and the larger vendors tend to get dibs on their current location first for the next year.

So, you can choose your location, within certain boundaries. If you're a new exhibitor to the show, most of the "good" spots will be taken and you'll start out more on the fringes, but there is usually enough turnover that within a few years you can get a spot in a more prime location.

Also, you can combine booths together to make a larger space or do other slight modifications to the floorplan as long as it doesn't disrupt surrounding areas.

As you might imagine, budget trumps minor rules. If some large company wanted a prime space for next years show, with a 30'x50' booth up front, they'd probably find a way to make it happen.

Can you merge with a company that has a better booth position, thereby executing a "booth inversion"?

It goes according to a seniority/spend amount scale, and the larger vendors tend to get dibs on their current location first for the next year.

Seniority would explain the large group of vendors relegated to 'little shenzhen', and why IDIS gets to be next to Axis now.

"Seniority would explain the large group of vendors relegated to 'little shenzhen', and why IDIS gets to be next to Axis now."

No, 'little shenzhen' is because it is bought as a block at a discount.

As for IDIS, their 40 x 60 booth is one of the largest in the show, and that automatically get you preference for the front.

Actually manufacturers have to choose booth locations for the next years show several months before this years show even occurs. Its all based on a points system. The more you exhibit and the larger the booth size the greater the priority points. Companies with a lot of points and massive booth sizes get first pick and it trickles down from there.


Will you have a presence at the ISC show? I go every other year and only to ISC West as it is the best I think anyone that has been around would agree?

Look forward to meeting you.


We'll be there. Still seeing what I am going to do :)

We'll be there. Still seeing what I am going to do :)

Could this be the event that you finally unleash the much rumored IPVM quad copter at?

Possible Lineup for TEAM IPVM:

  • Brian: Pilot
  • Ethan: Imaging
  • John S.: Communications
  • Derek: Ground Support/Autographs

and of course,

  • You: 2-way Audio Strafing

Any sign of the ICRealtime Cannon this year?

They have finally gotten past Hansung Techwha, and now have clear line of sight to the crown jewel of the industry. God help us.

Hi UD2, IPConfigure will not need the cannon this year... we will be announcing next week how IPConfigure's Orchid VMS security is "second to none".

...IPConfigure will not need the cannon this year...

Rumor has it that it may have fallen into the wrong hands after last year's campaign...

"we will be announcing next week how IPConfigure's Orchid VMS security is "second to none"."

Wait, what does that mean? What will happen between this week and next?

Orchid 1.8 is currently in testing and is scheduled for release next week. In addition to HTTPS (HTTP over SSL/TLS), Orchid 1.8 supports an encryption technology called SRTP that allows us to encrypt video sent using RTSP. Many of our competitors support encrypted video by tunneling RTSP over HTTPS, which is inferior and does not support encrypted multicast video. Our research to date suggests this puts Orchid VMS in a class of its own with regards to encryption.

"Our research to date suggests this puts Orchid VMS in a class of its own with regards to encryption."

Perhaps... but not a top selling point to most even if you have every other feature that Genetec / Milestone / Exacq, etc. have.

Impervious to HTTP authentication downgrade attacks, I assume?

Claimed Security Vulnerability in Axis, Aimetis and Milestone VMSes

Neither the Orchid recording engine nor the Orchid viewing plugin will attempt to stream from a camera or server with an invalid TLS certificate. An invalid or missing certificate on an HTTPS or RTSPS connection will result in an immediate failure -- thereby preventing HTTPS or RTSPS connections from being downgraded to HTTP or RTSP connections using basic auth.

(I am VP Engineering for IPConfigure)

An invalid or missing certificate on an HTTPS or RTSPS connection will result in an immediate failure...

Do you allow self-signed certificates?

As a design decision, Orchid does not support self-signed certificates without a CA. If you want to install self-generated certificates on your cameras (which is reasonable given the cost of commercial certificates), you would install your own CA certificate in the root keystore of your Orchid server.

John and other forum members: If you were running ASIS, what would you do to increase the relevance of -- and participation in -- ASIS's annual show?

David, I'd differentiate ASIS by making it more of an end user show when it comes to products and technologies. ASIS does a good job on sessions that relate to policy and management (certainly much better than ISC) but when it comes to products, ASIS is really a poor man's ISC with little differentiation.

ASIS should provide better information and guidance to their members on the strengths and weaknesses of their exhibitors. ISC won't do that, since it is run by SIA, which is the manufacturer trade union, but ASIS could.

Interesting thoughts, John. If they did as you described, do you think there would then be enough of a difference between them or is there really just limited potential in that regard?

Right now, both exhibit floors are roughly the same, except ISC West is bigger and has more new products being released.

I think ASIS could differentiate by telling their members essentially, "Hey we are going to help you navigate the show floor and find the right stuff for your needs rather than wander around and get random sales pitches."

ASIS has the biggest end user membership, they just do not organize it well for products and technologies.

That makes sense. Thank you, John.

Cannot believe Jufeng is going to be allowed to exhibit again after their "Shining Virgin Show" debacle in '13...

I really thought you were going to go with Jufeng's "Solemnly declaration":

"Some clients of our company received account information in the name of Hangzhou Jufeng Technology Co.,Ltd and suffered huge losses."

I would have but I was trying to stay on topic (ISC West)...

It's also hard to choose from all the material, for instance:

"Staff can create client, then client will bring about worth. The relation between staff and client just like fish and water, they combine together with each other and can not be divided."

It's true that fish (Feng) needs water (clients), but clients (water) can do ok without Feng (fish).

And of course,

Company sense of worth: with dream, bear hardships, facing lose, insisting

Sounds like an annoying dream.

More important question.... is there going to be a Pelco party??

More like a Pelco Wake...

I changed my personal email a little while ago, and I no longer get the Longe spam. Gotta tell you, that was some of the best spam out there. More often than not, it was weird enough to forward to my kids for a laugh. I need to get back on there...

I can bring you current, check your Inbox. ;)

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