Startup NLSS Hires Axis Director

By John Honovich, Published Aug 30, 2009, 08:00pm EDT

NLSS, a video surveillance startup founded by Pete Jankowski has recently hired an Axis Director to run Business Development.

Pete Jankowski founded two of the most successful video surveillance startups of the last decade - Loronix and Sypixx. Loronix is now Verint and Sypixx was acquired by Cisco (see previous update on Jankowski/Sypixx).

NLSS has hired Jumbi Edulbehram [link no longer available] to be VP of Business Development. Edulberhram most recently was Director of Business Development at Axis. Prior to that, he was a VP at Intellivid, a video analytics startup that was acquired by Tyco in 2008.

Watch a 3 minute video interview with Edulbehram [link no longer available] at SSN. Also, read our analysis of those remarks.

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